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Beauty, Hair care How to wash your hair to keep them healthy

How to wash your hair to keep them healthy

By Glowpink Staff   

Every woman wants long, shiny, strong and healthy hair but only a few really get. It is not very difficult but yes you have to avoid some mistakes that we often do

Avoid too much shampooing

If the frequency of doing shampoo is high, it will damage your hair for sure. For healthy hair wash your hair twice in a week

Keep shower time less than 10 minutes

When washing your hair, keep shower time less than 10 minutes. More shower time will wash away all the essential oils. It might feel good to you but not good for your hair.


Apply shampoo on the scalp only

No need to apply shampoo on hair length, just apply it on the scalp. Dust gets collected on the scalp so just rub shampoo on the scalp. If you rub shampoo on hair, it will dry hair ends.

apply shampoo

Apply oil before shampoo

Always apply a coat of oil before shampoo it will protect your hair. You can use coconut or olive oil for this purpose

hair oil

Brush your hair in the right way

The biggest mistake by all of us is that we do not brush properly after hair wash. Always start with the bottom part and slowly go towards the roots

comb hair in right way

More often than not we run out of time and cleanse our hair in a hurry. Some of us even use hair styling tools very often, thereby damaging the quality of hair in the long-run. But do you know you have been using your shampoo the wrong way all this while? Yes, you read that correct, you have been using shampoo the wrong way all your life and I am sure most of you ended up complaining about the quality of the product or doubted what goes into the making of the product, right? So today I will let you know how to apply shampoo correctly to reap the maximum benefits from the product at hand.

  • Never slather on a layer of shampoo on dry hair. Wet your hair first, mix shampoo and lukewarm water in the ration of 1:3 and then apply it on your scalp and hair strands.
  • Don’t use your nails, use your fingertips to massage your scalp until it turns foamy.
  • Then gently wash your hair with lukewarm water. Both cold and hot water is not good for your hair, cold water makes it rough and warm water makes your hair dry and brittle. So always use lukewarm water to wash your hair.
  • The last step is to apply a conditioner, yes it is mandatory to apply a conditioner to restore the moisture balance after applying shampoo. But do not apply it right after washing off your shampoo. Gently wrap your hair with a towel, let the towel soak in all the excess water, then apply a hair conditioner. Apply it from the middle shaft to the tips of your hair. You are not supposed to apply a hair conditioner on your scalp, if you do so, you are bound to come across hair fall.
  • Do not wash the conditioner off immediately, keep it on for about 2-3 minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water.
  • Blow dry your hair after taking your shower.
  • Apply a heat protectant spray or hair serum before using a blow drier.
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Washing and Drying the Hair

  • Do not wash every day: washing your hair every single day is not at all ideal as that will strip the natural oils off of the hair and scalp and dry your hair out. Alternatively, if you use products, they can weigh down your hair too much making them look limp and lifeless. Generally, washing your hair 2 times a week should work just fine. The only case you will need to wash your hair every day is if your hair and scalp are too oily but even then you will have to look for a suitable shampoo which can be used every day and is suitably light for it.
  • Always condition the hair: There is no reason to skip conditioning the hair after shampooing it. You may not think that but shampooing actually dries out the hair quite a bit and the hair are in need of some hydration after that. So, following shampooing with conditioning works very well as it helps moisturize the hair. A good tip for conditioners is that you should only apply these on the ends and middle of the hair and not close to the roots. You can also utilize leave-in conditioners which provide even more hydration and nourishment to the hair. Using these once a week would be great for the hair.
  • Combing the hair properly: People commonly comb their hair when they are wet but that is not ideal. The hair is quite vulnerable when they have been washed and are wet so hashing a comb through it only puts more stress on the hair. To do it so that your hair is protected from any damage, use some detangler to smooth out your hair and make it easier for a comb. Also, don’t make long strokes but comb small sections of your hair at a time and go from tips of your hair towards the roots.
  • Towel drying the hair properly: Towel drying is another one of the common routines which people follow after washing the hair which is in fact not good for the health of the hair. Rubbing the towel on the hair damage the outer layer of the hair called cuticles and this commonly leads to frizz in the hair and increased breakage due to weakness. To do it in a way there is minimal damage to the hair, blot or dab your hair with a soft towel to absorb the dampness from the hair into the towel instead of rubbing it.
  • Avoid using heat products: Heat based hair styling products like a hair dryer or curling iron are quite damaging to the hair; you might get your desired look for the moment but in the long run it will spoil your hair. So, try to limit your usage of these kinds of products as much as possible. Also, there are hair protective serums available which you can use to provide some protection to your hair.
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Protecting the Hair from Sun damage

We always are aware of the sun’s effect on our skin that is why no woman wants to step one foot out without sunscreen. Why is the same thing not afforded to the hair? Them being on top of the head means they are always in the line of fire and risk of being exposed to the harmful UV rays. Nowadays, there are hairsprays available which you can utilize to provide some protection from the sun to your hair.


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