Looking at those magazines and watching influencers on social media, we all dream of having a body that is fit, looks perfect and is far away from fat. However, not all of us have the liberty to achieve it. While for some the lifestyle doesn’t allow it to happen, few are trapped with hormonal issues that are being a hindrance to slim or a fit body.

Well, like body fat wasn’t enough, we also have to deal with neck fat that for some people seems impossible to happen. For few of those who are lucky enough and aren’t aware of this phenomena, neck fat is the saggy skin beneath the neck also called as turtle neck which gives an unpleasant appearance and is also capable of bringing down confidence.

Thank god for science and the advancement of the medical industry, we now have a lot of treatments that can entirely help get rid of it. And if going under the needle seems too risky, there always is our most favourite, natural ways of dealing with it. Before diving onto the treatment, let’s figure out what causes them in the first place.

Neck Fat Causes
Exercises To Get Rid Of Neck Fat
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How To Lose Neck Fat
How To Lose Neck Fat

Cause Of Neck Fat

There are multiple reasons one can get neck fat[1]. While some of the causes aren’t in our hands, a lot of them happens due to our lifestyle choices.

You can understand the reason that causes a fat neck in the first place and acts accordingly to bring changes.


People who are obese can grow the problem of neck fat. Neck gains weight very similar to how your body does. High-calorie and fatty cuts also contribute to a fatty neck.

Hormonal Issues

The underactive thyroid gland[2]also leads to increased weight on the whole body including the neck. It also slows down the metabolism. Curing this  problem entirely is sometimes not possible with some people.

Syndromes like PCOD & PCOS [3]can also lead to neck fat which might get a little difficult to get rid off.

Medical Problems

People with Cushing’s syndrome have upper body obesity, a rounded face and increased fat around the neck with relatively slender arms and legs. Depression can also lead to obesity as people tend to overeat during that time.

Steroids,  high blood pressure drugs, antidepressants, and seizure medications can cause increased body weight. Infected salivary glands can also lead to a swollen face and jaw area, giving the appearance of a double chin.


Ageing weakens the support structure of the skin leading to loss of elasticity. The fatty tissues deplete during ageing making the skin pull down due to gravity.

Collagen and elastin deplete leading to wrinkles and neck fat.

UV Rays

Uv rays also contribute to neck fat. Exposure to sunlight is a prime reason for ageing.


Goitre is an enlargement of the thyroid gland.The enlargement of thyroid gland leads to a visible fat around the neck.

Overconsumption of soybeans, rutabagas, cabbage, peaches, peanuts, and spinach can trigger goitre.

Exercises To Get Rid Of Neck Fat

While there are a lot of masks that may help you in getting rid of neck fat[4], the most trusted to release it, like any other fat, is exercise. They are convenient and when followed for a long time consistently, will show results leaving you with a toned neck.

Following these exercises will help ensure the tightening of the neck fat and slowly help with burning the fat as well. Pick any of these exercises and benefit out of it.

#1. Warm Up Your Face Muscles

Step-1: Stand up or sit down in a comfortable position.
Step-2: Sing vowels for as long as you can.
Step-3: Keep doing this until your face is warm and stretched.
Step-4: Repeat this every now and then before getting into the actual exercise zone.

Warming up before exercising is the most important task and shouldn’t be avoided at any cost. Do this for 2-5 minutes before starting the actual exercise.

#2. Side Neck Stretch Exercise

Step-1: Spread a mat and sit on it upright.
Step-2: Stretch your head from side to side.
Step-3: Repeat 10 reps of this daily.

The side to side stretch exercise helps to lower the build-up of fat under your chain.

#3. Neck Rotation Exercise

Step-1: Spread a mat and sit on it upright.
Step-2: Rotate the neck from side to side in a swinging motion.
Step-3: Repeat 10 reps of this.
Step-4: You can do this daily.

The neck rotation exercise will help the muscles[5]around the jaw as well as the chin.

#4. Tongue Press

Step-1: Place your tongue on the top of your jaws roof.
Step-2: Whilst sticking the tongue to the roof, tilt your head front and backwards.
You can repeat 3 sets of 5 reps into it.
You can repeat this daily.

This helps in stretching the lower jaw upwards and repeating this multiple times help in getting rid of neck fat.

#5. Fish Face Exercise

Step-1: Suck your cheeks inwards.
Step-2: Try and replicate a fish face.
Step-3: Doing this and holding it for a 25-30 will give a burn to your cheeks and jaw.
Step-4: Relax your face for 10 seconds.
Step-5: Repeat it 10 times for 2-3 sets.

This exercise will help to reduce the overall fat of your face.

#6. Chewing Gum

Step-1: Take your favourite flavoured chewing gum and start chewing.
Step-2: Make sure to shift it from one side to another for a 360-degree treatment.
Step-3: Chewing gum also help in killing hunger feels that keep coming now and then.
Step-4: This way you will be able to control it and also avoid munching on snacks.

As this requires your muscles to work continuously for a longer period of time, it warms it up and helps in reducing the fat under the chin and neck.

#7. Shrugs

Step-1: Stand with your feet apart.
Pick up a barbell in front of each of your thighs.
Step-3: Pick up your shoulder to lift the barbell.
Step-4: Repeat the sets as advised by the trainer.

Gym workouts are for an over all fat loss. Doing this exercise helps in stretching the muscles around the neck leading to loss of fat.

