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Beauty, Skin care Trick to prepare home made wax in just few minutes

Trick to prepare home made wax in just few minutes

By Glowpink Staff   

You will need below mentioned ingredients:

500g powdered sugar
½ glass water
2 tbsp. honey
Juice of half lemon


Take a sauce pan. Add sugar and water into the pan and boil it on high flame.
After some time stir it. The sugar will start getting caramelized. Keep going to boil it till you get a fine sticky consistency.
You can check the consistency by taking out a bit mixture letting it a bit cool and then press between n your fingers.
So when you get a thick consistency add lemon juice and honey into it.
Mix them well so that you will get a perfect wax mixture.
Now take out the wax mixture in a jar and let it cool a bit.

Take out an old cloth and cut in into shape of strips. Now take a small stick and apply the wax mixture on your hairy leg/arm . Make sure that the wax is not too much hot as it can burn the skin. Then spread the wax by using the stick. Place the strip of cloth on the applied paste on your leg. Press it well so that the cloth will stick to the wax completely. Now pull up the cloth with greatquick strength. The strip will take out all the hairs from that area by making the hairs stick to the wax and making the wax sticking to the cloth.



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