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Beauty, Skin care How to use essential oils for under eye bags

How to use essential oils for under eye bags

By Muskan Minda   

Someone rightly said that one can look into a soul by looking at the eyes as they are one of the most beautiful and defining features of our face. Now imagine bags under those eyes. Yes, the confidence level of a person surely drops if he/she is suffering from this condition. It is not a medical disorder, but several factors do lead towards it like genetics, lack of sleep, allergy of any kind, humidity level, excessive sodium diet and the most important and common hormonal changes. The solution is dependent on the cause of the problem but essential oils have been known to be an effective cure for under eye bags. My mother swears by it and I have to take her side as I have seen the oils working magic on myself.

The essential oils are great but there is a proper method of using them and we must adhere to it for best results. Some of the common and effective essential oils and their usage methods are explained below.

  • Almond essential oil

Almond oil is enriched in three major nutrients for fighting and preventing further under eye bags. Retinol and Palmitic acid act as natural moisturizers to smoothen and soften the skin, whereas the vitamin K develops the blood clotting and thus minimizes the eye bags and skin discoloration around our eyes. It is simple and easy to apply. Take few drops of almond oil and dab it around the eye area. Now gently massage it in a circular motion for few minutes. Let the oil merge in your skin and do not wipe it off. Use it every night before going to bed so that the oils can work its enchanting quality the whole night. Regular usage will gradually clear away the under eye bags.

  • Lavender essential oil
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Lavender oil is enriched with diuretic properties that help in minimizing swelling in the periorbital area by sucking out the excessive fluid. It is an antioxidant and its calming and soothing properties encourages better and relaxed sleep. Take a few drops of lavender oil and dab it around the eye area. Now gently massage the area in a circular motion for five minutes. Leave the oil for thirty minutes so that it can merge inside the skin. Now wash it off with a mild face wash. Lavender oil can also be used to create a homemade eye serum for successful removal of eye bags. Take one-fourth cup of almond oil, twenty drops of lavender oil and one tbsp of organic beeswax in a container and mix them properly by shaking it well. Now take few drops of this mixture and with help of your fingers dab and later massage it on the affected area. Leave the oil overnight and do not wash it off at night but in the morning with normal tap water. Do it every night on regular basis before going to bed for complete removal of under eye bags in few weeks.

  • Chamomile essential oil

Chamomile oil has been used in most households as it has a calming and soothing effect. It is enriched with azulene, an anti-inflammatory compound that minimizes puffiness. Take a few drops of Chamomile oil and dab it around the eyes. Massage it gently with your finger-tips for few minutes and leave it to merge with the skin overnight. Wash it off in the morning with normal water. Chamomile oil can also be mixed with almond oil in equal quantities and the application and usage procedure is the same.

  • Rose essential oil
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Rose essential oil hydrates the skin because of its moisturizing property. The skin around the eyes become a bit elastic and enables better blood flow via the vessels and thus reduces the under eye bags considerably. Using Rose oil is different from other oils as it has to be taken as a steam. Take one tsp of rose oil and mix it in a pot of water. Boil it until it starts steaming. Remove the pot from the gas and now put your face over the steaming pot and cover your head with a towel. Have you taken steam during a cold? The process is same and the towel is draped over your head so that the steam hits the face directly. Keep your eyes closed and continue the steaming at least for twenty minutes. If you are feeling a bit of discomfort come out of the towel for a minute and then continue. It is a therapeutic method and enables the oil to work as a moisturizing agent around the eye area to keep away the eye bags.

  • Witch Hazel essential oil

Witch Hazel essential oil is enriched with chrysin, an anti-inflammatory agent that can shrink and contract the vessels that carry blood around the eyes. It helps in reducing the puffiness and under eye bags in a very less amount of time. It is necessary to learn its application process properly before using because of its high potency. Do not ever apply Witch Hazel essential oil directly around your eye area as you have been doing with other essential oils like almond and lavender oils. Take cotton squares and soak them with the oil and please do not overdo it. Apply the squares above your eyes and keep it for fifteen minutes so that the oil can soak under the skin. Now wash your face with a mild face wash and pat it dry. Do not throw away these squares as they can be reused for at least two to three times.

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Essential oils are no doubt very good for removing under eye bags but beware. They have a high potency rate and must be tested before-hand on another skin area. This is done to gauge whether the particular oil you have chosen is good for your skin type or you are in any way allergic to any oil or not. It is better to apply the oils on moderation and to learn beforehand on their dosage and application procedure for best and effective results in removing under eye bags.




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