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How To Remove Blackheads From Nose With Lemon

We can see blackheads on our nose when the pores become clogged with impurities, dead cells, dirt, and oil. It is a very common condition but is also a persistent one and hence demands immediate attention.  Lemon juice is one of the most popular ingredients that is widely used in preparing homemade recipes for removal […]

How To Use Yogurt For Both Hair and Skin

Are you looking for one common ingredient that will prove a boon for preparing homemade recipes for both our skin and hair? You do not have to go far just peep inside your kitchen for yogurt. It is healthy to eat as well as to use topically. Yogurt + Oats + Raw Honey Face Mask […]

Natural Anti-Aging face Masks

Who does not want to age gracefully? My friends this is not an impossible task as we have several homemade recipes made from natural ingredients that help us to achieve our heart’s desire. Just go through the post and select one which is easy to make for you. Banana + Raw Honey + Yogurt Anti-Aging […]

Chamomile Face Mask For Radiant And Glowing Skin

I think everyone in this world desires a glowing and radiant skin. We all want to look beautiful and homemade remedies with chamomile as its main ingredient helps fulfil our wishes to a great extent. Chamomile + Processed Oats + Raw Honey Face Mask How To: The first step is to brew chamomile tea and […]

Effective Home Remedies to Fight Hair Loss

Hair is an important part of our body which enhances our appearance to a great degree. If an individual has a serious issue of hair fall then it is the time to take action and prepare a home remedy that will help to combat it quickly and effectively. Aloe Vera Gel How To: Take one […]

Natural Anti-Tan Beauty Masks

Suntan is one of the most common problems for people as it leads to the darker appearance which does not look good. Today we are going to address this issue and tell you about some natural ingredients that will help in preparing natural anti-tan beauty masks. Almond + Plain Curd Anti-Tan Beauty Masks How To: […]

How To Get Rid Of Facial Wrinkles

Wrinkles can be formed because of age, sun exposure, toxins and even dehydration. Today with help of natural ingredients and homemade recipes it is possible to get rid of facial wrinkles to a great extent. Egg White + Raw Honey + Lemon Juice Anti-Wrinkle Facial Mask How To: Take a fresh egg and separate egg […]

Turmeric and Cumin Seeds face Mask to Get Smooth and Glowing Skin

Turmeric and cumin seeds are the two most used ingredients in our household for preparing food items but are you aware that they have also been used in making homemade beauty recipes since earlier times. Turmeric Powder + Cumin Seeds Powder + Yogurt Facial Mask How To: Take three tsp of turmeric powder and one […]

Beauty DIY: 2 DIY Masks That Banish Dandruff Forever

At least 70% of the people in this world are facing Dandruff problem. It is a serious issue as the scalp feels aggravated and itchy and our hair starts looking lifeless and dull. Do you know that the solution is in our hands? We can easily prepare DIY masks that will relieve us from dandruff […]

Yogurt hair mask

A healthy head looks good with shiny, beautiful, silky hair in abundance. Only 20% of the people are born with such a head but people like me have to continuously work on it to maintain its texture, quantity, and quality. Let me tell you about some yogurt hair masks which will surely benefit you. Plain […]