Is your current hairstyle boring you? Do you crave for some changes in your looks, something new? Are you sick of your completely straight hair and think that they are so regular? If you do have such thoughts swirling around in your head then maybe it is time to try curling your hair. This is why we have brought to you this extensive guide on hair curly[1]. Curling has been around for as long as any fashionable girl can remember. But as you very well know that the vogue of anything in fashion comes and goes. One minute everyone loves something,  and the next it becomes a major faux pas. That is how it goes in this regard. But most of everything has its light on a day in the world, at least once.

Curly hair has once again become all the rage around. Popularized by the celebrities and influencers who have been catching the public attraction and following recently. As they have donned and owned their luscious curly tousled locks on camera, they have also inspired a lot more people to try out something different, like to try out curly hair.

So, if you have been with your straight hair forever and want to make some shifts into a curly haired category, we have come to your aid. We will provide you with a plethora of information and guidelines on how to curl your hair, both naturally and by using styling tools.

How to make your hair curly (No heat method)
Curl your hair using a curling iron
How to maintain your curly hair
Best products for curly hair
The best hairstyle for curly hair
Best Accessories for Curly Hair
Tips and Tricks for Curly Hair


How to make your hair curly
How to make your hair curly

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get into it:

Make Your Hair Curly Overnight (No heat method)

In this section, we are going to list to you all the ways that you can curl your hair without using any styling tools which use heat. Such products, while can be effective, do a lot of hair damage. So, if you want to curl your hair but don’t want to injure your precious locks, we have got you covered. Now, let us start with a few techniques to curl your hair which will give your future curls a natural look.

How to get your hair curly using rags
How to get your hair curly using braids
How to get your hair curly using hair rollers
How to get your hair curly using a headband
How to get your hair curly using twist buns
How to get your hair curly using pins or clips

How to get your hair curly using rags:

  1. First of all, you need some rags. You will have to roll up your hair with rags, so, you are going to need a lot of rags. You are going to need those rags which have a bit of length. An easy way to make rags is from old socks. Take your old socks and cut them up lengthwise (bottom to top). If not socks, you can use any old clothes or towels to create strips of rags. Be careful to not make the rags too small or thin.
  2. Secondly, you are going to have to wash your hair. You don’t need dripping wet hair, just damp hair would do. So, wash your hair and then blot them with a towel to dry them. Don’t dry them completely as you are going to need your hair damp. Then, you need your hair to be untangled so use a wide tooth comb to achieve that. If you have thick hair[2], you may have to use a blow dryer to almost dry your hair. This is because you will have to leave your hair overnight and if they are wet, the rag rolls won’t work. Another tip is that you can dry your hair after rolling them up in the rags.
  3. Now, you may have to use some hair product if your hair does not generally hold curls well. You can use curl enhancing cream (for thick hair), curling mousse or gel. Use a generous amount in case you’ll be using mousse.
  4. Part your hair into smaller sections. Start with parting your hair down the middle. Then, divide them further into halves. This will make it easier to work on the hair.
  5. Now it is time to start rolling your hair up in rags. Take a rag and wrap a thin section of your hair around its middle, and at the end of your hair. Now, wrap your hair around the rag and roll them upwards towards the scalp. Wrap all your hair in sections up to your scalp. If you use smaller sections of your hair you will get tighter curls and if you use bigger sections your curls will be looser.
  6. Then, tie the ends of the rags together into a tight knot. Use double-knots if you have thick hair. You can use clips and pins to hold your hair in place if you are having trouble.
  7. Now at this point, you have to wrap up all of your hair in the rags. Try to be as even as possible with the sections.
  8. At this point, all you have to do is wait for your hair to dry off. It could take a few hours so you can leave them overnight. You can also use a blow dryer to dry your hair if you want to get the curls to set faster. Be careful not to take out the rags too early otherwise your curls may come out looking limp. You can check the condition of your curls first by checking just one rag.
  9. The curls are done! You now have beautiful, natural looking curls without any damage to your hair. Now, you can style your curly hair. You can try fluffing your hair or running a comb through them to make your curls a little softer. Spray some hairspray on your hair to set your curls in place.