#8. Lip Apart Exercise

Step-1: Sit in a comfortable posture.
Step-2: Close your mouth and spread your lips.
Step-3: Make sure that there is no gap between both your lips.
Step-4: Hold it there for 10 seconds.
Step-5: Release and repeat.
Step-6: Repeat this exercise 10 times.

This stretches out the muscles starting from your chin to your neck. Repeat this multiple times in a day to see visible changes.

#9. Kiss The Sky Exercise

Step-1: Sit on a chair.
Step-2: Tilt your head back facing the roof or the sky. Keep your lips shut during this process.
Step-3: Now, pretend as if you are kissing the roof and make that shape out of your lips.
Step-4: Stretch your lips as much as possible.
Step-5: Get back to your normal posture.
Step-6: Repeat this 3-4 times in reps of 10

This exercise specifically target the skin under the chin and the fat on the neck.

#10. Mouth Wash Exercise

Step-1: Fill your mouth with hair and shut it close.
Step-2: Transfer the air inside the mouth from one corner to another.
Step-3: Continue this for 30-40 seconds and then release your mouth.
Step-4: Repeat this 10 times.
Step-5: Do this 4-5 times in a day

This exercise will help in getting rid of excess fat from the neck as well as the chin. This also improve the blood circulation which in turn prevents ageing.

#11. Touch the Nose Exercise

Step-1: Stick your tongue out and stretch it as much as you can.
Step-2: Try to touch your nose using your tongue.
Step-3: Place a finger under your chin so you can feel the muscles extend and flatten in this position.
Step-4: You can repeat this 10 times in reps of 3

This will stretch the jaws and chin and help in reducing the fat on it. Repeating this a couple of times will work wonders for your neck fat.

#12. The Ladle Exercise

Step-1: open your mouth wide.
Step-2: Bend your lower lip inward.
Step-3: Close your mouth as you pull your jaw forward.
Step-4: Do it slowly and so that it affects the best.
Step-5: Relax your muscles before going to the next exercise.

This exercise will help in losing the chin and neck fat[6]. Repeat this a couple of times to see visible changes.

#13. Chin Slap

Step-1: Stand or be seated anywhere.
Step-2: With the back of the hand, gently slap your lower chin area.
Step-3: Increase the speed after initial slapping and continue to increase to the extent you can.
Step-4: Do not go beyond your maximum tolerance at the beginning.
Step-5: Repeat this for at least 10 minutes.
Step-6: You can do this 5-6 times a day.

This is one of the most conventional way of getting rid of the neck fat. A lot of celebrities also swear by it.

#14. Self Neck Traction

Step-1: Lie down on your back and put the legs on the bed at 60 degrees angle.
Step-2: Keep one hand on your chest and the other at the back of your neck.
Step-3: Maintain the pressure from the hand that is on the chest.
Step-4: Pull up the neck with the other hand as much as possible.
Step-5: Count till 10 and release slowly.
Step-6: Repeat at least 15-20 times taking a 3-5 second gap after every 5 stretches.

Apart from getting rid of neck fat, it also helps in relaxing the adjoining muscles and remove the pain permanently.

#15. Neck Stretches

Step-1: Stand straight with your feet a few inches apart and place the hands on your sides.
Step-2: Tilt your face lower with your shoulders straight.
Step-3: Keep the neck retracted to the count of ten.
Step-4: Pull the neck at the back till the extent you are able to.
Step-5: Hold it back till the count of ten before bringing it back to normal pose.
Step-6: Repeat sets of 10 at least thrice.

Repeating this multiple times help in getting your neck back in shape in no time. It also helps in curing back humps caused due to constant sitting in front of laptops or for work.

#16. Open And Close The Mouth Exercise

Step-1: Stand in a comfortable position with your head in the natural position.
Step-2: Push your neck back to the maximum extent.
Step-3: Open your mouth wide and close it again.
Step-4: Repeat this in slow motion.
Step-5: Repeat this 10-15 times.
Step-6: Repeat 4-5 reps daily.

This might look or sound silly. but do use this to get rid of any excess fat off your neck and chin.

#17. Laying Lifts

Step-1: While laying face-up on a bed, allow your head to hang off the end.
Step-2: Slowly lift your head to your chest.
Step-3: Keep the back and shoulders flat against the bed.
Step-4: Hold the posture for 10 seconds and slowly return to your original position.
Step-5: Repeat this two times and do it slowly.

This exercises amongst all the one mentioned here gives the maximum stretch to the neck muscles. However, be careful to perform this as doing it quickly can leave you with a neck spasm.

#18. Towel Pulls

Step-1: Hold the towel rolled along the length at the back of the shoulders.
Step-2: Join the ends at the top of your head and gently pull.
Step-3: Do it several times to get rid of the problem.
Step-4: Keep the shoulder straight.

Using towel and stretching helps in toning the neck muscles which ultimately reduces the fat.

#19. Neck Glides Exercise

Step-1: Stand straight or sit comfortably on a low back chair, legs apart.
Step-2: Keep the shoulder in its exact place and glide your neck to the left.
Step-3: Hold for 5 seconds and back to the centre.
Step-4: Glide to the right and hold for 5 seconds.
Step-5: Repeat at least 20-30 times.
Step-6: You can repeat this by gliding your neck to the front as well.

Following this helps in reducing muscle tension. Regularly performing these will also make the neck slim.

#20. Say X-O

Step-1: Sit in a comfortable posture.
Step-2: Once comfortable, spell out X and O from your mouth.
Step-3: Make sure to enunciate it.
Step-4: Repeat this 12 times in the sets of 3.

