How to take care of excessive hair loss? Help me with hair thining! What can help me to grow my hair? Don’t you hear such questions being pitched from all around you? Indeed, we do. The pollution level today is pretty high and it definitely ruins our hair. But the fact remains, most people cringing and cribbing about their hair, do not do anything to take care of their hair in any case! Most do not know the essential things. So here we have got you DIY hair growth tonic aka Mermaid Hair, let’s have a look-

DIY Hair Growth Tonic (Aka Mermaid Hair)
DIY Hair Growth Tonic (Aka Mermaid Hair)

What Do You Need?

  • 1/2 Liter of Mustard oil
  • 1/2 cup Fenugreek seeds and of course you should know how to work with the stove!

What To Do?

  1. In a jar, take about half a litre of mustard oil.
  2. Pour this oil in a pan for heating it.
  3. Take some fenugreek seeds and put half a cup of it in the pan containing oil.
  4. Lite the stove and place the pan on a low flame.
  5. You do not have to boil the oil. Keep it on the flame for about 10 to 15 minutes and just make sure the seeds turn black.
  6. Once done, keep the pan aside for about 30 minutes or so to cool down.
  7. Slowly sieve the oil out in a bottle or a container and throw away the seeds.
  8. You will clearly see the difference in the oil’s colour.

Mustard oil is usually golden brown in colour, after boiling you will notice that it has turned into blackish brown in colour with some fenugreek essence due to heating it with the fenugreek seeds. Not only the colour of the oil, but the fragrance of the oil also changes; you can sense the change in the fragrance of the fenugreek essence by sniffing the oil. And here you have it – your very own homemade hair growth tonic aka for the mermaid’s hair!

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How To Use-

  1. Take this oil in a tiny bowl and oil your hair with this a night prior to your hair wash.
  2. Or you can also massage your hair at least an hour before your hair wash but keeping it overnight would give a better result.
  3. This is quite simple, no hard work and no hassle in the procedure to follow up after every 3 days.

The tonic enhance hair growth and also turns the hair back to its colour over a period of time. If you happen to like brown hair, it is a great alternative of amla hair oil. The results are quite great!

Suggestions For Alternate Changes

You can mix this tonic with olive oil in equal or less quantity if you wish to have your hair grow in both length and volume. This tonic not only enhances the growth of your hair but also gives out a nice brown colour to it and olive oil enhances the volume of the hair; that is why you must try this combination as well. Hope it was useful. All the best!

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