Your hair is the result of the kind of diet you maintain. A diet rich in nutrients, minerals, and vitamins helps to boosts the blood circulation to your scalp and keeps your scalp healthy. For thick and long hairs, your diet should also be enriched with good food.

So, here are some food items that you can add as a part of your diet and promote your hair growth.

1. Chia Seeds:

Chia seeds contain omega-3 fats that are essential for your body and also for your hair care. It also promotes the health of your scalp and hair.


Add chia seeds to your smoothie and oatmeal. You can have chia seeds once or twice daily.

2. Eggs:

Eggs are a rich source of both protein and biotin that promotes your hair growth. A deficiency in either of the nutrients leads to hair loss.


Have 2-3 boiled eggs are a part of your breakfast or as a snack.  You must have the egg yolk and not the egg whites. An adequate amount of proteins helps to enhance your hair growth.

3. Salmon:

Salmon is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids that the body makes it’s own and helps to keep your skin and hair healthy. This fish is loaded with Vitamin d and proteins that are strong supporters of strong hair.


Eat the salmon skin as a part of your diet two to three times a week.

4. Avocado:

Avocados are abundant in vitamin B and E, which helps to strengthen your scalp and prevents hair fall and breakages. It protects your scalp from oxidative stress and damage.

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Sprinkle avocados in your salad and consume it as a part of any meal.

5. Spinach:

The leafy green vegetable spinach is a rich source of Vitamin C and A, that promotes hair growth, nourishes and conditions your hair and scalp.


Prepare a glass of fresh spinach juice and drink it two to three times a day after your meal.

6. Papaya:

The nutrients in papaya prevent hair balding and also controls dandruff. Papayas have a good quality protein that promotes hair growth.


You can have a plate of fresh papaya anytime as a type of snack after your meal.

7. Flax Seeds:

Like chia seeds, flax seeds also contain omega-3 fatty acids your scalp and individual hair follicles. They are an excellent source of Vitamin E that strengthens your hair strands and balances oil control.


You can sprinkle flax seeds on your oatmeal or yogurt and consume it. Else you can add flax seeds in a cup of water and leave it overnight. Then, strain the flax seeds from the water in the morning and drink the solution regularly before consuming your breakfast.

8. Nuts:

Nuts also have hair growing superpowers like seeds. Almonds are rich in biotin that is an essential nutrient for hair growth. Nuts also have a wide variety of health benefits.


Have a handful of almonds as a part of your snack once daily.

9. Oysters:

Oysters have high quantities of zinc that support your hair growth and helps to repair your hair and scalp. The deficiency of zinc and too much consumption of zinc may lead to hair loss.

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Enrich your diet with zinc-rich supplements such as oysters, crabs, liver, etc to keep your hair and scalp healthy. Have oysters as a part of your dinner one or two times a week.

10. Oranges:

Oranges are a rich source of Vitamin C that boosts the blood circulation to the scalp and results in hair growth. But having large quantities of orange juice may affect your digestive system.


Drink a glass of fresh orange juice once daily as a part of your breakfast.

11. Yellow Peppers:

Yellow Peppers prevents hair breakage and split ends. Thus, promotes hair growth.


Sprinkle yellow peppers on your food or salad.

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