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Beauty, Skin care This is a unique combination, that can give instant glow to your face

This is a unique combination, that can give instant glow to your face

By GP Team   

In this post I will share 2 home remedies, you can either one. Just in few days of use you can see difference in your skin

Fir these remedies you will need

  • Vitamin E oil
  • Aloe vera gel
  • Honey

First Remedy

Take 2 vitamin e capsul cut it and take out the oil from it, add one teaspoon of aloe vera gel in it, mix it well and massage it on your face for 3 minutes after that leave it for 25 minutes and wash it off.
the regular use of this remedy will increase the elasticity of your skin and reduce wrinkles

Second Remedy

In the next remedy we will mix one teaspoon on honey and half teaspoon of vitamin e oil that is 3 capsuls, mix it well and apply it on your face, leave it for 20 minutes and then wash it off with warm water, doing this regular will give you a glowing skin.

you can also apply aloe veraand vitamin e oil before going to the bed, you can apply it at night and wash it in the morning

Vitamin E capsules or oil is very important for our skin-

the importance of vitamin E for our face are:
1. it acts as a moisturizer for our skin
2. treats stretch marks from our body
3. vitamin e oil lightens our dark sports
4. it is a cleansing agent for our face
5. vitamin e oil also treats our sunburns and protect our skin from ultraviolet rays
6. it generates new skin

Honey is very helpful for face

1. honey is a pore cleanser
2. it is loaded with antioxidents and enzymes which hydrates our skin
3. its antiflammatory and antibacterial properties increase the tissues of our face

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Role of aloe vera gel for our face –

1. it treats acne
2. aloe vera contains a plethora of antioxidents which includes beta carotene, vitamin c and e by which our skin starts glowing
3. it has powerfull healing activity which treats sunburn