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Beauty, Hair care Tips to use bobby pin in right way

Tips to use bobby pin in right way

By Glowpink Staff   

We buy them and we lose them, right girls? Yes, I am talking about the tiny hair accessory, bobby pins. They are inexpensive and easily available but only a few of us know how to use it correctly. You may be surprised to know, but most of you have been using bobby pins in the wrong way all your life. If you want to know how to use bobby pins for a better grip then keep reading this article till the end to find out how. I know most of the girls get frustrated with bobby pins. If not used in right way, they will slide out easily and will not hold anything. You might think that there is some problem with bobby pins but let me tell you if you just follow few simple techniques, you will not get any problem with bobby pins. Follow below tips to get better grip on bobby pins


bobby pins use


1. Use best quality bobby pins

bobby pins
2. Do not use your teeth to open bobby pins

teeth bobby pins

If you use teeth to open them, they will become un-usable. They are already built to slide into your hair.

3. To get better grip, flip the bobby pin over so that the wavy side is against your head.

right way bobby pins

4. You don’t actually need to catch ALL of the hair in the pin.

If your twisting your hair then pinning it down, you really only need to pin the small section of the twist that was from the bottom of your hair. This small piece of hair should be twisted around the rest of the hair and hold it in place easily.

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5. Use lock technique

When you go to use the bobby pin catch a little bit of hair with the little “arm” then slide it in just a little, then lift, flip and slide the bobby pin in the rest of the way.

Some more useful tips:

  • Flip it over- this is one of the most common mistakes that most women make while using bobby pins. Flip it over with the wavy side facing downward, then secure a section of hair with the wavy side facing downward. This is how you should use bobby pins, this will keep your hair secure and prevent it from falling on your face.
  • Cross it over- to secure your hair properly, use a bobby pin to tuck in a section of your hair neatly. Next up, take another bobby pin, secure it in such a way that both the bobby pins form a cross, this will prevent your hair from falling loose on your face.
  • Use a hair spray- If you want to keep your locks intact for longer durations, then all you have to do is use a hair spray. Just sprinkle some hair spray on your bobby pin and then use it to secure your hair for a better grip. This will keep your hairstyle intact all day long.
  • Chose the right one- when you go to the market to purchase bobby pins, you can find a variety of bobby pins, some of them have a shiny texture and it catches our attention first, do not buy them. The shiny ones have a slippery texture, so for the ones that have a matte texture, and guess what these are not even visible once you attach it to your hair.
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