This works wonders as it gets the muscles of the jaw, neck and cheek moving, helping in losing fat from all these areas.

#21. Tongue on Teeth

Step-1: Keep a straight back and open your mouth as wide as possible.
Step-2: Place the tip of your tongue against the backside of your bottom row of teeth.
Step-3: Inhale through your mouth, and exhale while making an “ahh” sound.
Step-4: Continue doing this for a good one minute.
Step-5: Relax the mouth and tongue.
Step-6: Repeat this once more.

When repeated for a longer period of time, it works up the muscles around the jaw and neck helping with the fat loss.

#22. Pigeon Exercise

Step-1: Put your thumb under the jaw where it moves towards the ear.
Do the same with the other hand as well.
Step-3: Press with the force so that you push your head forward.
Push your head forward using your neck.
Step-5: Hold the position for 5 seconds.

The stretch helps in getting rid of the excess fat that build up under the chin area.

#23. Platysma Tone Exercise

Step-1: Start by sitting or standing.
Step-2: Open your mouth slightly, pulling your lips back turning them downwards.
Step-3: Move your jaw up and down while keeping the lips pressed against the teeth.
Step-4: Stretch till you feel the tension.
Step-5: Move your jaw up and down 20 times.
Step-6: Repeat this 20 times.

Repeating this multiple times helps in getting rid of excess fat from under your chin whilst tightening the skin[7].

#24. Lower Lip Lift

Step-1: Sit down and tilt your head back.
Step-2: Roll your lower lip out.
Step-3: Pretend that you want to reach the ceiling from your lower lip.
Step-4: Hold it on for 5 seconds.
Step-5: Take a little break and repeat this again.

Repeating this multiple times will give you a defined jawline and cheekbone. This will help in getting rid of all the fat and making it toned.

#25. Chin Lift Exercise

Step-1: Cross your arms around your chest.
Step-2: Slowly raise your chin up high.
Step-3: Do this whilst standing straight.
Step-4: Take a long breath and count till 10 before releasing the breath.
Step-5: Slowly get back to the normal position.
Step-6: Repeat this several times.

This is the perfect exercise in terms of facial muscles[8]. It also helps in getting rid of neck fat and double chins.

#26. Writing In The Air Exercise

Step-1: Sit straight and hold a pencil in between your lips.
Step-2: Write your name in the air.
Step-3: Make sure to not move your head at all.
Step-4: Take short breaks between the writing.

This exercise is a good training for your muscles. It will also improve cheeks elasiticty. It will also provide higher and defined cheekbones.

#27. Chin Pushing Exercise

Step-1: Open your mouth and cover your teeth with your lips using them as a flap.
Step-2: Move your lower jaw forward and push it against your finger.
Step-3: This will form a repelling force between the pushed jaw and finger.
Step-4: Do it for a few seconds and release it.
Repeat it several times.

Performing this exercise provides a prominent jaw line and no lose skin under the chin.

#28. Resistance Exercise

Step-1: Make your hand into a fist and place it under your chin.
Step-2: Press your chin hard on your fist.
Step-3: Hold it on for 30 seconds.
Step-4: Don’t put excess pressure or overdo the exercise.

This helps in strengthening the jaw. Constantly following this will help to get rid of excess fat from your under the chin area.

#29. Jaw Release

Step-1: Pretend that you are chewing.
Step-2: Chew for a few seconds and open your mouth wide open.
Step-3: Do this 5-10 seconds
Step-4: Repeat this often to see visible changes.

Doing the jaw release exercise helps in loosening the fat under the chin and neck. This will make the jawline sleeker.

#30. In and Out

Step-1: Making a “V” shape with your hand.
Step-2: Place your thumb on one side of the jaw and the rest of your fingers on the other side.
Step-3: Make sure your fingers are far back on the jawline.
Step-4: While holding your hand in place, press forward using your head and neck.
Step-5: Hold the posture for 30 seconds.
Step-6: Relax the neck and hand.
Step-7: Repeat this three times.

The hand helps in putting pressure on the muscles while you push the neck forward. Repeat this multiple times to see visible changes around your neck.

#31. Blow The Air Exercise

Step-1: Sit down comfortably.
Step-2: Tilt your head backwards.
Step-3: Stretch it as much as you can.
Step-4: While doing this, blow air off your mouth.
Step-5: Hold it on for 10 seconds.
Step-6: Repeat this a few times.

Doing this often help in making your facial and neck muscles worked up.

#32. Cardio

Step-1: Cardio is the easiest way of reducing fat from the overall body including under the chin.
Step-2: You can go for 10 minutes jog or brisk walking.
Step-3: This will help the overall fat

Just exercising wouldn’t help, following a proper diet will do the actual job.

#33. Ball Exercise

Step-1: Take a 9-10 inch squeeze ball.
Step-2: Place it under your chin.
Step-3: Press your chin against the ball.
Step-4: Repeat this 25 times daily.

Repeat this a multiple times. It will help in massaging and eliminating your neck fat.

#34. Out With Your Tongue

Step-1: Look straight ahead and stick your tongue as far as you can.
Step-2: Lift your tongue upwards towards your nose and hold it for 10 seconds.
Step-3: Then lower your tongue towards the chin and hold it again for 10 seconds.
Step-4: Repeat this around 10 times.

This will help perfectly to get rid off neck fat. Doing so will also leave you with a sharp jawline.

