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Beauty, Home remedies, Skin care How to use mango for skin

How to use mango for skin

By Glowpink Staff   

Mango is the king of fruit. Most of us use it in our diet but only few use in beauty regime. Mango contain collagen which helps to make the skin smooth and firm, thus reducing pre mature ageing.

Mango face pack for sensitive skin

  • Rose water is effective especially sensitive skin type. Rose is known for its anti- inflammatory properties and is also a rich source  of antioxidants. Furthermore, it helps in repairing the internal layers of the skin that is damaged due to over exposure to sun.
  • Take the  pulp of a ripe mango.
  • Add 3 tsp of multani mitti also known as fullers earth in it.
  • Add 2 tsp of water in it
  • Add 1 tsp of curd.
  • Mix these ingredients together to make a smooth thick paste.
  • Apply this pack all over your face and neck and leave it for about thirty minutes.
  • Once it gets dried, dab a little water on it and scrub it gently.
  • Wash it off with cod water.

Mango face pack to remove tan

  • Do you know that mango could also be used to remove the most stubborn tan? Yes you heard it right. Mango helps in reducing the blemishes and also lighten the skin.
  • Take the pulp of a ripe mango.
  • Add 4 teaspoons of Bengal gram flour (besan) to it.
  • Add ground walnuts and 1 teaspoon of honey.
  • Mix it well into a fine thick pack.
  • Now softly rub this pack on the affected areas of your body.
  • Leave it for 20-30 minutes and then wash it off with cold water.
  • Apply this pack twice per week continuously to have visible results.
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Mango face pack to get glow instantly

  • After a long and tiring day at work, pamper yourself with this refreshing mango face pack. This pack will make your face glow immediately.
  • Take the actual pulp of a medium sized mango (ripened).
  • Grind about 7-8 walnuts to powder.
  • Add 2-3 teaspoons of oatmeal to it.
  • Add 3 teaspoons of fuller’s earth (multani mitti).
  • Finally add required amount of water
  • Mi all these ingredients together into a fine paste.
  • Apply this pack on your face and neck and leave it on for quarter-hour.
  • Once the pack is half dried, scrub your body in spherical motion and wash off the pack using cold water.
  • This face pack works on all skin types and needs to be use regularly for greater results.


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