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Ways To Reduce Tummy After Caesarian Delivery

Motherhood is a special feeling for every woman in the universe. It is a vital yet complex phase in any woman’ life. It provides you a new strength in yourself ,something which you didn’t know you have until you had children. This beautiful phase leaves lot of physical and emotional imprints on a woman which she manages with a lot of sacrifices and compromises. Though motherhood is a wonderful sensation, the journey to attain it is a long selfless happy struggle every woman undergoes!  Especially the climax is the most eerie and ecstatic moment in the entire baby-making process.

Birthing Options:

If you are planning for a baby or already carrying one, thinking of your big day about the delivery process is one thing you can’t avoid every day! Delivery process generally have two options,

  • Vaginal Birth/ Normal Delivery
  • C-section / Caesarian

Whatever might be your choice of birth, each has its own pros and cons. So it’s important to know which option suits your health condition and other medical parameters. Have a quality discussion with your healthcare provider and your partner.

Based on the discussion, choose the birthing method and get prepare yourself mentally.

As discussed earlier ,there are a lot of advantages and disadvantages in both the methods.Enlarged tummy post C-section delivery is a complaint from most of the new mothers.

Reasons for enlarged tummy after a C-section:

Before jumping into the solutions,  it’s always better to be aware on what’s happening to your body post a C-section delivery that makes your tummy big. This understanding will help you to be self-cautious in the initial times only and minimize the strenuous hard work in the later days.

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The most common reason for a bulging tummy post C-section is a high glucose diet after delivery because usually the Indian diet contains a lot of ghee, carbohydrates and sugar. Also they don’t do regular exercise which is another reason for a gibbous tummy. Few other reasons might be,

  • Retaining fluid from your delivery after a C-section
  • Holding on to some extra weight
  • Uterus might still need to dwindle
  • Stretched muscles and Diastasis Recti(Separation of the right and left abdominal walls)

Get on the ideas to reduce tummy:

So you survived pregnancy and childbirth? Pregnancy and childbirth is no easy feat especially if it’s a C-section. While you are already recuperating from the taxing task of growing and birthing a teeny being from your body, the status of your tummy will surprise you after baby.

Don’t fear as you can get rid of that belly fat naturally even after a C-section. But it’s essential to understand the matter of fact that you can’t achieve it overnight just because you see some celebrities doing it in a jiffy post maternity. Yeah, it will take a little time and work but its definitely possible.

Here are few of the effective natural home remedies to reduce your tummy post-delivery,

  1. Begin while you’re pregnant

If you start to prepare your flat belly before your little one is born, it will be easy to have a head start to recover the flat belly even after the baby is born. To achieve a flat belly while you’re pregnant, stay active and take care of your fitness by doing some regular exercise after consulting with your doctor.

  1. Get hydrated
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It’s usually known that breastfeeding moms require more water intake to increase the production of milk. But it’s also necessary to get well hydrated after eating good quantity of veggies and fruits that has a good water content that will help to combat the belly fat.

Obesity is directly proportional to dehydration, so better hydrated less your chances will be to get obese.

  1. Cleanse yourself!

Cleanse your inner system by taking a lot of fresh fruits and veggies that are rich in fiber and nutrients which will help detox your body. You can also take green tea to flush out all the fat deposits and promote regularity in your body.

  1. Try Kegels

You don’t know what Kegel is? Never worry, It’s just constricting your pelvic muscles as if you are trying to hold a pee! Since a lot of pressure has been held on the abdominal region for carrying your bundle of joy, it’s good to do Kegels where you tighten your pelvic floor for 5-10 seconds as you breathe in and release as you breathe out.

  1. Adequate sleep is the key!

With a new born, getting adequate sleep is a nightmare. But no proper sleep is one main reason for putting on extra weight and becoming obese which results in the secretion of cortisol, a stress hormone. This is responsible for the disproportionate physique.

So try to get sleep as much as possible whenever your baby takes a nap.

  1. Breastfeeding

Do you believe that breastfeeding hips in reducing a lot of calories and getting you to shape? You’ll never have to delay your breastfeeding post-delivery. As soon as the baby is born, you can start which proves to be beneficial for you and baby.

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Breastfeeding releases a hormone called Oxytocin, which is responsible for uterine contractions and getting your pelvic area back to its normal stage. This helps in having a flat belly post your C-section delivery.

  1. Grab a support belt

Another common way to reduce tummy is to use a doctor-prescribed post-partum belt soon after delivery . Most of the doctors advice to start moving around and get some short walks immediately after delivery.

But some women experience discomfort as their pelvic muscles tend to get loose and that’s where the support belts come to rescue!

They give a balance in the abdominal area and help in shrinking the waistline muscles thereby helping to get a flat tummy.

  1. Have a massage everyday

Some women have a bulged tummy because of the excess fluid retained in the abdominal area. Massaging the abdominal areas with a cocoa butter lotion will introduce a pressure and will slowly start tightening the muscles. This has another use of reducing the stretch marks as well.

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