#35. Scoop Exercise

Step-1: Open your mouth.
Step-2: Roll your bottom lip over your lower teeth.
Step-3: Imagine that you are scooping water with your lower jaw.
Step-4: Move your head down in a scooping motion, and close your mouth while lifting your head.
Step-5: Make sure to keep the corners of your lips completely relaxed.
Step-6: Repeat this 5-7 times.

This will stretch your muscles and warm it up to get rid off the fat neck.

#36. Smile It Away

Step-1: Clench your teeth on your mouth closed.
Step-2: Stretch the corners by your lips as wide for possible.
Step-3: Push your tongue against your hard palate.
Step-4: Increase the pressure gradually.
Step-5: Hold this for 5 seconds.
Step-6: Relax for 3 seconds and repeat again.

The best way to warm up your face muscles is through smiling. It stretches the muscles and help in getting rid of any excess fat off the face.

#37. Hum And Breathe

Step-1: Close your lips and make chewing motion.
Step-2: Now hum and count your breath.
Step-3: After 10 breaths stop and relax.
Step-4: Open your mouth and stick your tongue to the lower front teeth from the front.
Step-5: Again hum and count for 10 breaths.
Step-6: Repeat both of the parts 20 times.

One of the best ways to get rid of neck fat is with the hum and breathe technique.

#38. The Cobra Pose

Step-1: Lie on the stomach with palms next to your chest.
Step-2: Taking a breath, lift your upper body.
Step-3: Stretch as much as you can.
Step-4: Try and reach a 45-degree angle as this way your body is the most stretches.
Step-5: Keep your shoulders relaxed while doing this.
Step-6: Inhale and exhale 3-4 times in this position, and then relax.
Step-7: Repeat 3-4 times a day.

This yoga posture stretches the neck the most. Doing it regularly can leave you with a slim neck which is away from all kinds of fat.

#39. Push And Smile Exercise

Step-1: Stretch your face around your cheekbones using your palm.
Step-2: Smile your biggest smile.
Step-3: Hold the posture for  5 seconds.
Step-4: Release the smile, however, keep the cheeks stretched.
Step-5: Repeat this 10 times in a day for 5 seconds each.

The push and smile exercise should be performed gently. The smile will help in lifting those cheeks up and tone the jaw and cheekbones.

#40. Toothless Exercise

Step-1: Lift your head to have the ceiling view.
Step-2: Part both your upper and lower lip together.
Step-3: Keep the neck stretched and the muscles tight.
Step-4: Hold this position for 10 seconds.
Step-5: Release and repeat for 20 times.
Step-6: Do this exercise several times in a day.

The “toothless” helps in stretching the jaw and pulling the chin muscles in. This will harden the flabs and tones the muscles, gradually decreasing the neck fat.

#41. Side Resistance

step-1: Take your right hand and place it right up to the side of your head.
Step-2: Bend your head to the right and push back with your right hand.
Step-3: Stay in this position for approximately ten seconds.
Step-4: Change hands and repeat the process.
Step-5: Repeat for 5-10 reps.

The side resistance exercise is a great way of getting rid of that neck fat.

#42. Collar Bone And Lower Lip Exercise

Step-1: Sit erect and look up at the roof.
Step-2: Pull your lower lip out.
Step-3: Keep your index finger as well as the middle finger on the collar bone.
Step-4: Now, pull your lower lip out and slightly tug on your collarbone.
Step-5: This way you are stretching the whole area between neck and collar where mostly the neck fat resides.
Step-6: Repeat this 10 times. Do 4-5 sets of 10.

This exercise would work best to tone the muscles and also give a sharp jawline whilst treating the necks fat.

#43. Full Circles

Step-1: Sit in a very comfortable posture.
Step-2: Start rotating your head in circular motion.
Step-3: Make it a full circle.
Step-4: Do 5 circles and 5 anti circles in this.

This will give an overall stretch to not just the neck but also to the shoulder.

#44. The Slap Massage

Step-1: Take a little bit of the preferred oil.
Step-2: Apply this in the fat area.
Step-3: Move your hands from down to up from the nape of the neck till your jawlines.
Step-4: Do this for a minute.

Using oil will stimulate the blood flow, helping in uplifting the area. Using upwards motion will ensure that there is no sagging.

#45. Side Massages

Step-1: For the side massages, take some oil of your preferred choice.
Step-2: Apply this on your neck on the fat area.
Step-3: Massage it in but sideways. Start from the nape but move your hand sideways till the ears.
Step-4: Do this for a minute.

This movement will help push all the fat off your neck onto the sides. Repeating this multiple times will massage the skin to tighten it.

#46. Pressure Point Massage

Step-1: Take any preferred oil.
Step-2: Apply it on your entire neck.
Step-3: Now for starters, use your index and middle finger of both the hands.
Step-4: Using circular motion massage your neck in.
Step-5: One done massaging the neck, cater to the pressure points.
Step-6: Massage this under the ear, on the jaw, and on the centre of the neck.
Step-7: Press for sometimes and release it.

This helps in stimulating the collagen production which will lead to a tighter and toned skin.

#47. Pout And Push

Step-1: Sit in a comfortable position.
Step-2: Pout your lips.
Step-3: Make a fist out of your hands and start pushing your jawline and neck upwards.
Step-4: Repeat this whenever you get time.

This exercise can work perfectly when repeated effectively and efficiently. The pout stretches the muscles and pushing it upwards will help in toning the neck and help in getting rid of fat.

