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Lose 10 pounds in a week

Sometimes its just so happens that there is a dress you have to wear a few days later but you can’t seem to fit inside anymore because of your weight. There are a lot of ways to reduce weight but this one week routine is quite adept in bringing a change in your body in […]

DIY Slimming powder to get rid of extra fat fast

With this weight loss powder, you can easily lose 3-4 kg weight in just a week. This instant slimming powder is completely safe and effective for diabetic patients, heart patients, thyroid patients and breastfeeding moms. Ingredients of this weight loss powder are- Psyllium Husk (isabgol) – 3 tablespoons Anise seeds powder – 2 tablespoons Triphala […]

Healthy Green Soup Recipe for Extreme Weight loss naturally

In this article, I will be sharing very easy, healthy and tasty weight loss green soup recipe that will help you to lose weight faster and it is great option maintain healthy diet plan without compromising on taste. This soup is rich in proteins, vitamins, and nutrients that not only help in weight loss but […]