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Beauty Tips to get long strong finger nails

Tips to get long strong finger nails

By Glowpink Staff   

Every girl wants long beautiful nails, but its very challenging to maintain them. Try below guidelines if you want long and healthy nails.

Do not bite your nails – It’s hard but if you want healthy nails, do not bite them

bite nails
File nails once a week

File your nails, so all have the same length, shape, and size. Make sure to file in the same direction, to prevent nail breakage. Replace your file every month, or even before the grain smooths out.

nail filing

Drink plenty of water – It will speed up growth
Apply lotion on nails – Lotion helps keep the moisture in.
If you have dry nails, apply olive oil to the bare nail and cuticle twice a day and massage it in.
If you have brittle nails, it means they are too stiff and need moisture.
If you have damaged nails, they split, crack, never grow, and desperately need help. This may be due to a health problem; see your doctor.

DIY beauty hacks to get stronger nails at home

  • Cuticle oil- Applying a cuticle oil on a daily basis is a must if you want stronger nails, all you have to do is dip your fingers in warm water for about 20 minutes, wipe it with a towel or pat dry. Next up, apply hand cream and the follow up with cuticle oil. Follow this process every night before going to bed to get the best results.
  • Nail file- It is very important to use a soft nail file to shape your nails to avoid breakage. Make sure you file your nails at least once in a week to prevent your nails from breakage.
  • Biotin- Your diet should include biotin if you want healthy nail and hair. Consider taking a biotin supplement if you do not maintain a healthy diet.
  • Choose the right nail paint remover-We often overlook the list of ingredients that goes into the making of a product. If you are someone who is guilty of this then throw away all the nail paint removers that contain acetone. Acetone chips off the topmost layer of your nails and makes it thin and brittle, thereby more prone to breakage.
  • Take care of the nail beds as well- While applying hand cream, make sure you also massage your nail bed with this cream so that it does not dry out excessively.
  • Stay away from gel or acrylic nail fillers- Apparently, this may look like the easiest option to go for if your nails do not grow out fast, but this will ultimately chip off the nail bed. So do not opt for this method and wait until your nails grow out to a considerable length before doing nail art.
  • Protect your nails- If you have noticed discoloration after using detergents or even shampoo for that matter, then consider wearing gloves to protect your nails from any external damage.
  • Pay attention to what products you use- Stop using hand sanitizers that dry out your skin. You may not realize but that dries out your nails as well. If you cannot stop using hand sanitizers then look out for the one that has a neutral pH balance to avoid your hands from drying out excessively.
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