DIYs To Get Rid Of Saggy Skin On Neck

While exercising is the most important way of getting rid of neck fat there are a lot of masks that can help in tightening the skin and helping with a saggy and lousy neck fat.

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Mix up a couple of natural ingredients and you will be good to go. It will be 100% natural and effective. While it might take a couple uses before it actually shows up the results, but assured that it will be worth it.

Lemon Lotion
Coconut Oil
Cucumber lotion
Lotion of Herbs and Aloe Vera
Orange Lotion
Collagen Mask
The Protein Mask
Wheat Germ Oil Massage

Lemon Lotion

Ingredients Quantities
Sour cream 100 gm
Egg yolk 1
Lemon 1/2
Diluted alcohol 2 tbsp


  1. Take a bowl and add 100 gms of sour cream into it.
  2. Break open an egg into the bowl using only the yolk part.
  3. Whip it and mix well.
  4. Squeeze half a lemon into it and add 2 tbsp of diluted alcohol into it.
  5. Mix all the ingredients really well.
  6. Let it sit for 5-6 hours in a cool place.

Coconut Oil

Ingredients Quantities
Bowl 1
Coconut oil 1 tbsp


  1. Take a bowl and 1 tbsp of coconut oil into it.
  2. Apply this onto your neck fat.
  3. Massage it in upward motions.
  4. You can also try gently slapping the flab under your neck in an upward motion.

You can repeat this once daily.

Coconut has fatty acids[9]that can increase the metabolism and is the best way to get rid of fat.

Cucumber lotion

Ingredients Quantities
Olive oil 3 tbsp
Cucumber juice 5 tbsp
Vodka 2 tbsp


  1. Take a cucumber and take its juice out either using a juicer or by grating it and squeezing the juice out through the loosely woven cloth.
  2. Take a bowl and add 3 tbsp of olive oil, 5 tbsp of cucumber juice and 2 tbsp of vodka into it.
  3. Mix them well.
  4. Let it sit for sometime before using it.
  5. Massage it on your neck fat in an upward motion.
  6. Let the skin absorb it.

Cucumber is rich in water content and hence very effective for fat loss[10].

Lotion of Herbs and Aloe Vera

Ingredients Quantities
Chamomile leaves Handful
Marigold leaves Handful
Mint leaves Handful
Boiling water 1.5 cup
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  1. Take a handful of chamomile, marigold and mint leaves and crush them into pieces.
  2. Take a saucepan and add 1.5 cups of water into it.
  3. Bring it to boil.
  4. Add the crushed leaves into it.
  5. Turn the knob off and let it cool down.
  6. Strain it out and keep the herbs aside.
  7. Add an aloe vera twig and 2 tbsp of vodka in it.
  8. Mix well.
  9. Massage this on the fatty area.

Aloeis known to work as a great detoxifier and help with loosing fat[11] and weight.

Orange Lotion

Ingredients Quantities
Orange 1
Cotton pads As required


  1. Take an orange and squeeze its juice out.
  2. You can opt to do this manually using hands or go for a juicer.
  3. Pour it out on a bowl.
  4. Dip your cotton pad into it and apply on the fat area.
  5. The pulp of the orange can be used as a mask.

Due to its acidic and citric nature, orange juice tends to pull the skin when left for a longer time, make it tight and toned. While this is the very first step of losing the extra fat, doing it consistently will bring a change.

Collagen Mask

Ingredients Quantities
Gelatin 1 Tsp
Milk 1/4th cup


  1. Take a bowl and add 1 Tsp of gelatin into it.
  2. Mix 1/4th cup of milk into it.
  3. Let it sit till it swells.
  4. Apply this to the neck fat and leave it on for 15-20 minutes.
  5. Remove it using a wet towel.
  6. Apply the moisturiser to retain nourishment.

The gelatin helps in tightening the skin[12]and working on the fat. Regular usage of this will eventually show results and when combined with exercises it will vanish away the excess fat.

The Protein Mask

Ingredients Quantities
Egg white 1
Bowl 1
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  1. Take a bowl and break open an egg into it.
  2. Use only the white part.
  3. Use a brush and apply this on the neck fat.
  4. You can also use a cotton pad instead of the brush.
  5. Let it dry completely.
  6. Rinse it under running water.

This will also work best to tighten the skin and start the process of losing fat off the neck.

Wheat Germ Oil Massage

Ingredients Quantities
Wheat germ oil A few drops
Bowl 1


  1. Take a bowl and add a few drops of wheat germ oil into it.
  2. Take a little between your fingers and massage it amongst the fingers to warm it up.
  3. Apply this on the neck fat and massage in upward circular motion.
  4. Massage for a good 15-20 minutes.

You can follow this treatment every night for 10 days straight. It will show the desired results and leave you with a sharp jawline and a neck that is without any fat.

DIY Fat Burning Drink

Ingredients Quantities
Horseradish 125gm
Lemons 3
Honey 4 tbsp
Cinnamon powder 2 Tsp
Fresh ginger 1 small piece


  1. Take a blender and add 125gm of horseradish and a small piece of ginger in it.
  2. Make a paste out of it.
  3. Take a bowl and squeeze 3 lemons into it.
  4. Add 4 tbsp of honey and 2 Tsp of cinnamon into it.
  5. Mix all the ingredients really well.
  6. Transfer this into a jar and refrigerate.
  7. Take 1 Tsp of the homemade fat burning and use this twice every day.

Use this for 21 days to see visible changes.

