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Beauty, Health This is why you should not actually shave your pubic hair

This is why you should not actually shave your pubic hair

By GP Team   

Once we all reach puberty, you can see hair growth in armpits and pubic area, it happens with all of us but as we get older, everyone finds its own way to get rid of those hair. What is the best possible way to get rid of this, it is neither waxing nor shaving, the best possible way is to trim them very carefully

Shaving might be actually dangerous sometime. Pubic hair is there for a reason, it offers many health benefits. It also protects you from UTIs and STDs upto some extent.

Apart from all these benefits there are many other risks associated with shaving/waxing

It might cause red bumps

It might hurt sensitive skin there

Pubic area can actually reduce friction during intercourse, so no pubic hair it means your skin might damage during sex

Microscopic abrasions on the skin could appear if you shave your pubic hair. They are prone to infection and STD transmissions.

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