Get wavy hair overnight using braids:

This is very simple and an easy to do way to curl your hair. It doesn’t involve any heat and will give you natural looking curls. To do this you just need a couple of hair ties and maybe some hairspray to set your curls in place afterwards. Now, let us get on with how to do this.

  1. First of all, you need to wash your hair and then let them dry for a bit until only about 1/3 of the wetness.
  2. Now, part your hair into two sections from the middle and then braid them, making two braids of your hair.
  3. Make sure to braid your hair tightly so that your hair doesn’t frizz out after you open the braids.
  4. You need to keep the braids until your hair is completely dry. Leave them overnight if you want and open the braids in the morning.
  5. Finally, just run your fingers through your hair to separate the curls. Then, use any finishing product you may want to use and some hairspray to keep your curls in place. That is it! You are done curling your hair using a very simple method.

How to make your hair curly using hair rollers:

You can use hair rollers to make your hair curly as it is easy to do and your hair won’t be damaged from any heat. You can choose small rollers if you want tight curls. Or go for larger rollers if you want loose, wavy and voluminous curls. You are going to need a few rollers of your choice, a wide-toothed comb and some hairspray and your other preferred finishing products. Now, let us look at the method of how to curl your hair using rollers.

  1. First of all, you need to wash your hair. Use a volumizing shampoo and conditioners[3]. Also untangle your hair after, using a comb.
  2. Now it is time to roll up your hair. You can apply gel or mousse beforehand if your hair doesn’t hold curls well. Use the rollers to roll up your hair up to your scalp. You can use small sections or big ones, depending on the choice of the size of your rollers.
  3. Rolling up your hair is simple. Take a section of your just narrower than the roller. Place the ends of your hair on the roller, which you should be held horizontally. Then, just roll up your hair tightly until you reach your scalp. Then let the roller sit, secure them if needed.
  4. Now, you have to wait until your hair is completely dry. You can use a blow dryer if you are in hurry or you can even leave them overnight. Be careful to not take the rollers out before your hair has completely dried otherwise you curls may go limp or not curl at all. Leaving the rollers in for a couple of hours will probably do it, you can do other chores and leave the rollers in.
  5. Finally, just take the rollers out after your hair has dried and you are good to go. Flaunt your gorgeous natural looking curls. Run your finger through the hair to separate the curls and add volume. You can now also use any finishing products you may want. Apply some hairspray if your hair doesn’t hold curls well.

No Heat Curls Using A Headband:

We have another one of the simple and easy ways on how to curl your hair. You are just going to need a headband to do this and maybe some hairspray to hold your curls. Now, let us get on with how to do this…

  1. Wash your hair. Use a towel to get the excess water out. Untangle your hair using a comb. Use gel, mouse or hairspray for better results. Part your hair in the way you want your curls to be.
  2. Put on the headband on your head. Use about a one-inch thick headband for best results.
  3. Now, take sections of your hair and wrap them up into the headband by tucking them in. Do this with all the sections of your hair and tuck them in the headband. Secure any loose ends with bobby pins.
  4. Lastly, you just need your hair to dry off completely before removing the headband and unleashing your curls. You can leave your hair in overnight if you wish.
  5. Remove the hairband and pins from your hair and reveal your beautiful curls. Finger comb through your hair to separate the curls. Apply a hairspray or any finishing product you may want to use at this point. You are done and good to go!
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How to make your hair curly using twist buns:

This is an extremely simple and easy method to get some waves in your hair. You just need a couple of hair ties for this one and nothing much else really. Now, let us take a look at how to get this done.

  1. The first step, like every time, is washing and conditioning your hair first. Dry off any excess moisture using a towel by blotting your hair gently. Then, untangle your hair using a comb.
  2. Part your hair into two sections and then twist them.
  3. Keep twisting your hair tightly until you can form buns on either side of your head. Fix them in place using a hair tie for each of the buns.
  4. Now, you need to let your hair completely dry off. You can keep your hair in the buns for a few hours or leave them overnight if you wish.
  5. Finally, just undo the buns and let your hair stay down. You have got some beautiful wavy hair now. Run your fingers through them to get a feel, also to separate the curls and comb them. You can also apply any finishing product or hairspray you want to at this point and you are done!