Vitamin C present in lemon helps in melting the body fat. It also helps in detoxifying
. An excess consumption of vitamin C helps in strengthening the immune whilst breaking the body fat.

How To Lose Neck Fat Fast In A Week

While fat tends to build up within no time and there are tonnes of ways you can get rid of it, following certain lifestyle habits and bringing a few changes in the food as well as exercise habits will definitely help the fat[13].

Follow these things to prevent fat neck before they settle up and give a hard time to ware-off the body.

  • Feed yourself four servings of vegetables daily.
  • Add fruits to your diet and consume it thrice daily.
  • Replace refined grains with whole grains.
  • Definitely avoid processed foods.
  • Eat proteins like poultry and fish, this will give the body the energy it requires minus the weight.
  • Fats are allowed however prefer healthy fats like olive oil, avocados, and nuts.
  • Avoid fried foods as much as you can.
  • Eat low-fat dairy products, whilst adding fat, it is also not good for the skin.
  • Reduce sugar intake. Replace it with organic and authentic honey.
  • Practice portion control.
  • Avoid eating anything right before bed.
  • Get involved in some physical activity between dinner and bedtime.
  • Take a stroll whenever possible.
  • Eat small portions of food the whole day instead of eating 3 large portions.
  • Smile a lot, it stretches the muscles and starts to work on them helping in getting rid of a fat neck.

How To Lose Neck Fat – Surgical Way

If you have excessive fat around neck area or double chin despite being at healthy weight, this can be a good option for you.

Neck liposuction is a very quick procedure, that is performed by a cosmetic surgeon under local anaesthesia.

Note – Neck liposuction can remove excess fat around your neck but it can’t help you with saggy skin.

Neck Liposuction


  • Would show quick results.
  • The fat is removed by sucking it out.
  • It instantly cures and contours the neck
  • Liposuction also reduces the number of fat cells produced.


  • It can damage the deeper tissues.
  • Will not help you with saggy skin
  • It can cause infection.
  • Hard on the pocket.
  • Irregular contour.

Best Products To Get Rid Of Neck Fat

While exercising or going under a needle to get the toned and desired face is good, there are a lot of creams that can be an add on especially when you are trying to lose all that fat in a natural way.

The market know needs better than anybody and has come up with tonnes of products that help in tightening and toning the skin under the neck which eventually helps with fat loss. Apply this and massage it for a few times and following this every day will leave you with visible changes.

Lakmé Youth Infinity Skin Sculpting Night Crème
50gm- 799/-
Rating: 4.4/5

  • It contains a collagen booster that tightens your skin.
  • Helps in a natural contour.
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Moisturizes skin
  • Suitable for all skin types

Aveeno Positively Ageless Body Lotion
8 0z- 3600/-
Rating: 4.6/5

  • It contains natural shiitake complex that improves the elasticity of the skin.
  • Using this regularly tightens the skin.
  • Subtle fragrance
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Quick results
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Non-greasy


Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Firming Butter
315ml – 484/-
Rating: 5/5

  • Cocoa Butter, Collagen, Elastin and Shea Butter together help to firm and tone the under the neck
  • Contain natural ingredients
  • No parabens and phthalates
  • No phthalates
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Contains coenzyme Q10 an antioxidant that rejuvenates the skin whilst toning

L’Oreal Paris Collagen Re-plumper Day Cream
50ml- 1800/-
Rating: 4.4/5

  • This cream helps in lifting the skin
  • Boosts skin elasticity
  • Clinically tested
  • Contains collagen booster
  • Moisturises the skin whilst repairing it

Olay Total Effect 7 In 1 Anti Ageing Night Firming Cream
20gm- 399/-
Rating: 4.5/5

  • Helps with toning and firming
  • Shows visible results with regular use
  • Hydrates while repairing
  • Contains Vitamins B3, E, and Pro-Vitamin B5 that acts against neck fat caused due to ageing
  • Non-comedogenic

L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Laser X3 New Skin Anti-Aging Cream
50ml- 2095/-
Rating: 4.3/5

  • Contains pro-xylene, lha & adenosine that work against ageing and provide a firm skin
  • Improves elasticity
  • Reshape the face
  • Contours
  • Stimulate collagen production
  • Lifts the skin

Now that you have an abundance of knowledge to help the saggy skin[14]under your neck, use it to get rid of any fat that might break your confidence. Choosing natural or through surgery is total up to you, but be sure to consult doctors that are well experienced in it. Anything done wrong on the skin can cause a lot of trouble.

Your lifestyle as you must have understood will leave a great impact on how your skin looks as well. Select what you consume very carefully as it will reflect back from your skin the first. Even if its fatness or sagginess due to hormones, don’t fret, exercising regularly will help to cure it.

Hormonal problems like PCOD [15]and PCOS are also known to have been cured by mere exercising. Know and make it your favourite phase that “Consistency is the king”. Be it your exercising or following a skin tightening regime, follow it regularly without compromising on efficiency and say goodbye to the neck fat!

