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Weight loss Workouts, that will give you hot body in 30 days

Workouts, that will give you hot body in 30 days

By Glowpink Staff   

I am sure you are prepping up for the upcoming festive season. aren’t you? If you want to look your best in 30 days then try out lunges. Lunges tone you lower and upper body, thighs and abs in particular. Follow this chart religiously if you want to lose weight in less than 30 days. Apart from this, I am also listing down a few more exercises that you can try at home to get back in shape without professional supervision. But exercising is not enough, you have to reduce sugar intake and learn to resist the temptation of consuming packaged and processed food items. Follow a healthy diet alongside to make sure that your body receives the essential nutrition and be regular with it. If you haven’t hit the gym or exercised ever before then we would recommend you to go for a full-body medical check-up before starting with your workout to avoid any health hazards.

Day 1 – 15 squats/5 Bridges/10 Lunges

Day 2 – 20 squats/5 Bridges/10 Lunges

Day 3 – 20 squats/10 Bridges/15 Lunges

Day 4 – 25 squats/10 Bridges/15 Lunges

Day 5 – 30 squats/10 Bridges/20 Lunges

Day 6 – 30 squats/15 Bridges/20 Lunges

Day 7 – 35 squats/15 Bridges/20 Lunges

Day 8 – 35 squats/20 Bridges/25 Lunges

Day 9 – 35 squats/20 Bridges/25 Lunges

Day 10 – 40 squats/20 Bridges/30 Lunges

Day 11 – 40 squats/25 Bridges/30 Lunges

Day 12 – 45 squats/25 Bridges/30 Lunges

Day 13 – 45 squats/30 Bridges/35 Lunges

Day 14 – 50 squats/30 Bridges/35 Lunges

Day 15 – 50 squats/30 Bridges/40 Lunges

Day 16 – 55 squats/35 Bridges/40 Lunges

Day 17 – 55 squats/35 Bridges/40 Lunges

Day 18 – 55 squats/40 Bridges/45 Lunges

Day 19 – 60 squats/40 Bridges/45 Lunges

Day 20 – 60 squats/40 Bridges/50 Lunges

Day 21 – 65 squats/45 Bridges/50 Lunges

Day 22 – 65 squats/45 Bridges/50 Lunges

Day 22 – 65 squats/45 Bridges/55 Lunges

Day 23 – 65 squats/50 Bridges/55 Lunges

Day 24 – 70 squats/50 Bridges/55 Lunges

Day 25 – 70 squats/50 Bridges/60 Lunges

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Day 26 – 70 squats/55 Bridges/60 Lunges

Day 27 – 75 squats/55 Bridges/65 Lunges

Day 28 – 75 squats/60 Bridges/65 Lunges

Day 29 – 80 squats/60 Bridges/70 Lunges

Day 30 – 90 squats/60 Bridges/70 Lunges


  • If you have an ankle injury or leg injury then you might want to keep away from cardio. If you have no cardiovascular problems, then you can try out cardio, it burns fat fast from your body and keeps your heart and mind healthy. You will enjoy cardio exercises if you love dancing, however, do not expect overnight results, you have to be regular and wait for at least a month before you can see good results.

Weight lifting

  • Weight lifting is not that easy if you want a perfect body then try out weight lifting. You can hit the gym to do the same. Check your heart rate before starting with weight lifting exercises. Progress gradually, do not rush, start lifting small weights that you can bear with. You can also choose dumbells to start with, pick up the lightest one and once you get comfortable, use a heavier one. Ask your gym instructor more about it. Weight-lifting helps to build muscle mass, regulate the rate of metabolism and maintain your overall health and keep you in good shape throughout the year. However, do not strain by lifting up too much weight at once.

Surya Namaskara

  • If you were born and brought up in India, then you must have heard about and aware of Surya Namaskara. It is a compilation o multiple positions that are very essential to keep you in good shape. It helps to make your bones and muscles flexible and helps to keep sudden muscular cramps at bay. You may not be able to do it perfectly right at the beginning so make your progress gradually, do not rush. Surya namaskara is a perfect blend of modern-day exercise and ancient culture that is still practiced all around the globe. It tones the whole body and helps your body shed that unwanted mass that makes you look bulky and more than your real age.

Walking/Brisk walking

  • Walking is one of the basic exercises that you can try easily without putting in many efforts. Go for an early morning walk or walk after having a light snack in the evening to drastically improve your digestion, it will keep your metabolism in check and help your body eliminate the toxins easily. You can also start your strenuous workout session with brisk walks or end the session with conditioning exercises like brisk walks. Do it every day and you are bound to enjoy the health benefits in the long run.


  • This sounds nostalgic, right? Remember how used to do skipping in the park in your childhood? You can relive your childhood and also shed some stubborn body fat if you go for skipping every day for at least a month. Besides that it is easy, does not require any professional supervision and a skipping rope fits your budget, that’s for sure. However, if you have had the history of a leg or ankle injury in the past then do not go for skipping as it may harm your health in the long-run.


  • You may or may not have heard about this terminology before, it is very simple and you do not require professional supervision to perform this exercise. To start with, sit straight, stretch out legs forward. Take a deep breath and then try to touch your toes with your finger-tips without bending your knees. Hold this position for a while and then, let go off. Try this pose as many times as your body can endure and then slowly and steadily increase the pace to get the best results. You can easily do this exercise at home without seeking assistance from anyone.


  • If you really want great results in a short span of time then join swimming classes as soon as you can. It is not only a great way to lose weight but also doubles up as a good recreational activity. Swimming exercises your whole body, and you don’t even feel your weight while working out in the water. If you are very conscious about your skin, then consult a dermatologist and take precautions before diving deep into the pool. Swimming helps you to lose weight very fast and effectively, it also helps to get rid of fat from your thighs and allows you to work out for longer durations as you do not feel the intense pressure. You can get a flat tummy, toned biceps, curvy back, and slim legs. Your overall appearance improves for the better and you also gain muscle strength via swimming in deep waters.
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  • Cycling is another fast method of losing weight. If you know how to ride a bicycle then go ahead and enjoy a ride. It is fun and frolic and you will lose some stubborn fat from your body at the same time. Cycling also keeps your heartbeat in check, it helps to tone and strengthen your thigh muscles. If you are looking for spot reduction or if you want to shed some weight only from the lower half of your body then this is the option for you to choose from. Cycle for at least an hour a day and you are good to go.


  • Put on your jogging shoes early in the morning and go for a short-run to get rid of the stubborn fat stored in your body. It is as simple as it sounds. If you run every day then you will not lose weight from any specific part of your body but your whole body will shed the stored fat. Make sure that you sweat while you run. What’s more? Well, running helps you to release free radicals from your body and that in turn helps you to retain your youth in the long-run.



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