These days we see so many celebrities flaunting their burgundy hair which makes them appear ultra-stylish. A number of ladies in real life are trying out this colour as well. Getting burgundy hair is all about trying out brown black or red hair colours along with purple tones.

Expert recipe to Color(burgundy) your hair naturally with this natural hair pack at home
Expert recipe to Color(burgundy) your hair naturally with this natural hair pack at home

To get burgundy colour on your hair, you can choose either to dye it with the shades of your choice or try some home-based natural remedies that could provide natural colour to your hair. The natural remedy is the best choice since it is not only long-lasting and cheap but also is free of any serious side-effects. Artificial burgundy colours can cause headaches and affect the eyes if used regularly or on a long-term basis.

Henna powder, when used with beetroot, is the best natural way to get burgundy hair colour look.

A large number of ladies prefer using henna as it doesn’t contain chemicals. This method is not only safe with minimal side effects, but it also offers various other health benefits also. It protects the hair from harsh rays of the sun, gives it a cooling effect, nourishes it and contributes to its healthier growth.

To prepare Henna paste, you will need:

  • Henna powder – ½ cup
  • Water – 1 cup
  • Beetroot – 1
  • Lemon juice – ½ cup
  • Hair Cap
  • Gloves

Steps to be followed:

  1. Using a blender, blend a beetroot well so that it is converted to a paste.
  2. Take the mentioned amount of henna powder, water, lemon juice and beetroot paste in a bowl and mix them well. Make sure that this mixture is not too thick.
  3. With your hands or by using a hairbrush, apply the mixture on your hair. Make sure that you wear the gloves while applying the paste since Henna colours take days to fade away.
  4. While applying the colour, make sure that you coat all the roots and traces evenly.
  5. When applied thoroughly, braid your hairs and wear a cap since it will prevent the moisture from getting lost.
  6. Let this hair paste dry thoroughly.
  7. After one hour or so, use a good conditioning shampoo to wash off the paste.
  8. Apply this paste once a month, to maintain the colour.
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If you have a hair of light texture, then you don’t need to use beetroot paste. The simple henna powder will do. Similarly, if you have dry hair, use lemon in less amount. If you want a dark burgundy colour, you can add artificial colouring such as red to this paste. You can also use tea powder or coffee extracts along with henna powder if you want brownish shades. Since Henna powder is extremely pigmented, it is easy to get burgundy hair texture by using it.

A lot of people end up suffering from cold after using the henna. If you are one of them, then instead of henna, you can use other natural products such as coffee beans, saffron powder, soy sauce, carrot juice, etc.

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