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Pregnancy when do pregnancy symptoms start?

when do pregnancy symptoms start?

By manisha   

There are not been much revealing research results to answer the question, simply because there is no majority found among different women on when do pregnancy symptoms start?

start of pregnancy symptoms

start of pregnancy symptoms

Some women notice the symptoms within just a couple of weeks of conceiving. Some experts say this happens because they are consciously trying to conceive and hence, notice it pretty soon. While there are many women who are not aware of their pregnancy even after a few months. This can be harmful as unknowingly they might continue with some habits and practices from which a pregnant woman should refrain.

Technically speaking, a woman’s next menstrual cycle starts after 4 weeks from the last one. But, if you are pregnant you will be missing your next periods on their due dates. That is why in most cases the missed menstrual period is the earliest symptom of pregnancy.

After 4 weeks of conceiving you may also start feeling other common pregnancy symptoms like frequent urination, vomiting, fatigue, sore breasts and nausea. Though none of these are anybody’s favorite , they surely alert the expecting woman to stop consuming items which might be harmful for the embryo during its important development stages. Actually, there is no harm in considering yourself pregnant even if you don’t have absolute confirmation.

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