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Acne, Beauty, Blackheads, Face pack, Home remedies, Make-up, Oily skin, Skin aging, Skin care How To Use Glycerin To Get Spotless Glowing Skin

How To Use Glycerin To Get Spotless Glowing Skin

As a generation that has been too lazy and relayed on instant packaged goods for anything and everything, it is safe enough for me to say that we miss out on a lot of easy and cheap yet the most effective hacks for a beautiful glowing skin.

Did you know that green gram, when ground as a powder and applied on face, can give you the softest and glowing skin? I didn’t know that green gram can be used as anything else, I thought it is a sprout meant to be eaten post work-out. So much for the most knowledgeable generation.

Today we are going to introduce you to one such magnificent, cheap and best product from the past that was one of the main secrets behind your 80-year-old grandma’s still glowing skin.


Some of you might have heard the above name as the product used by actors to get artificial tears, to you I say, correct. Glycerin is also used for that.

This must give you the idea of how harmless the liquid is, people are pouring it into their eyes, aren’t they?

Glycerin is a simple polyol compound. Very similar to water, the liquid is colorless and odorless. It is sweet-tasting and non-toxic.

It sounds really simple, doesn’t? If you are wondering how can this possibly given you a spotless glowing skin, read on.

#1 It can Cleanse

One of the main and impactful uses of Glycerin is its cleansing property. Much effective than just cold water. It is filled with neutral properties that are ideal for cleansing. From a simple cleanse at the end of a long day to remove all dirt to removing that heavy makeup after the big dinner, glycerin is the go-to from now. How exactly can you use it for cleansing, I have the recipe for you.

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Glycerin as Cleanser

–    Mix 1 teaspoon of glycerin with 3 teaspoons of milk.

–    Apply the solution all over your face and sleep well.

–    Rinse it off with water the next morning and make sure to avoid eye contact, milk and glycerin mixture can irritate your eyes.

#2 It can tone

I know you are already awed, but there is just more to come. Next on the list is the toning magic of glycerin. It can reduce the size of your pores which means the chances of huge deposition of dirt is minimized. This makes it an excellent toner. As you can guess, oily skin and glycerin are meant to match. Here is the toner recipe for glycerin.

Glycerin as Toner

–    One can make permanent toner to use on the go with glycerin.

–    Simple mix two or less cup of rosewater with one-fourth cup of glycerin.

–    Bottle this up and use as you wish.

#3 It can moisturize

Maybe an expected one the list. Given its neutral properties and ability to work with the oily skin, one can guess that glycerin is a good choice as a moisturizer. Glycerin has humectant property (i.e.) it minimizes the water loss in the oily skin due to evaporation. As a result, it keeps the skin hydrated always. Read below to find out how to use glycerin as a moisturizer.

Glycerin as Moisturizer

–    The steps to create glycerin moisturizer is simple. All you need is lemon.

–    Add two tablespoons of fresh lemon juice to 200-250 ml of glycerin.

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–    Mix the two well in an application bowl.

–    Apply this mixture on your face and hands every night.

–    Make sure it soaks in completely on your skin before going to bed.

#4 It can kill pimples, acne and blackhead

By now you know that glycerin can be effective over oily skin. So, one of the main problems of oily skin – Pimples is bound to be cured by glycerin. It can also solve blackhead problem which comes as a handy bonus. The main way glycerin does all the above is by killing the bacteria present in your skin. Let us find us how to use glycerin to fight that big pimple.

Glycerin as Pimple/acne and Blackhead fighter

–    One requires a few more ingredients other than glycerin to fight acne.

  1. Boric Powder
  2. Camphor
  3. Distilled Water

–    Now that you have all that is necessary, take a bowl and mix them up in these proportions.

  1. One tablespoon of Glycerin
  2. ½ a tablespoon of boric powder
  3. 1 camphor and
  4. A cup of distilled water.

–    Apply this mixture to your acne/pimple or blackhead affected skin using clean hands or better cotton balls.

–    Clean it off with lukewarm water after 5-10 minutes of applying.

–    Finish the procedure by washing your face with cold water to close your pores.

#5 For younger-looking skin

At last, the secret to the ever-lasting beauty of your grandmother. Glycerin is the magic word. Of all the many things that glycerin can do, one of the most important and must try one is this. Who is going to say to a skin that looks forever young and beautiful? Not me. So here is the recipe to attain that young skin.

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Glycerin as anti-ageing cream

–    You need two important things other than glycerin to do the magic.

  1. Honey
  2. Eggs

–    Take a bowl and beat an egg like you do for an omelet.

–    Add one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of glycerin to this mixture.

–    Beat it all well.

–    Apply the mask on your face and leave it on for 15-20 minutes.

–    Wash it off and make it a routine to look young forever.

Now that you know how effective glycerin is and also have great recipes on hand to use it in different ways, what are you waiting for, try them all out?

If you have feedback or doubts please feel free to comment.



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