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How to get rid of Headache

Whether minor or excessive, a headache can disrupt one’s daily life and reduce the efficiency of work. You would be happy to know that there exist certain simple, cost-effective home remedies which you can make use of to get rid of the same. 1. Lavender Oil Besides a Powerful agent to treat stress, anxiousness, and […]

Experience Dhanurasana and its fascinating benefits!!

Yoga is one of the most traditional and effective practices that proves to be a cure for many health conditions. To achieve and maintain a healthy body and mind, Yoga confirms to be an excellent solution when done consciously. Though there are a pool of asanas in Yoga known for their various uses, Dhanurasana is […]

Pregnancy Safe Workout: What you can do stay fit during pregnancy

Expecting moms should exercise a minimum of 30 minutes or more almost every day of their pregnancy. Some days could be complicated than the others, but the physical activity is not just limited to exercise, you can even do stretching while on the bed. Various prenatal yoga exercises can be done on the bed, which […]

Yoga Weight Loss Sequence

The old and ancient practice of yoga is gaining popularity all over the world now that people realize the many benefits it has for the body, one such benefit is weight loss. There are several poses in yoga which can help greatly with weight loss and offer many other benefits too. Here are 6 great […]

Yoga Diet Plan

Yoga is a resourceful form of exercise which helps one focus on peace of mind and physical well-being. While this quest for fitness is the right way to go, it is incomplete without a compatible diet. Before you target weight loss, it is essential that you also understand how your diet plays a major role […]