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Health, Weight loss Want a flat tummy ? Then stop eating these foods

Want a flat tummy ? Then stop eating these foods

By Rupali Kumar   

1: Spicy and Oily foods
Consumption of hot spices leads to digestion issue and help to accumulate fat near the stomach. The stomach irritation which you often experience is due to the increased secretion in your stomach stimulated by hot spicy food stuff. Cook and consume food with lesser spices and oil.


2: Processed/ Packaged foods
Processed and packaged food many time contain high amount of fats and grease. Also they are filled with unhealthy preservatives. In order to reduce the fat from your body reduce consumption of such food, instead start eating fresh green vegetables.

3: Regulate you Sugar intake
You may to cut down on your coffee/tea. Other sweet beverages also have high sugar. Try to satisfy your sweet cravings with fruits instead of chocolates and cakes.

4: Alcohol
Alcohol also plays a big role in fat accumulation in your tummy. Try to cut down alcohol, beers and cocktail drinks.

5: Dairy products
Dairy products such as milk, cheese and curd are considered to be healthy, but they also produce gas and bloating in stomach. Disturbance in digestion can cause fat accumulation.

6: Control your carbohydrate
Food products like Potato, Rice, noodles and cheese contain high amount of carbohydrates in them. Switch to protein rich foods like meat, eggs, green vegetables, pulses, soy etc.



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