How to make your hair curly using pins or clips:

We have another simple method for curling your hair. You don’t need much, just a bunch of pins of clips to fix your hair with. Now, let us look at the steps to curl your hair using bobby pins.

  1. To start off, like always, you have to wash and condition your hair first. Then, dry it off a bit using a towel or cloth.
  2. Comb your hair and then part them into two sections from the middle. You need to do this to make it easier to roll up the hair. On your right side, you have to wrap up your hair in an anti-clockwise direction. And on your left side, wrap up in a clockwise direction. You should do this so that you get a uniform curl.
  3. Now, take about 1-inch sections of your hair. Then start rolling the hair up to the top using your finger in the center to hold the hair[4].
  4. When you get to the top, take out your finger and hold the hair down to your head. Then, secure the curled hair with a couple of bobby pins or clips. Attach them in an X shape for best results.
  5. Repeat these steps for all of your hair, using small sections of your hair.
  6. Finally, just leave your hair like this for a few hours until your hair is completely dry. You can use a blow dryer if you are in a hurry and want to speed up the process.
  7. Lastly, take the pins or clips off gently and enjoy your glamorous curls. Run your fingers through your hair to separate the curls, make them look more fluffy and voluminous.

How to make your hair curly using a curling iron

You can also use a curling iron to make your hair curly. This is a tried and tested method to curl your hair and women have been using the curling iron to give themselves gorgeous curls for years. In this section, we are going to teach you how to curl your hair using a curling iron…

  1. First of all, make sure that your hair is dry. Turn on the curling iron and let it heat up fully before proceeding.
  2. Divide your hair into three sections and fix them in place using clips. Leave the bottom section down.
  3. Take a half-inch section of your hair and clamp them into the curling iron 1-2 inches from the ends of your hair.
  4. Now, wrap up the hair using the iron close to your scalp[5]. Make sure all the ends of your hair are in the curling iron. After rolling the hair up, leave them in the curling iron for 5 to 10 seconds.
  5. Then, release the section and slide the hair out of the iron. Do this to all the sections of your hair. You can curl your hair in opposite directions in alternate sections of your hair to get more natural looking curls and they won’t clump together.
  6. After you have curled all the sections and your hair have cooled down, run your fingers gently through the hair. This will separate the curls and add volume to your hair and your curls will look even more gorgeous.
  7. Lastly, you can use your preferred finishing products on your curls. Spray your hairspray. You can also apply a smoothing serum to the ends of your hair.
Curly hair using heat iron

How to maintain your curly hair

Now that we have shown you some great methods to make your hair curly and you have gotten some elegant looking locks, we are also going to help you keep them healthy and great looking. And we’ll also show you how to keep your curls for a longer time…

    • It is very important for your hair to have the right texture to hold the curls longer. To achieve this you can use a variety of hair products. Basically, you need to prepare your hair first. For instance, before you start to curl your hair, apply a thickening mousse to your hair. Since mousse contains some alcohol in it, it will remove some moisture from your hair, which is great because that will enhance your hair’s curls hold. To use the mousse, take a generous amount of the mousse and spread it over your palms. Then apply the mousse to your hair from roots to ends.
    • You have to use the right hair products to protect and enhance your hair and curls. Since heat can damage your hair, it is important to use products on hair which protect them from heat. This will be very beneficial if you are planning on using a curling iron or a blow dryer. You can use a heat protectant on your hair to shield your luscious locks from any heat-related hair damage[6]. You can find heat protectants at beauty shops, hair salons or general chemists.

