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Top 5 Crystals For Attracting Love and Building a Healthy Relationship

By Gayathri Iyer   

Crystals are known for their healing properties. They are natural rock formations that have certain vibrations to them that spread & create a soothing environment. However, they do not have any negative or dampening effect to any existing treatment/medication. They are very commonly used for therapy & are known to have positive impact & great results.

Where & how to use it:

  • Wear the crystals as accessories: around neck as pendant or bracelets.
  • Carry the crystal as a stone in your bag or pocket
  • Use crystals as parts of mobile covers or on work stations
  • Use crystals during meditation & on body chakras for enhanced influence.
Top 5 Crystals For Attracting Love and Building a Healthy Relationship

Top 5 Crystals For Attracting Love and Building a Healthy Relationship

Crystals have many influences – aura change & purification, physical benefits, emotional & mental influences & also colour & spiritual healing.

Meditation using crystals in known to have a positive impact on our chakras enhancing the effect of the crystals. For those who believe in wearing crystals, specialised crystal experts craft jewellery & provide detailed advise on the influence & need for crystals. Crystals also have time & specific periods for influence just like gemstones. There are specific crystals for specific zodiacs & for specific problems – relationships, friendships, love, life, work etc.

Scientifically, the chemical composition of these natural rock formations has certain effects on the human body & mind that are invisible to the naked eye. These elements exist all around us but in very little & distant states. Having crystals inside your abode just enhances its effects & harnesses what is missing/ required for you to achieve a better & stable living.

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There are crystals available for various problems/situations. Natural vibrations have different effects on different people, different physical conditions, emotions & helps in relief from extreme situations. The process is slow & is aided with additional treatment in case of adverse conditions.

1.ROSE QUARTZ – ‘HEART STONE’ – Crystal of unconditional love!

This crystal attracts love; opens up your heart to welcome new people, love & warmth. Encourages compassion & love – romantic, familial & friendship.

It re-instils trust & harmony in existing relationships. Makes ties smooth & peaceful.

It stands for tenderness & sensuality. It boosts sexuality & brings people closer.

USE: It is a great sleep crystal for both adults & kids; to eliminate nightmares & bad dreams & induce good dreams & peaceful sleep. Having a crystal at your desk helps to maintain a calm environment & also acts comforting for those in grief.

You can wear it around your neck as locket or place it as an ornamental crystal in your home or workspace.

It is known to relieve stress.

In case of burns or blisters, gently rubbing the stone on the wound may help provide relief.

2. RHODOCHROSITE – ‘Stone for the Compassionate heart’- Crystal for selfless-love & self-worth

Crystal of self-appreciation shows us our true self & our own worth. It helps you love yourself & discover your inner self. For only when one finds oneself, that he can look for the missing parts & try to fall in love…

It boosts your personality & helps to express emotions & feelings more profoundly.

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USE: Wearing or carrying this crystal makes for a dynamic, active & cheerful mood. It acts as a guide to one’s emotional happiness. It also increases telepathic connections between two people – humans or animals.

Rich in manganese, it helps in relieving people with migraine problems & also good for bone & tissue growth.

It also acts as an excellent elixir for severe viral infections on outer body.

It is a great meditation stone to evoke deeper consciousness, relaxation, acceptation & balance.

3. MALACHITERemoves negativity

Broken hearts, past relationships & bad ties; this crystal heals all the negativities & encourages one to move past these & find new hope, love & beginnings…

USE: You can place it on your heart chakra while sleeping. Alternately, you can use it in a locket & wear it around your neck or keep it under your pillow at night.

It absorbs all radiations, pollutants & heals earthly energies. Place these near sources of electromagnetic radiations like microwave, television etc.

It is also known as the ‘stone of travel’. It eases out & relaxes people with travel fright & can give a safe experience to those who carry it during travel.

It is known to heal female problems related to the ovary. It also provides relief from cold sweats, malaria, Parkinson’s disease. Kidney & gall bladder stones & arthritis can also be healed.

4. RHODONITEHealing & restoration stone

Sister stone to Rhodochrosite, Rhodonite helps in healing past emotional wounds & helps in restoring oneself. It encourages one to reach their full potential & fosters forgiveness in one.

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USE: It helps relieve anxiety & keeps one centered in anxious situations. It relieves envy & anger control issues. It helps to calm down adults as well as children.

It reignites compassion & helps to cure/resolve situations like unrequited love, troubled relationships etc. place a crystal to soothen the aura in your bedroom, workstation or any such places where you spend longer hours.

It helps to transform lust into love thus making the relationship more healthier & stronger.

It is a healing crystal for emotional wounds & trauma.


‘Stone of Opportunity’ – For luck

This stone known for boosting one’s chances at winning, attracts opportunities in daily life. It enhances one’s perseverance to overcome daily life obstacles & pursue their efforts to achieve stability – be it love, relationships or life. It stands for stability & optimism.

USE: It guards us against geopathic stress [stress vibrations from earth] & electromagnetic smog. Use it on electronic device to protect oneself from the radiations.

Soak the crystal in water overnight[Indirect method] & consume it for relief from eczema rosacea, juvenile acne & other skin problems.

It is known to have a positive dampening effect on domestic tiffs between spouses.

Those who are looking for love in their later ages can wear it around their neck near the heart chakra.

It is also known to benefit fertility.



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