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Beauty, Hair care How To Use Olive Oil On Hair To Get Maximum Benefits

How To Use Olive Oil On Hair To Get Maximum Benefits

By Muskan Minda   

Appearances matter a great deal in today’s world and we are on a continuous look-out to gain ways and means by which we can improve our looks. Olive oil is also known as a carrier oil and has been used in the preparation of several beauty recipes that have proved beneficial for our hair.

Olive Oil + Avocado For Hair conditioning

How To:

  1. Take one ripe avocado, peel it and mash it in a bowl.
  2. Add one tbsp of olive oil to
  3. Mash it properly so that there are no lumps and the paste is even and smooth.
  4. Apply this paste on the scalp and later on hair from roots to tips with help of your fingertips.
  5. The quantity of paste depends on the thickness and length of your hair hence make a paste accordingly.
  6. Take one head towel and wrap it around your head or you can use a shower cap.
  7. Leave it for thirty minutes.
  8. Remove the towel or shower cap and rinse out the paste from your head.
  9. You can apply a mild shampoo and wash your hair again.
  10. As both the main ingredients are working as a conditioner, no need to apply another after shampoo.

How it Works:

Olive oil is rich in antioxidants and vitamins A and E that acts as a protecting agent for keratin and retains moisture in the hair. Avocado is enriched with vitamins, amino acid, and proteins that sooth the scalp, heals and moisturizes hair and thus acts as a good conditioner. This hair treatment is best for hair conditioning. You must use it every time you shampoo your hair for best results.

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Olive Oil + Raw Honey + Egg Yolk For Preventing Hair Loss And Encouraging Hair Growth

How To:

  1. Take four tbsp of olive oil in a glass bowl and add two tbsp of raw honey to it.
  2. Take an egg and remove its egg yolk.
  3. Add it to the bowl and mix it properly to get a smooth and even paste.
  4. Apply this paste to the hair from roots to tips with help of your fingertips.
  5. Leave it for twenty to thirty minutes.
  6. Rinse it away with normal or cool water.
  7. You can use a mild shampoo for washing.
  8. Do not use warm water as it will cause stickiness in hair because of the egg.

How it Works:

Olive oil is enriched with essential nutrients and fatty acids that strengthen the roots and the strands effectively. It is rich in vitamin E that seeps inside the pores and prevent hair fall. Raw honey is humectant by nature and hence moisturizes the hair. It is also rich in vitamin B, calcium, sulfur, zinc and magnesium that encourage hair growth to a great extent. Egg Yolk is enriched with ample nutrients that will help in strengthening the hair follicles and thus preventing hair fall and encouraging hair growth. Apply this mask every week for best results.

Are we satisfied with our hair? Sorry to say but no one is. We all want to achieve something better and for that, the best way to use is homemade products with natural ingredients like olive oil. Friends try one of the above-mentioned recipes and see the difference within a few days.

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