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Beauty, Health How to Use Belly Button to Cure Daily Ailments

How to Use Belly Button to Cure Daily Ailments

One of the most underrated areas of our body has to be the belly button. While it was the most important and the only thing connecting us to our mother and any source of nutrition before our birth, thank you umbilical cord, it has shifted from the focal point of our body to something that we don’t want other people to see when we go out on a beach. It is sad to see this transition of our belly button. It is connected to every nook and cranny of our body through an intricate system of veins and arteries so it is only natural when we say that it can treat a lot of symptoms which don’t really seem related to our navel. There have been a lot of experiments and studies that prove that our belly button is capable of treating acne, pimple, chapped lips, pigmented skin, stomach aches, common cold, dry skin, and even menstrual cramps. It is very effective in improving the fertility of a woman as well. Guess you won’t ignore the importance of the weird looking hole in your stomach after reading this article.

Reduce Stomach Ache

An aching stomach can be the worst thing to tolerate if you are busy doing something else or are unable to visit the doctor to check it out. There are a lot of reasons for which your stomach can put you in excruciating pain. It can be anything from stale food and indigestion to severe reasons like food poisoning. You can diminish the pain or cure it completely, depending on the cause of stomach ache, by putting some oils in your belly button. There are a lot of instances when a person suffering from stomach ache got relief after applying some essential oils like ginger or peppermint in the navel. The best way to do it is by diluting the essential oil with a few drops of another carrier oil. Heat the mixture a little till it becomes slightly warm and then apply it to your belly button using your fingers. It will give you instant relief from the pain so that you can carry on about your daily business.

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Cure Dry Skin

Our skin has a tendency to get dry and dehydrated when the weather is a little arid. Especially in the winter, the skin becomes a tad bit dry and starts flaking off. Although there are numerous winter creams and moisturizers available in the market to solve that issue, none works better than natural treatment. Your belly button holds all the power when it comes to moisturize your skin and infuse a little energy in it. Essential oils having an emollient effect like olive oil and coconut oil have a high fatty acid content which revitalizes your skin and moisturize it naturally. Just pour a few drops of these oil on your stomach and belly button and give it a sensual massage for a few minutes. Leave it overnight and take a long warm shower in the morning to make your skin feel silky smooth and fresh.

Get Relief From Menstrual Cramps

Menstrual cramps are a serious problem affecting every woman once a month. Although it is totally natural and incurable, it doesn’t mean that you have to live through the unbearable pain for five days straight. Rather than resorting to popping painkillers every now and then why don’t use a more natural method to tolerate and pacify the bleeding uterus? Take a cotton ball and soak it in some brandy. Try not to use the cheap, spin-off brandy that you find on the side of the road. Put the brandy soaked cotton ball over your belly button when you are experiencing menstrual cramps and rest for about an hour or two. After a good, well deserved rest, you will feel a surprise relief from the pain.

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Make your Skin Glow

Who doesn’t want a bright, radiant skin? While some people are blessed with the naturally glowing skin by the creator himself, others are not so lucky in retrospect. Instead of blaming God for your misfortune, pour some natural unrefined ghee in your belly button daily before going to bed for about two weeks to see a drastic overhaul in your skin complexion. Ghee is also very effective in making your skin soft and supple. Just keep in mind that ghee has a slippery texture and its scent can linger for a long time so you should wash it properly, preferably with a tissue paper, to remove any remnants from your belly button. You can also pair the ghee with almond oil or vitamin E oil for better results.

Cure Constipation

Rubbing some castor oil in your belly button can provide immediate liberation from constipation and treat it as well. Constipation can be very harsh leaving the person exhausted and bitter at the end of the day. The frequent trips to the bathroom can dismantle your whole daily schedule and leave you embarrassed in front of your peers. Massaging your navel with warm castor oil is one of the easiest and effective tricks in the book to treat constipation. It could save you from a meeting with the doctor and from other such symptoms related to constipation like diarrhea and runny stool.

Treat Flu and Common Cold

Yes, your belly button can treat the cold and flu that you are suffering from as well. The process is quite similar to that of getting relief in case of menstrual cramps but this time you have to soak the cotton ball in some alcohol rather than brandy. It is such an effective remedy that it can protect you from the cold and flu spreading in the air if you are attentive enough to use it before actually catching it yourself. Applying the cotton ball soaked in alcohol before going to sleep will treat your runny nose and sore chest naturally without needing any help from cough syrups or other such pills. The best part about this remedy is that it works on everyone, from little babies to century hitting old people.

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