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Tips to get an office ready look in just 5 minutes

By Glowpink Staff   

Always remember if you are a working girl, your looks are as important as your work. You do not need a heavy makeup, just try to look natural with a layer of light makeup.

Below there are some tips that will help you in getting ready for office in just 5 minutes

1. Choose correct foundation

Choose foundation according to your skin. If you have acne-free skin with no visible dark circles, choose a foundation that matches your skin tone to have a visibly fresh appearance. You should go with the matte finish foundation to look smashing and fresh all day.

apply foundation on face

Always remember that if you are using foundation, Use a nourishing moisturizer once you wash your face.

2. Apply lipstick to look gorgeous

When going to the office, hydrating lipsticks are an attractive choice as they are long-lasting and need a minimum touchup. You can choose lipsticks that are nude or go for those with a matte effect to look gorgeous and beautiful while you work. If you want to get through this process quickly, first, use a lip liner to outline your lips then quickly add the lip color and type of your choice. You can also fill in your lips with the liner and then apply lipstick over it to get a better look and also there will be less chance of the appearance of your fading lipstick.

how to apply lipstick

3. Eyes are point of contact, so let them speak

In the office, your eyes should look alive throughout the day. For this, you need a good primer, foundation, and concealer combo. If you have clear skin, then you wouldn’t need to hide anything with a concealer. However, a quick and easy makeup tip for those of you with dark circles — use a good concealer and foundation that doesn’t wear off easily. Choose an eye shadow that will bring your eyes alive. Go for colors like grey, taupe, bronze or brown. Try to stay away from glitters. Use liquid eye liner to accentuate your eyes. If you are not fully rested and are showing under eye circles, just use an under eye concealer. Use one which is slightly yellowish as that will provide you a fresh and well-rested look.

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how to apply eyeliner

4. Use a concealer

After applying a foundation if you can still see some dark spots and blemishes on your skin then get hold of a concealer. Cose a concealer that is an exact match to your skin tone. Apply it on your under eye area. Dab it in with a beauty blender or buff it out with a buffing brush to cancel out the dark circles. Take another concealer that is slightly lighter than your skin tone, apply it on the bridge of your nose, cupid’s bow, brow points and all the hight points of your face. Blend it all in with a beauty blender or buff it with a buffing brush. Take another concealer that is at least 2 shades darker than your skin tone to contour your face if required.

5. Use a compact or setting powder

Chances are you will be busy throughout the day at work and won’t find time to go for a touch-up. For such busy days, after applying your foundation and concealer, take a fluffy powder brush. Sweep it over your compact, tap off the excess, and apply it evenly all over your face. It will lock in all the makeup at the place and prevent wear off.

6. Tightline your eyelashes with a kohl pencil

Let your eyes do the talk, take a brown kohl pencil instead of a black kohl pencil and tight line your eyelashes. This the invisible liner trick that makes your eyes appear bigger and your eyelashes more fuller.

7. Utilize your Hair

Hair can make or break a face. What is great about them that you can use them to change your looks, pull attention elsewhere or hide any perceived flaws too in various ways. This is much easier to achieve if you have got long hair as it becomes easier to hide large areas of the face. For instance, you can utilize bangs n long hair to cover your forehead if you wish to do so. You can achieve specifically targeted looks just by modifying your hair, for example, you can tie up your hair in a tight ponytail or bun to get a clean professional look in a quick fashion. Alternatively, you can go in with a bedhead look if you think your hair looks good even when tousled and unkempt. Just organize them quickly and curl large portions of hair if you can. Then, just shake your hair around a bit and use a finishing spray to get a gorgeous bed head look very quickly.

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8. Keep your essential things and supplies handy

To make sure that you do not waste a long time in the decision making and selection of your tools for makeup and other grooming supplies, keep all your needed things collected and organized in a specific place. If you can get a box or something along those lines, that will be even better for your purpose. Also, you can keep some minor things at your work too so that you can perform half and then finish later if you wish.

9. Prep beforehand

Preparing the night before for the next day can be very helpful and save a lot of time in the morning when there is a lack of motivation. For example, you can take your showers in the evening or nights and select and lay out your outfit for the following day. Showering in evening or night can add some unintended benefits too like it will allow you to have a more restful sleep, which in turn, make your day a little brighter because our body needs to be well-rested to function at our highest capacity.

10. Opt for products targeted at your needs

Nowadays, there are so many products available which target every niche and aim to fill all the demands of our growing society. There are products which you can utilize for self-care which blend elements together and bring out innovations to help you save time. You can an in-shower moisturizer to save some time and moisturize your body while you are showering. Similarly, you can use a cleansing conditioner which both cleans and conditions the hair in one go. Also, go for makeup products which can help you perform multiple functions.

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