Dark spots on face is one of the most common skin problem. Dark spots usually occur on area, where skin produces more melanin than usual. All dark spots are not same, there are 4 different types of dark spots.
First let me tell you about types of dark spots and then depending on the type you can opt for a perfect remedy
Type #1 – Melasma

These are dark spots that appear on the cheeks in a splotch like form. Sun exposure is the main cause behind this skin condition.
Melasma is most common in women 20-50 years of age

Type #2 – Pimple Marks

When pimple gets infected, it can leave a red or black mark on your face after healing.
This skin condition in not related to any age group, if your acne or pimple gets infected, it’ll leave spot behind

Type #3 – Hyperpigmentation

Any kind of injury or trauma caused to the skin as a result of abrasions, burns, acne, etc., leading to inflammation, can later cause the formation of dark spots in that area.

Type #4 – Lever spots

Liver spots are dark spots that appear scattered and in no particular pattern. These kind of spots usually appear on the skin of old people, especially on face and hands.

Now once we know all types of dark spots, let me quick share few effective home remedies to get spot free skin

Remedy #1 – Lemon
Lemon is one of the most effective solution to remove all spots on your face naturally.
For this remedy you will need

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Lemon juice and

Add equal amount of water in lemon juice. Mix and your remedy is ready to use now.
Apply this liquid on your clean face with the help of a cotton ball and leave ti for 20 minutes on your face.
Wash it off with plain water and you’re done
For effective results do this remedy every alternate day

Remedy #2 – Vitamin E oil

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that targets free radicals that are responsible for aging and discoloration and helps to repair damaged cells.

Just take a few drops of vitamin E oil on your palm and apply it on your dark spots. Leave it overnight.
Do this daily and you can see visible results in just a few weeks.

I will suggest you to do both remedies together to get results faster. Do remedy 1 alternate day and remedy 2 everyday for best results.

Key to get spotfree skin is ‘Be Patient’ and follow your ‘Skin care regimen’. There is no overnight fix to clear all spots on your skin

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