Very lucky if you have this line on your palm

If there are certain symbols on your palm that can be lucky for you? According to palmistry, you will be surprised to know that there are five fortunate signs on the palm of your hands. When these symbols appear on a person’s palm, it means there are favourable outcomes and situations.

Lotus sign

If you can spot a lotus on your palm, then you will get a lot of money. As per palmistry, the lotus sign maximises the wealth of a person to its peak level. It can be found on any of the mounts of your hands. A lotus sign on hand must have atleast 3 leaves. Lotus with 5 leaves are extremely lucky but are the rarest of all.When this sign is found over the Mercury mount then the wealth is gained from a business, through the creativity in your work and skills.When a lotus sign is found over the Moon mount then the person is likely to experience fame.When a lotus sign is found over the Sun mount, it guarantees success for the person.They can reach the highest position in their job or business, become a great leader in their field, have the highest authority in their organisation and have command over it.

Trident/Trishul sign

The Trident sign signifies the individual’s health and well-being from within, enhancing their abilities and efficiency in work and health. It also brings a sense of spirituality and inner happiness. If it is over Jupiter’s mount, it makes the person ambitious and attracts a lot of unexpected wealth and inheritance. Trident Sign over the Mercury mount makes the person creative, and wise and it says that the person has good communication skills. It also means materialistic satisfaction and success.If the sign is over the Saturn mount, it signifies high responsibility and discipline. The wealth gained is or will be the result of one’s own efforts and success, and the person is safeguarded from other planets’ influences.The trident sign over the Sun mount makes the person highly successful; wealth is gained from multiple sources.This sign over the Venus mount means having a beautiful partner and experiencing great satisfaction in love life. There will be a balance between one’s profession and personal life.

Fish sign

The fish sign signifies the blessings of God. It can occur in various shapes, but in a specific shape, at a specific place are rare and are the most auspicious.A vertical-shaped fish sign found on the mount of Saturn is an exceptionally rare occurrence. These individuals are very hardworking and often become powerful people in their respective fields. They are more inclined towards business rather than a job. They receive support from highly influenced people and experience significant benefits after age 30. These people are prone to assets related businesses such as land, real estate, cars, etc. They will get more success in business or at least in management or administration-level jobs.

Star sign

Star sign can be observed in many places, but in a few places, it can also have negative effects too. If this sign is found over the mount of the Sun, it is considered auspicious and rare.The star sign with a minimum of 5 lines falls in this rare category. People with a star sign get unexpected name, fame, success, and wealth. These individuals possess artistic qualities and are hard-working, although the results may be slightly slower.

Flag sign

The flag sign indicates the person is a winner and is highly informative.If the sign is found over the Jupiter mount, they are highly knowledgeable and highly educated in the fields of science, Vedas, and politics. They can be at the highest level of military and defense.If the flag sign is located over Saturn mount, is polite, spiritual, has long vision and is number one in their fields of interest.If the flag sign is found over Sun mount, the individual is highly respected and recognised, famous, and can also be an inventor.Swastik Sign The Swastika sign can be seen at any place and at any angle. A person with a swastika sign enjoys Raaj-Yog. These individuals can achieve success very quickly and with the least struggle in any field or area. They are not just lucky for themselves but also bring luck to others and society as a whole. Someone with this sign can also change the fortune of the less fortunate people. They do charity and help and serve society.

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