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Health, Pregnancy Top 10 pregnancy resources for new moms

Top 10 pregnancy resources for new moms

By Dr. Nisha Kumar   

Pregnancy period can be a bit stressful, but post pregnancy it is a different scenario altogether. You now have to take care of your baby, and yourself and things can get quite overwhelming. A range of challenges mothers may encounter while breastfeeding and managing a newborn. Being prepared beforehand can ease a new mom into motherhood.
Here is a comprehensive list of the things that can assist you and come to your rescue during and after your pregnancy.

Top 10 pregnancy resources for new moms

Top 10 pregnancy resources for new moms

1. Anti-stretch mark oil
Stretch marks are quite a challenging to treat as they form scar tissue. Prevention is better than cure in case of stretch marks. Merely moisturizing and massaging the skin can be helpful, particularly during the pregnancy period. Applying anti-stretch mark creams, right from early pregnancy has a localized benefit as the act of application gently massages and stimulates blood supply in the area. This helps lessen the appearance of the stretch marks. Even after delivery, a new mom should continue with the use of anti-stretch mark creams to help get rid of those fine lines.

2. Breast cups for latching
For a new mom, breastfeeding can be a task. But it can get complicated if the baby’s mouth is small or he has trouble latching on the nipple for feeding. Cup feeding is an alternative if a baby can’t latch to the breast. It is thought to be an excellent alternative to using a bottle, as cup feeding avoids a baby getting confused by the different suckling action required on a plastic bottle nipple.

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3. Nipple cream
As breastfeeding mothers, are likely to experience a sore and cracked nipple. If you are feeding multiples, this is a common scenario. Some severe cracks can cause bleeding from the nipple too. If you are experiencing such pain, nipple cream can be a great help as it soothes and alleviates the soreness and also heal the pain. It is a must-have product for new moms, especially if you have more than one baby to feed.

4. Breast pump
A breast pump is a mechanical device which helps lactating mother extract milk from their breasts. They may be manual devices which are powered by hand or foot movements. The can also be available as electrical devices which are powered by batteries. A breast pump stimulates lactation for women with low milk supply. It can also be used to address including difficulty latching, to feed an infant who cannot extract sufficient milk itself from the breast, separation from an infant in intensive care. It also helps relieve engorgement which is a painful condition wherein the breasts are overfull. It is an excellent tool for working women who can store their milk in bottles, which can be fed to the child in a timely manner.

5. Nursing pillow
One of the most challenging aspects of breastfeeding for a new mom is to figure out how to hold the baby in a comfortable position. Some experts suggest the new mothers breastfeed in a reclined position, especially at the beginning. This position is considered more comfortable for a new mom. A nursing pillow which wraps around your waist and gives you support for the baby is the best aid. It will prevent sore arms and back for the new moms.

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6. Swaddle blankets
Swaddling is a process which mimics the gentle squeeze of the womb, so for a newborn baby, its is super-comforting. Swaddle blankets are the best go-to tools to give the comfort of the womb to your baby. A newborn baby sleeps for about 16 hours per day. The sleep is of 3 to 4-hour intervals. Swaddling increase the amount of REM (rapid eye movement) sleep that newborns get. This more profound sleep state will make it less likely for the baby to awaken at intervals. You will likely want two swaddle blankets so when one is in the wash; you have another ready to go.

7. Stroller
There are several ways to carry your baby, and some methods are more comfortable than others. The best part of a stroller is that the comfort is for both the pusher and the passenger of the stroller. Baby strollers come in different forms; some have ultra-smooth handling, some are fabulously compact, some give big room space for multiple babies. Test a few strollers at the store to see how they work for you. Strollers are a great way for the new parents to get out of the house and take a leisurely walk without worrying about hiring a babysitter and depending on the baby monitor.

8.Diaper bags
For a traveling new mom, it is highly essential to carry diapers, feeding bottles, few extra dresses, baby wipes, and many other things. The new moms require all these things to be taken in a well-organized manner. Diaper bags come to your rescue. A diaper bag is a perfect aid of all mothers to carry all necessary things to their newborn when going outside. The burden of carrying ten small bags of different belongings is eliminated by taking a sturdy diaper bag with multiple compartments.

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9. Baby wipes
Diaper rash is a common phenomenon in newborns. If sufficient measures are not taken, it can lead to contact dermatitis. Effective prevention of diaper rash requires frequent changing and cleansing to remove urine and fecal enzymes from the skin. Water can negatively impact the supple skin of a newborn over time and does not provide an advantage over other cleansing methods. Baby wipes do not dry the soft skin of the baby and also effectively cleanses the area without causing diaper rash.

10. Post pregnancy belt
Post pregnancy maternity belt is a great way to tone that extra belly fat. The belt wraps around the entire area, starting below the breasts all the way covering the abdomen extending just above the hips. It comes with multiple adjustable velcro straps, which can be adjusted upon your comfort level. You need to start wearing this belt the day after delivery, or once you are comfortable enough after the delivery. Maternity belt holds all the muscles and belly fat tightly in place, contracting them.



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