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Beauty, Skin care Use this foaming face wash to get milky white skin, 100% natural

Use this foaming face wash to get milky white skin, 100% natural

By Glowpink Staff   

Most of us know about beauty benefits of baking soda, but generally we do not use this ingredient because of its side effects. Today Im this post I will tell you right way to use baking soda that you can use for all sin types

To prepare this foaming face wash you will need

  • Baking soda, also known as cooking soda
  • Lemon
  • Glycerine

What to do:

  1. Take a clean bowl
  2. Add half tea spoon of baking soda into this
  3. Add half tea spoon glycerine
  4. Add few drops of lemon juice into this
  5. Mix it well
  6. Apply this on your skin and rub for 1-2 minutes
  7. Wash your face with plain water

It is very effetive remedy to remove sun tan also

Baking soda acts as natural skin bleach that remove all spots and scars from your face. It also removes excess oil from your face . Baking soda is also rich in anti bacterial properties that helps to prevent acne, pimples, blackheads on your face. Lemon is rich in vitamin C that makes your skin lighter and brighter

Glycerin will give extra shine to your skin and it will also moisturize your skin

Note – If hyou have sensitive skin, do not use lemon juice and also do a patch test before applying it on your face




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