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Uncategorized How to wear saree perfectly

How to wear saree perfectly

By Glowpink Staff   

Saree is an indian costume that is four to nine yards long. To wear it properly is an art. If you wanna look stunning with saree, you should learn this art. Check below steps to wear saree perfectly if you are a beginner.

Step 1 – All material should be ready

1. Saree
2. Blouse
3. Inner skirt (Colour of inner skirt should be in matching with saree otherwise it can destroy whole look)

Step 2 – Wear blouse and inner skirt

1. Wear blouse, make sure that fitting of blouse is correct (Blouse should end just below your bust)

2. Wear inner skirt, inner skirt needs to be tied very tightly using a drawstring. Otherwise, it would mess the pleats and fabrics tucked inside.

3. Pick the shoes that you want to wear with the saree. It is necessary to wear it now because according to heels you need to adjust your saree. Make sure the bottom of the saree shows only your toes. Tying a saree that exposes your ankles will make you look less elegant.

Step 3 – Pick your saree and start

1. Make a knot on the top corner of the plain end of the saree and tuck the knot into the side of the petticoat. Make sure the embroideries on the saree are facing out.

2. Make a complete turn from the right to left. The lower end of the saree should be slightly above the floor.

3. Tuck in the fabric around the waist into the petticoat neatly.

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Step 4 – Let’s start with Pleats

1. Extra fabric hanging from the tucked area, hold the saree tightly at one side with your thumbs and pinky finger.

2. Pleats should be about 4 inches wide.

3. Pleat the fabric by winding the cloth from your thumb to your index finger. Make about 6 to 8 pleats.

4. Tuck the pleats into the petticoat while making sure the pleated sides fall right below your navel.(Secure your pleats using a safety pin so that they do not move away from each other.)

5. Hold the pleated fabric up and adjust them until they are even and straight.

Step 5 – Let us start with pallu

Take the extra saree and make another complete round from right to left.

2. Get hold of the decorative end of the saree (pallu) and pleat the top edges of the pallu.

3. Adjust the pleats until they are even and raise the pleated pallu, bring it under your right arm and place it over your left shoulder.

4. Let the end of the saree falls below your knee.

5. You can even unfold the pleats and drape the pallu over the shoulder if you want it the pallu to fall elegantly over your arm.

6. Secure the pallu with a safety pin from the inside of the blouse

how to wear saree

Tips: If you want to look your best in a sari, then you need to be a little choosy so that it flatters your silhouette, based on your body type. If you have an hourglass figure then you need not bother much, but if you have a heavier bust, go for a sari with a wide border, it will help to bring about a balanced look. If you have a pear-shaped body then chose a chiffon sari to conceal your problem areas, preferably in darker shades to look slimmer.

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