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Uncategorized Always use ear lift to protect ear lobes while wearing long earings

Always use ear lift to protect ear lobes while wearing long earings

By Glowpink Staff   

You wanna wear long ear ring, it doesn’t mean that you will have stretching ear lobes. It is not advisable to always wear long heavy ear rings, even if you like long ear rigs go for plastic ear rings as they are much lighter in weight. If for some occasion you want to wear long heavy ear rings, do not forget to use ear lift.

ear lift

Ear Lift is an invisible disc (patch) made of a medical grade, hypoallergenic (skin friendly) adhesive that instantly secures earrings by taking weight off the earring hole, relieving the ear lobe of pressure.

ear lift

Ear lift advantage:

Ear Lifts are invisible and works virtually all types of pierced earrings studs, hoops, dangles and hooks.

Fix your stretched and droopy ear lobe problem instantly. Just peel & press and wear all of your favorite earrings in comfort and confidence. So now you can wear all of your favorite fashion earrings.

Stretched, sagging earlobes, look tight and taught. Enlarged or torn ear holes vanish. Drooping earrings now sit up perfectly.

If you wear heavy metal earrings every day then your earlobes are likely to stretch and rip you pierced earlobe to make matters worse. It can be very troublesome to wear earrings as they will just come off, but cosmetic surgeons can fix this problem easily. Never use a gauge to enlarge your pierced earlobes, it may give you satisfactory results apparently but it does more damage in the long-run. Avoid wearing heavy-metal earrings on a daily basis and stick to studs. Your cosmetic surgeon can stitch up your extended pierced ear lobe using local anesthesia. The whole process won’t take more than an hour from your tight schedule. You have to wait patiently for the sensitive skin around the pierced earlobe to heal completely. Do not wear heavy earrings right away, wear studs to feel more comfortable. This cosmetic surgery is commonly referred to as earlobe reconstruction surgery. Even after the surgery, you have to be cautious and take precautions. Massage your earlobes with vitamin E oil or emu oil every night before hitting the bed. Massaging your ear lobes boost blood circulation and heals the broken tissues faster. However you need to be persistent with this process, you have to make it a point to do it every day or else you may not get any satisfactory result. If you want to prevent this problem, then avoid wearing earrings that feel heavy on your ears for 3-4 months post surgery. Cleanse your earlobes with a syndet bar and then apply an antibiotic if you want to avoid infections. Keep a check, if you feel intense pain, then get in touch with your cosmetic surgeon. If there is puss formation and swelling then do not panic, minor infections are very common and affect 8 out 10 people who undergo this surgery. The best way to avoid this hassle is to wear metallic studs after getting your earlobes pierced, and only occasionally changing them.

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