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This article has been medically reviewed by Dr.Nagakeerthana S, MD (Dermatology) on 23/3/2019

Vani Kambali

Health and Wellness Content Writer at Glowpink
Health and wellness content writer at Glowpink, I find my solace in the words that I cook and serve to people for them to benefit from it. With my growing interest in health, wellness and travel sectors, I concentrate on capturing the things that I read and see from my eye and deliver it to people in the crispest manner for them to experience and take back something from it.
The story of my life- I hate writing, I love having written- Dorothy Parker
Vani Kambali

Vani Kambali

Health and Wellness Content Writer
Health and wellness content writer at Glowpink, I find my solace in the words that I cook and serve to people for them to benefit from it. With my growing interest in health, wellness and travel sectors, I concentrate on capturing the things that I read and see from my eye and deliver it to people in the crispest manner for them to experience and take back something from it. The story of my life- I hate writing, I love having written- Dorothy Parker


  1. The skin in my neck has got swollen well and now it appears very big. I fear that I might have been affected by Goiter disease. How can I know whether I am affected by that or not? Is there any specific test to find that or should I suggest a doctor for this? Please give me your suggestions for this.

  2. Will the intake of any medicines regularly cause any side effects in the neck region? Will this make the neck region to appear swollen and fatty?

  3. You have mentioned some of the products that could help in reducing the fat in my neck. But then, it would be very useful if you could also explain on how frequent should I be using those products on my neck? And also, how long will it take to obtain the effective results that I am looking for?

  4. Oh really wow! This article contains all the necessary information that I was looking for. I browsed many of the sites regarding the exercises for reducing the fat in my neck region. But then, nothing had clear explanations with its appropriate steps like this article. A bunch of thanks to the writer and the team for all their efforts that have put in on delivering a fruitful content. Keep growing by sharing many more.

  5. None of the home remedies mentioned in this article worked for me. I have literally tried each and every home remedy given over here. They just took away my time. I am really not impressed and moreover highly disappointed with the results it offered me. Can anyone please suggest me any other method which you have tried and got desired results with it.

  6. Hello RAFAELLA MCALLISTER! Since all these natural remedies consist only of natural ingredients you can use them regularly on a daily basis on your skin. You will not face any side effects because of them. More over, your skin will also turn healthy and shiny once you start to use them everyday on your skin. Also, when it comes to the time for obtaining effective results then it totally depend son the amount of fat you have on your neck, If it too large, then you will have to wait for a longer duration to et effective and desired results. But this is the most safest and harmless way of reducing the fat in your neck region.

  7. Will the creams mentioned in this article be really effective in reducing the fat in my neck region? Has anyone used these creams and lotions on the fat in your neck region? Did it offer any effective or desired results? Please mention it over here no matter whether you have obtained positive or negative results.

  8. Hi! My neck used to appear swollen and inflamed much due to the high fat content present in that particular region of my body. So, I thought I would do a surgery to remove the fat content in my neck. And also I took up the surgery. Though the process was painful it offered me the desired result which i was looking for. But then after a few days, now the skin in my neck region has started to sag little by little. And the skin in my neck region has also become somewhat dark after the surgery. Is this due to the surgery or will any other factor be a reason for this? Should I suggest a doctor for this or what should I do to get cured entirely from this? Please suggest me the best way to get rid of this problem.

  9. In the protein mask you have mentioned egg white. But every time I find it very difficult to separate the egg white from the yolk. Can i use the entire egg along with the yolk in the remedy? Will this cause any side effects on my skin? If yes, then please mention an alternative way to prepare this remedy.

  10. Hello JACKLYN NOBEL! Do not make any decisions or come into conclusions with the symptoms you have so far. It might be or may not be Goiter disease. So it is better if you suggest a doctor to confirm this. Doctors could provide you valuable and proper suggestions regarding this. At first you can visit a doctor and explain him/her all the symptoms you have on your body and neck. Explain everything to them in a brief way. Then they will tell you whether to take up the test or not. Follow as per their advice and do consume all the medications given by them regularly. You can take up the following test for identifying it. But do not do it without a doctor’s advice.
    • Blood test
    • Hormone test
    • Antibody test
    • Ultrasonography
    • Thyroid scan
    • Biopsy

  11. Oh thanks a lot for all your suggestions and advices. It really means a lot to me. I was literally confused in taking up a decision. I will surely follow your advice and suggest a doctor by tomorrow itself.

  12. Hi OLIVIA RITTER! Often certain drugs and medications which we intake regularly turns out to be the monsters of our life. Though it as been prescribed by a doctor, it might cause adverse effects on your body as each person’s body and immune system differs a lot. Some of the medications can also lead to excessive weight gain in your body. If you notice any abnormal changes happening in your body after you start consuming any medicine, then you must inform this to your doctor and get the medicines changed as soon as possible. Do not continue with it as it might even lead to serious health issues which could not be treated too. So, make sure that you are fine with the medicine when you intake anything new. Then start to continue it. Clearly observe the changes happening in your body for about 3 to 4 days. If you don’t face any issues then you can very well continue with the medication. When you gain excessive weight then your neck might also get swollen and look more fatty than usual.

  13. I am really happy that you really came forward in clearing my doubts. Thanks a bunch for sharing your views regarding the usage.

  14. Hi SIDRA HARDY! I have been using the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Firming Butter cream on my neck for the past two months. This cream is really working a little bit on my skin. And I have started seeing effective results also. I cannot tell that the results are so effective but then it made the skin in my neck to look much better now when compared to before. I am really satisfied with the cream after suing it. Though it is expensive, it is really worth using it for on your neck. You cannot achieve 100 % result with the cream but then the results would make you satisfied a little. May be if I use this cream for many more months, I might get the desired and effective results. Let us hope for the best to happen.