  • If you don’t want to use store-bought products to protect your hair from heat, there are natural ways you can use to protect your hair from the heat. There are a few oils which you can get easily, which will help protect your hair from heat damage. If your hairs are heat-damaged, they will lose their lustre and will feel dry. Also, your curls won’t last as long if your hair is damaged. You can use grapeseed oil or almond oil[7] on your hair to protect it from any heat. To use them, just take a few drops of oil and apply them all over your hair before curling them. Almond oil is especially good for your hair because it contains many nutrients that are great for your hair’s health. It is very rich in Vitamins E, D, B1, B2, B6 and A which work wonders for your hair. You can also use Shea butter to protect your hair from heat damage.
  • Make sure to comb your hair and untangle them properly before trying to style your hair. Untangled hair without any knots or tangles will allow your curls to come in great and that will also lead to the curls staying on longer.
  • You can use hairspray to set your curls and hold them in place for long. You can apply the hairspray at any or all steps of the process. Depending on your hair, you can apply hairspray before, during and after curling. Hairspray will give your hair rougher texture which is great for holding the curls on for longer. Also, don’t spray on your hair from too close or your curls will get heavy and crunchy. Just spray a light mist from a suitable distance and let it dry before proceeding.
  • Barrel size of the curling iron is important because your curls will depend on it. If you use curling irons with smaller barrels, you will get tighter curls and ultimately those will last for long. Your curls will also look more defined. If you use bigger barrels, your curls will be wavier and will ultimately fall out quicker.
  • You also need to differentiate between a curling iron and curling wand as both will give different types of curls. Using an iron will give you tighter curls but using a wand will be more versatile for you as you can customize more freely using a wand.
  • A very effective way to hold on to your curls for longer is to cool your curls down before letting them loose. When you curl your hair using the heat method and the hair is in the spiral shape, just hold them in that shape until the hair cools down. Then, your curls will be more set and will last for long. You can use your blow dryer to blow cool air onto your hair to cool the curls down quicker if you want to.
  • When running your fingers through your curls once you have them, be gentle. You need to do this so as to keep the curls tighter. Your curls will fall out naturally on their own over time. So, if you keep them tighter, in the beginning, your curls will last longer before reverting back.
  • You can also use texturizing spray instead of hairspray[8]. It is better because you won’t have to use a ton of product. The spray will also help your curls to last longer as it will weigh your hair down just a bit, which will make your curls more bouncy for a longer duration. It will also add some volume to your hair and your curls will look much better. It will give your hair more texture and your hair will look fuller and better. Also, when using the texturizing spray as a finisher, you can still use hairspray at other legs of the process.
  • Keeping your hair healthy is the best way to maintain your curls and to make them last longer. If your hair is damaged it won’t be able to hold curls for long. Remember to get your hair cut occasionally as it will promote hair growth and overall better hair health. And ultimately, your curls will last for long. Regular trims will also prevent split ends which don’t let your hair curl well.
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Best products for curly hair

Now, that you have got some gorgeous looking curls and have gotten some good tips to maintain your curly hair, we are going to look at and learn about a few products which are going to help you out a lot with your curls…

  • Let us start with mousse. Mousse is great for styling your hair and holding your hairstyles. It also gives your hair a lot of volumes and an extra lift. Mousse also comes in different types for different needs like styling mousse and volumizing mousse for getting that perfect finish. Mousse can help you get more defined curls.
  • Heat protectant spray is going to come in real handy if you are going to use a heat-based method to curl your hair. It will protect your precious hair from any heat damage that may occur due to you using a curling iron or wand. Having healthy hair[9] is a must as your curls will look much more healthy and also last for long. To use it, simply spray it on your hair from middle to ends. It also doesn’t leave any residue on your hair after styling so you will be good to go.
  • Sea Salt spray is what it sounds like. It is a spray of salt water which will give your curls a more gritty and defined look. A sea salt spray will give your curls a look like you have spent a day at the beach. It is great for finer hair and will provide them with some extra texture and your curls will look amazing.
  • There is certain curl enhancing creams which are available in the market which you can use. They will give your curls some enhancing touches and also tame any frizzing of hair.
  • Hairspray! you are going to need this one and it will help you out a lot in styling your hair, whether or not you are curling your hair. For the purposes of curling, it is still extremely useful as stated before in the article. It will help you set your curls and make them last for much longer. You can also use this product at any and all stages of the curing process to get nicely set curls. A must-have for any woman looking to style her hair.
  • Now, Curling iron or wand and blow dryer is an obvious selection for products as it is essential if you want to style your hair on regular basis. But for curly hair, a diffuser is much more useful and better. A diffuser is an extension to your blow dryer. It will help maintain the volume and shape of your curls which will be extremely beneficial.

The best hairstyle for curly hair

Whew! we have learned a lot about curly hair and how to maintain them. We have also learned about which the best products are to use on your newly minted curly hair. Now, let us look at a few of the hairstyles[10] which you may want to try as they look fabulous in curly hair. But first, it will be better if you learn about how to pick a curly hairstyle depending upon your face shape and the types of curls which are most suitable for you…

  • If you have got a round face[11] , go for hairstyles which make your face look longer than it is. For example, top knots.
  • If your face is square, go for hairstyles which will soften the angles of your face.
  • Use short edgy hairstyles if you have diamond shaped face as they will draw attention to your forehead and cheeks, not on your jawline.
  • If your face is oval, pretty much any hairstyle will look good on your face.
  • You should try hairstyles with bangs if your face is inverted triangle shaped or heart shaped as it will make your forehead look smaller.
  • Women with triangle face shapes should go for long-haired hairstyles with thick curls. You can also try layers, layered bobs, fringed bangs or choppy layers as they will look great on your face type.
  • Try layered haircutswith side bangs if you have a long face.
Curly hair style

Now that you have figured out which type of hairstyle would go best with your face, we have a long list of ideas for hairstyles that are going to make you look fabulous. Let us take a look at these hairstyles:

The Classic Curl:

A simple and classic hairdo. works with almost any length of hair and types of curls. Just part your hair down the middle. Keep switching the direction of the curls for an even better look. You can finish with a shine spray for that extra pizzazz.

Classic Soft Curls:

Another simple and elegant hairstyle, this one also goes with anything. Keep your curls soft and part your hair to a side. Use hairspray for extra hold.

Beach Waves:

Acquire this beachy look by creating soft wavy hair first. Go for a dishevelled look and get the perfect texture using a texture spray and mousse. Afterwards, you can use a curling wand through the sections in need of a touch-up.

Curls with Bangs:

To get this gorgeous hairstyle, get soft curls which turn away from your face. Pair those with some face framing gorgeous bangs. Keep your bangs just above the brows for a beautiful sophisticated look. Finish with some hairspray for hold.

Soft Finger Waves:

For this gorgeous hairstyle, smoothly blow dry your hair and do a deep side part. Then, use a curling iron with a medium barrel on smaller sections of your hair, working around your head. Brush out your curls gently and apply a little hair cream to soften the look a little bit.

Long Side Braid:

This one is a great looking and different than the usual hairstyles. To achieve it, first, curl your hair according to your choice. Then take a section of your hair on one side and dutch braid that section of hair, without touching any of your other curls. Secure the braid with a ribbon or rubber band. For this one, you can part your hair either from the middle or from the side. You can also pancake the braid to make it look thicker.

Twisted Half Ponytail:

First of all, curl all of your hair as you wish. Then, take a couple of sections of hair on either side of your head and twist them tightly and then clip them. Use an elastic band to tie both the sections together at the back to make a twisted half ponytail. You can also use pins to keep the twists of hair intact. Pancake the twists. You can use a ribbon to accessorize and give your hairstyle that extra color.

Half up Crown Braid:

This one is similar to the previous hairstyle with some variations. Take sections of your hair on either side of the head and braid them till the ends. Then, just lay the braids across the back of your head and then pin them behind the opposite ears.

The Sock Bun:

For this one, first, tie your hair in a long ponytail using an elastic band. Now, take a donut and insert it to the base of the ponytail. Now, you just have to wrap your ponytail around the bun until the bun is out of the side and then pin the bun in place and you are done!

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The Warrior Princess:

This great look will make you look beautiful, fierce and strong at the same time. It is pretty simple to achieve this look still. First, divide your hair into two parts – the top part and bottom part. Then, braid the top section of your hair and tie it with an elastic band. Now, wrap the braid[12] around itself to create a bun at the back of your head and then pin it in place.

The Twisted Ponytail:

A great looking and very simple to do hairstyle. To achieve this one, first, divide your hair into three sections- two smaller side sections and one larger main middle section. Tie the middle section of your hair in a ponytail using a rubber band. Now, you have to twist the side sections and wrap them around the base of your ponytail and then pin them to the opposite sides. Pancake the twists and fluff your curls and you are good to go.

The Messy Twists:

You can create this hairstyle in a variety of ways. You can part your hair down from the middle, on the side or not part them at all. Anything works with this one. Take some hair from the crown and comb them back to create some volume. Comb the top section of those hairs and pin them in a pouffe. Now, just take sections of hair on either side, twist them a little and then pin them at the back and you are done.

Twisted Fishtail braid:

This is a great looking hairstyle for women with a little bit longer hair, and it is very easy to achieve. To start off, take two sections of your hair on either side of your head and tie them together at the back like you would do a half ponytail. Then weave the loose hair from the half ponytail into a fishtail braid and secure it at the end with a rubber band. Finally, just pancake the braid to make it look thicker and you are good to go.

The Sophisticated Ponytail:

This hairstyle is great for showing off your curls and waves. Separate your hair into two halves – top and bottom. Take the top part of your hair and tie them into a high half ponytail. Now, hold up the top half ponytail and take the lower half of your hair and also tie them into a ponytail. Just take care that both the ponytails are in line and drop the top ponytail over the lower one so that it looks like one big ponytail.

The Voluminous Ponytail:

A very simple and easy to achieve hairstyle. You can get this look in a couple of minutes – it’s that quick and easy. Firstly, part your bangs to one side and then comb and tie the rest of your hair into a high ponytail. Now, take a small section of hair from the ponytail and wrap them around the base of the ponytail to hide the rubber band. Tuck in the ends into the rubber band and you are done. Nice and easy, isn’t it?

The Sporty Braid:

This one is a great hairstyle for a sporty and active but still gorgeous look. To achieve this, section your hair first into two halves. Take a half and make it into a dutch braid. But only braid until then ape of your neck, tie the rest into a ponytail. Pancake the braid to make it look thicker. Do all this to the other side too. Now, take some hair from below the braids wrap it around the rubber band to hide it. Secure the hair with the same rubber band. Lastly, fluff up your curls a little bit and you’re done.

The Super Fun curl:

A great looking, peppy hairstyle. For this one, you need a lot of tight curls and ringlets in your hair. Make sure your curls have bounce and have your hair cut in layers for the best effect.

The Braid and Twist:

Another one of the simplest but appealing hairstyle. First, separate the hair into two sections – front and back. Part the front section onto one side and clip the rest at the back. Now, braid all the hair from the front section into two side French twisted braids and pin the braids at the back. Lastly, tie all the hair at the back into a half ponytail and you are good to go.

The Boho Braid:

You can try this terrific hairstyle to get a gorgeous look with a thick looking braid. Section your hair into two parts first and take a section and fishtail braid it and then tie it off. Braid the rest of your hair into a regular braid and secure it. Pancake the braids to add volume and thickness. Lastly, just wrap the fishtail braid around the regular braid and tie them both together at the end with a rubber band and you have got a stunning thick boho braid!

Best Accessories for Curly Hair

Now that you have achieved your perfect curly look, it is time to enhance and refine your look by adding that little extra color and oomph. Accessorizing is a lot of fun and you should pick out stuff that looks good on you and follow your heart to give your look that personalized panache and quality that people love you for…

  • Hats and caps! There is a lot of variety of caps and hats available in the market and you can pick and choose from them which go along best with the rest of your look. Be careful about its material when picking out a hat or cap because wrong materials can damage your hair and scalp[13]. For example, woollen hats can cause damage to your hair, specifically on the edges. So, wear a silk scarf under your hat to protect your hair.
  • Hair bands and ties. A must-have accessory for any woman. Everyone has got a bunch of these in her bag.
  • Bobby pins. Another essential for any woman looking to style her hair.
  • Bows. You can add some extra flair onto your hairstyle by using one of these. You can customize your look easily as these come in many different colors and designs.
  • Scarf. The scarf also can elevate your look if used correctly. They are also available in a plethora of colors and designs to suit your needs. You can wear it in different ways too, like full or folded. They also add an element of protection to your hair.
  • Hair donuts and sock buns. A great accessory to achieve specific looks of buns.
  • Sleep caps can also be extremely useful when you want to keep your hairstyle intact while sleeping and when trying to achieve some curls.
  • Headwraps. These can look stunning on you depending upon the style and looks you want to go for. You can get these in your preferred design and colors.
Curly hair


