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Beauty, Skin care How to use honey to treat pimple

How to use honey to treat pimple

The liquid gold is one of the best home remedies for tons of health and skin problems. The most common skin problems, mostly faced by the teenagers is pimples. Well, honey is a natural antibacterial, anti inflammatory and antioxidant. Along with that it has an osmosis effect. That is, it absorbs water to release hydrogen peroxide which is a great antiseptic for clearing acne. Well, it empowers us with not only the healing properties but also acts as a preventive measure for further acne problems. In this article we’ll see how to use honey to treat pimples.

1. Honey

Well, honey alone is powerful enough to fight all your pimples. There are two methods to use it. First one is the application on the face. This method helps in treating all the external factors and effects of acne problems. The second one is consumption. This helps to fight the root cause of the problem internally. This not only treats the problem, but also prevents further spread of it. Let’s look at the steps to use each one of them.

1) Application- It’s very simple to use remedy and should be done twice a day. You’ll see good results in a few weeks. As your skin begins to get clear, just reduce the application to once a day. Let’s look at the procedure.

1. Just pour some honey in a bowl.
2. Apply it on the affected areas, it’d be better to apply on the whole face.
3. Make sure that you apply gently with a cotton swab.
4. Leave it for 30 minutes.
5. Wash your face with warm water. And then cold water after 5 minutes for a refreshing feeling.

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2) Consumption- Internal consumption along with application boosts the effectiveness of the remedy. It’s very important to make sure that pimples are treated not only externally but also it’s root cause should be cured. Consume it once a day, before going to sleep. In case of serious problems, you can also go for twice a day that is in the morning and before going to bed. Let’s look at the steps to be taken.

1. In a glass of lukewarm water, mix a tbsp. of honey and two tbsp. of lemon juice.
2. Stir it and drink it before breakfast in the morning and after supper at night.
3. In case you want to consume once a day, just go for the post supper drink.
4. Regular use without skipping a day clubbed together with application on the face would surely treat it in a few weeks.

How to use honey to treat pimple

2. Along with strawberry

Well, it’s always more beneficial to use herbal remedies that would contain more ingredients for treating the same cause. Strawberry is another elixir food for the skin. Strawberry contain Salicylic acid. This acid clears your skin of all acne problems. Apart from that it also prevents the excess accumulation of sebum which prevents any further chances. Let’s see how to use honey along with strawberry.

1) Just wash your face with any herbal soap to improve the action of these ingredients.
2) Now mash 3 strawberries and mix 2 teaspoons of honey to it.
3) Make sure that you pat your face dry before applying the mixture on the face.
4) Apply the paste and leave it for 30 minutes.
5) Wash your face with warm water.
6) Use this method twice a week.
7) You’ll see fascinating results within a month of this remedy. Make sure that you are regular and following the schedule.

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3. Along with cinnamon

If the symptoms of pimples are becoming worse and you want instant relief, then this remedy is meant for you. Cinnamon is a very good anti inflammatory and anti microbial food. This would instantly relieve your skin of the disturbing symptoms. Let’s look at the steps.

1) Just mix two tbsp. of honey along with one tbsp. of cinnamon.
2) Apply the paste on the face, especially on the pimples.
3) Leave it for 15 minutes. It’d be better if you follow the remedy at night before going to bed. In that case, you can leave it overnight.
4) Wash your face with lukewarm water.
5) You can use this remedy for instant relief, anytime. It’s recommended that you use it at least twice a week for best results. After a few weeks you can reduce it to once a week.

4. Along with oatmeal

This remedy is more of a cleansing and moisturizing one. This prevents the further growth of pimples. We recommend using this one after a month of using the first three. This mildly cleanses your skin and prevents accumulation of any sebum and other impurities. Let’s look at the steps.

1) In 1/4 cup of warm water just blend ½ cup of oatmeal. Then add 2 tbsp. of honey to it.
2) Apply it on your face and gently massage with it for 5 minutes.
3) Leave it to dry for 15 minutes. Even if it doesn’t dries after 15 minutes, wash it off.
4) After washing with warm water. Just wash with cold water to feel refreshed. Make sure that you give a 5 minutes time before washing it with cold water.

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5) Do it twice a week and you’ll be free of your pimple problems in a month if it’s followed after any one of the remedies mentioned above.

5. Along with turmeric

It’s the last one to be followed and is very effective. If any of the above mentioned remedies are taking a lot of time, this is the quickest one. The reason being that turmeric is not only a good anti inflammatory, but also a very good disinfectant. If you want quickest results and also treat pimples form the root, just club this remedy along with the honey consumption one mentioned in the first point. Let’s see the steps to be taken.

1) Just mix 1 tbsp. of honey with 1/8 tbsp. of turmeric powder.
2) Mix it properly and leave it for 10 minutes.
3) Apply the paste to your face and leave it for 30 minutes.
4) Wash it with warm water and then cold water after 10 minutes gap.
5) Apply some coconut oil as moisturizing lotion.
6) Go for it twice a week. If the symptoms start to reduce, just reduce it to once a week.
7) Within a month, you’ll feel the difference not only due to the reduction of pimples but also due to the improved quality of skin.



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