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How To Get Rid Of Pimples

Are you tired of pimples? Just go through the following post and get rid of this persistent problem quickly. Egg White + lemon Juice Anti-Pimple Face Mask How To: Take one egg and separate the egg white from the egg yolk. We need the egg white for our recipe and hence place it in a […]

How To Use Milk Powder For Skin Lightening

Are you looking for homemade recipes made from natural ingredients to lighten your skin tone? You have found the right blog as we will be telling you about milk powder that can lighten your skin tone and make you feel radiant and beautiful. Milk Powder + Orange Juice + Gram Flour Skin Lightening Face Mask […]

How To Use Yogurt For Both Hair and Skin

Are you looking for one common ingredient that will prove a boon for preparing homemade recipes for both our skin and hair? You do not have to go far just peep inside your kitchen for yogurt. It is healthy to eat as well as to use topically. Yogurt + Oats + Raw Honey Face Mask […]

How To Prepare Non-Greasy Body Lotion At Home

People ask me why I make body lotions at home when they are easily available in the markets. My answer is that mine is loaded with natural ingredients and is without any chemicals that cause long-lasting harm to the skin. Shea Butter + Cornstarch + Frankincense Essential Oil + Lavender Hydrosol + Apricot Kernel Oil […]

Egg White And Corn Starch Mask Remedy To Shrink Large Pores

Our skin has thousands of pores and in some cases, they appear prominent. It affects our appearance to a greater degree and at this time we wish for a homemade remedy that will shrink the large pores easily. Egg white and cornstarch are two natural ingredients that work wonder to tighten pores. Egg Whites + […]

How To Use Turmeric Powder And Milk Cream To Get Glowing Skin

Milk cream or malai and turmeric powder or haldi are the two most common and accessible ingredients of our kitchen. Friends are you aware that both have been used since ancient times for preparing homemade recipes that have helped in achieving glowing and radiant skin. Turmeric Powder + Milk Cream + Gram Flour + Sandalwood […]

Home Remedies To Remove Stitches Marks From Face

Accidents, surgical procedures, wounds etc can leave stitch marks on the human body. When it leaves a mark on the face it feels a bit disturbing and can make us self-conscious. There are several home remedies that have proved beneficial for treating stitch marks so that they fade away easily. Coconut Oil How To: Take […]

Honey Cinnamon Shot for Weight Loss

Excessive weight is a serious issue amongst most of the individuals. We need to rectify it as soon as we can as weight gain can have serious repercussions. One of the major ways of weight loss is having a shot with key ingredients cinnamon and honey. Cinnamon + Honey Shots How To: Take a glass […]

Yogurt hair mask

A healthy head looks good with shiny, beautiful, silky hair in abundance. Only 20% of the people are born with such a head but people like me have to continuously work on it to maintain its texture, quantity, and quality. Let me tell you about some yogurt hair masks which will surely benefit you. Plain […]

Which Fruit to Eat to Lose Weight?

Fruits must be an integral part of our daily lives as they have natural sugar and fibre content that is beneficial for human body. A balanced diet is incomplete without the addition of a fruit. Fruits are delicious, refreshing and juicy with high nutritional content. They are in fact loaded with antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates […]