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Tight-lining Eyes

By Glowpink Staff   


Tight-lining Eyes also known as the “invisible eyeliner” is a great way to add a subtle definition to your eyes. Instead of lining the skin above your lashes, you line between the lash line. This method is perfect for any casual or fancy occasion and is super easy to master. To Tightline Eyes

1. Using clean fingers, gently lift your lashes upward, You’ll see tiny gaps between your lash hairs, which you’ll be filling in with eyeliner.
2. Using either a gel or pencil eyeliner, lightly dab the eyeliner in between each individual lash (as close to the root as possible), to fill in your lash line and make it look fuller. Start at the inner and work to the outer corner of your eye. you’ve officially tightlined your eyes!

Tightlining your eyelashes is a great way to make your eyes appear bigger and brighter. It is a little tricky at times to do it the right way, read this article till the end to find out how you can do it in four simple steps.

  1. Take a zoom in-mirror, keep it in such an angle that helps you to see your upper lash line. It is really important to find the right angle if you don’t want to harm your eyes as they are very sensitive.
  2. Take a thin angular brush for precision, if you are a make up newbie then ditch your gel eyeliner.
  3. Dip the angular eyeliner applicator in your liquid eyeliner.
  4. Lift your upper eyelash a little bit. Observe carefully, take a note where your lashes are sparse.
  5. Now sweep your eyeliner applicator through the bald spots. Chose a dark brown eyeliner to serve this purpose, and then apply a second layer following the same process. This will make sure your eyes look more defined and bigger than usual.
  6. Top it up with a coat of transparent finish for a more defined look. This is a great option for your daily no-make-up make up look. To create a more dramatic look, take a white kohl pencil. Tightline your upper eyelashes using the same process as described above.
  7. Next up, repeat the same process all over again but this time chose a kohl pencil with a shade closest to your skin tone. If you like to keep your look soft and subtle then use this trick to turn heads. Use a dark brown mascara on your upper and lower eyelashes to pull off this look. This will create an illusion of bigger eyes.
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People with hooded eyes must try out this look for a more refined look. This is also a great option if you do not want to apply too much make-up or you have to attend a business meeting, and guess what it is pocket-friendly too! If you are finishing this look with a thin coat of eyeliner on your eyelids then smudge it a little with a q-tip for creating the doll eye effect. These tricks can sometimes get a little messy, but once you get a hang of it you can ace it like a professional make up artist.

Tips and Tricks for Tightlining Perfectly

  • First and foremost, it is important which eyeliner your choose. Pencil eyeliner, a cream, or even a gel formula eyeliners work best for this technique, however, stay away from liquid ones as they are not going to work for this technique. In this technique, you have to get pretty close to the eyeball so opt for a waterproof one so that it does not gets smudged or rubbed off easily. As for color, opt for one close to your own eyelash color for the best look.
  • When tight-lining, it is important that you get as close as you can to the roots of your eyelashes. So, do that, even if it feels squirmy if you want to achieve the best look.
  • For taking the tight-lining effect even further, you can curl your lashes. This will provide you with a gorgeous look and it will be even better if you add some mascara in.
  • Since tight-lining can put a lot of strain on your lashes, it could harm your lashes and cause them to fall out even. So, it is important that you maintain the health of your lashes too while also trying to achieve your perfect look. There are products like lash serums available in the market which you can use to keep your lashes strong and healthy. Alternately, you can also go for a natural option like castor oil. Gently apply a tiny bit of castor oil onto your lashes before you hit the hay to give some care to your lashes.
  • When figuring out how thick to make your line, remember the thinner it is, the better it will look. You can also add some eyebrow shaping to take your looks to another level.
  • If you are just starting out with this technique, it will be quite difficult to get it right. Do not give up though, just wipe it off and try it again. Just like with everything else, you will get better at it as you keep doing it.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q – What is meant by the waterline of the eye?

A – Your waterline is the thin strip of skin which should be visible between your lashes and eyes. It is easier to spot on the lower lashes than the upper ones.

Q – Is it safe to apply eyeliner on the waterline or could it be harmful?

A – It depends on your meticulousness and care. If the eyeliner gets into your eyes, it can cause some irritation and issues so be very careful and measured if you are tight-lining your waterline. Skip this if your eyes are already irritated or sensitive for some reason.

Q – What is the best way to remove the tight-lined liner from the eyes?

A – You can clean it off using the usual methods like using a makeup remover wipe or gentle eye make up remover. Also, employ the services of a cotton swab to get a better tool to clean your lashes. Dampen it slightly then blink onto the swab carefully to clean the waterlines, especially the upper one as this technique can help clean it properly. You can also add some vaseline or any other petroleum jelly to the cotton swab for a better effect.


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