  15. Hello TABIA BROWN! It is not that these natural remedies work well only for reducing the fat. But then these natural remedies will also work effectively in making your skin healthy too. It can remove all the darkness and the scars on your neck and make your neck region to be more clearer and bright. Since all of these are composed only of natural ingredients they will not harm your skin or body at any cost. Even if you use them regularly, it will only benefit your skin and will never harm your skin. Some of the lotions like aloe vera gel, natural herbs and lemon can really help you in clearing all those scars and darkness from your skin. This will really benefit your skin to a greater extent. When you have serious issues regarding this, then you can suggest a doctor than following these home remedies.

  16. Oh I was totally unaware of this information regarding these natural remedies. Thanks a lot to you NIYATI KUSE for letting me to know about this. I will surely start using the natural remedies specified by you. But then I have a doubt, I have sensitive skin type. Will any of the natural ingredients suit my sensitive skin type? Or is there any ingredient that I should omit or include when i have a sensitive skin type? Please help me with this.

  17. For this doubt, the best way is to do a patch test on any part of your skin before you start with using the natural remedy all over your skin in your body. This will help you to determine whether the natural ingredients used in the remedy fits your skin type perfectly or not. So, you can easily start using it once you finds that it suits your skin type.

  18. If you don’t mind can you please explain me how to do the patch test on my skin?

  19. Oh yeah sure why not! Patch test is a very simple process. at first prepare the natural remedial lotion that you are going to try on your skin. Then start to apply it on any part of your skin like legs or hands. Apply it on a very small area. Then leave it to get dry for some time. If you don’t face any symptoms like redness, swelling, irritations or burning sensation on your skin, then you can continue using the prepared lotion on your neck. If you face any of the symptoms, then try changing the recipe or the natural ingredients used in it.

  20. I am suing the Olay Total Effect 7 In 1 Anti Ageing Night Firming Cream that is given in this article for the past 4 months. It is really doing wonders on my skin. I am a 30 year old woman and my skin started getting the aging effects due to the shrinks and fine lines on it But then my friend who works in a salon suggested me to try this cream. Then the magic happened really after using it. My skin is much better and also appears bright now a day. The shrinks and the facial lines on my face have got reduced. The aging effects on my face also started to reduce gradually in these 4 months. I strongly recommend you to purchase that product and use it on your skin. It will really offer you with the best results. You will literally fall in love with your skin after this.

  21. Seriously an incredible article. The fact that there are so many exercises specially for reducing the fat in your neck really impresses me a lot. I really respect you for the time you have spent in collecting all those information together and the effort you have put it in delivering such a fabulous piece of content. This is really amazing guys. Keep up the good work. Waiting to see a lot more such works in the forth coming days. Please keep sharing such useful contents. I will surely share it with all my friends and family people to follow this page.

  22. Oh NEPHELE BROOKS there is a very simple way to separate the egg white entirely from the yolk. You don’t have to worry a lot on separating the white from the yolk. This simple technique will really make your work damn simple and easy. At first you have to take an egg and make a small hole in the outer white shell. Now using a small needle or pin, try to pull the egg white from the shell through the small hole. Once you are done with pulling the egg white, break the egg normally into two pieces and pour the egg yolk separately in the other bowl. Now egg yolk and white are separated and you can use it for preparing the hair masks.

  23. Hello people! You can also follow certain weight loss salad recipes and have it for your meal to reduce the neck fat in one week. Here I have given one of my favorite weight loss salad recipe. You can follow this salad recipe and prepare it at your homes and have it whenever you feel hungry.
    For this you will be requiring the following ingredients.
    • 3 cups boiled chickpeas
    • Black pepper and cumin powder
    • 1 small onion, finely chopped
    • 3 tbsp. coriander chutney
    • 1 tomato, chopped
    • 1 cucumber, peeled and chopped
    • 2 tsp lemon juice
    1. Take a small bowl and add the chickpeas and the other vegetables into it.
    2. Mix the ingredients well using a spoon gently.
    3. Then add the coriander chutney, lemon juice, cumin powder and black pepper powder into it.
    4. You don’t have to add extra salt for this salad as you will be perfectly fine with the taste.
    5. Prepare this salad daily and have it for your meal. You will obviously notice certain changes in the fat content in your neck and in your body. You will absolutely have weight loss in a healthy way.

  24. Wow! I literally love eating salads and I always prefer for it no matter it is for a meal or a supper. This salad recipe you have given here is really awesome. I am pretty sure that the taste of the salad will be really awesome. And I am a lazy bug and I find it very tough in doing regular exercises and those home made natural remedial lotions. But then I would happily spend my time in preparing a perfect tasteful salad for me. I am going to try this for sure and I will continue having this for a few days. Let me see how well it works in reducing my body weight and neck fat. Thanks a bunch to you LIEN KURE for sharing such an awesome and an easy tip. Will really e grateful to you if it works well!

  25. Oh wow! That so easy to hear and hope that it would be much more easier while trying it. Let e give a try with it and see. Hope this works well. Thanks a lot MARY KIMOTO for this pretty simple technique.

  26. People please do not go with the surgery for removing the fat in your neck or in any region of your body. You might be in a serious need for reducing the weight. But then think of the consequences you might face after doing the surgery. It is not that surgery would be suitable for all the people. For some people it might also result in adverse effects. And the other important fact is that you will be not getting the effects as soon as the surgery is done. You might get the effects at any point of your life. So, be very careful when you plan for taking up the surgery. Do a proper research regarding it. Also, make sure that you get enough suggestions from the doctors who are professional in that. Do not go on to conclusions randomly and opt for the surgery.

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