Face Pack To Remove Pigmentation

Achieving soft and radiant skin is a universal desire, yet our active outdoor routines often subject our skin to the harsh effects of the sun, leading to dullness and sun damage. Despite the protection offered by sunscreen, it can only do so much. Fortunately, there are effective home remedies to help restore and rejuvenate pigmented and sun-damaged skin.

Face Pack #1 – Papaya & Tomato Glow

Harnessing the exfoliating prowess of papaya, enriched with natural brightening enzymes, this pack combines the skin-brightening properties of tomato and the bleaching action of potato juice, which also aids in reducing under-eye dark circles. Cucumber, known for its cooling properties, further refreshes the skin and aids in tan removal. Simply blend 4-5 cubes each of ripe papaya, watermelon, potato, tomato, and cucumber, and refrigerate the paste for 15 minutes before application. Massage the paste onto your skin until absorbed.

Face Pack #2 – Lentil Revival

Soak red lentils (Masoor dal) in raw milk overnight, then blend with a pinch of turmeric to form a thick paste. Apply evenly to the skin and allow it to dry before gently scrubbing off.

Face Pack #3 – Coffee Rejuvenation (10-Minute Treatment)

Coffee offers a multitude of skin benefits, from tan removal to combating acne, while coconut oil provides deep moisturization. Create a thick paste by combining coffee powder, coconut oil, and sugar, and gently scrub it onto the skin for 10 minutes. Leave the pack on for an additional 20 minutes before rinsing off gently. Enjoy your refreshed and revitalized complexion!