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Pregnancy Ultrasound scans across the stages of pregnancy

Ultrasound scans across the stages of pregnancy

By manisha   

For different reasons ultrasound scans are performed throughout the various stages of pregnancy.Internal images of the growing fetus are created by this diagnostic technique which uses high frequency sound waves. Lets first understand the different types and methods to perform ultrasound scans.

stages of pregnancy

stages of pregnancy

There are two types of ultrasound scans:

  1. Transvaginal : To create images during early pregnancy stages of pregnancy a small transducer is inserted into and rested against the back of the vagina. This technique produces sharp images.
  2. Abdominal : To create image in this type of ultrasound the transducer is slided on the gel applied on the abdomen.

The ultrasound tests can be performed in 2D, 3D & 4D , to capture both images and video.Reasons of performing them in the three trimesters of pregnancy are listed below:

1st Trimester

  • Calculation of vital dates
  • Identification of placenta
  • Examination of uterus
  • Diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage or detection of any abnormalities in fetus

2nd Trimester

  • Establishment of pregnancy dates
  • Assisting in prenatal tests
  • Determination of number of fetuses
  • Examination of placenta
  • Detection of any fetal abnormalities
  • Examination of blood flow pattern
  • Observation of fetal growth and activity
  • Checking amniotic fluid’s volume
  • Measurement of cervix length

3rd Trimester

  • Monitoring growth of fetus
  • Checking amniotic fluid’s volume
  • Determination of fetal position
  • Assessment of placenta
  • Biophysical profiling

Apart from the above , there is an emotional aspect of the ultrasound scans through all the stages of pregnancy, as it allows the parents to see their child before birth.

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