Tips and Tricks for Curly Hair

Now, finally that you know how to get your hair curly and have achieved the curls of your dreams, we have got a few pieces of advice to help you along and keep your looks intact and your hair healthy…

  • Use a cotton T-shirt or a microfiber towel to dry your hair. This is because a normal towel is going to frizz your hair. Using a T-shirt or microfiber towel will prevent that.
  • Use a satin or silk pillowcase while sleeping. This will protect your hair and cause much less breakage and frizz in the mornings. You can also use a satin lined nightcap to avoid breakage.
  • When styling your hair use a diffuser with the dryer. Also, use cold setting on your dryer to avoid any heat damage to your hair. Using a diffuser will give your hair better volume and shine and also cause much less damage by evening out the output.
  • Don’t use any hair products[14] which contain harsh chemical ingredients. This might seem obvious but is pretty important and is generally ignored. Take care of your hair and keep them healthy and your hair will always look better.
  • Use products specifically made for curling to get better results, like curling mousse.
  • Use a wide-toothed comb.
  • Get regular trims to avoid split ends[15], which will ultimately get in the way of you styling your hair to your heart’s content.
  • Go easy on the heat if using heating styling products. Or better yet, use the natural ways to curl your hair to prevent any heat-based hair damage.
  • Prefer air drying your hair unless you are pressed for time as that will give you better results.


Hope this article is of help to you to achieve the curly hair of your dreams.


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This article has been medically reviewed by Dr.Nagakeerthana S, MD (Dermatology) on 14/02/2019

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Prakhar Parihar
Has a passion for writing and helping people with their health and wellness. A bonafide fiend for all things fictional, be it books, movies or shows. Loves living in Bengaluru.


  1. When I curl my hair following the non-heat method it just doesn’t stay. Do you have a way to make that happen?

  2. I used to always worry about different party looks to carry but my hair was a major turn off. Whichever dress I wore, I looked pretty much the same. My friend who was the victim of my cribbing researched and found this article. She showed it to me and I thought of giving it a try for my Annual dance. There was not a single friend of mine who did not notice and compliment me. My friend is finally relieved.

  3. I have extremely straight hair and even if I curl it using the rod it becomes as is within hours. Can you suggest me a way or a technique to hold the curls in place for a longer time?

  4. I have very short hair and I find it very difficult to curl it naturally or even using the curling rod. Can you suggest me some tips? Thank you in advance.

  5. I have bland black hair. Which hair color would look the best on a curly hair? My complexion lies somewhere between fair to dusky.

  6. What are the top 5 products to add texture to hair for curls that would last long and look great?

  7. I have been using a lot of mousse to hold my curls in place but it has been drying my hair out extensively. Am I doing something wrong? Can you suggest a mousse that would suit dry hair?

  8. I have extremely straight hair and I was looking for some change since a very long time. I was also not willing to cut my hair or color it as I have always maintained my virgin hair and wish to not do anything to it. My sister showed me this articles and I tried working around the non-heat ways to curl my hair. It actually works. It takes very less time and I have been able to get a completely different look every single time.

  9. For someone whose hair falls straight and skimpy, this article proved to be a godsend. I have practically tried everything from this article and all of them have worked in my favor. Thank you so much.

  10. I have been experiencing a lot of hair fall after following the curly hair routine. What is the alternative. Or where am I going wrong?

  11. If I want to have temporary curly hair which would stay for at least a few washes, can I do it at home or will I need expert attention?

  12. I had an event at my college to come dressed as a lady from the 1940’s with the swept curls. While I had nailed the outfit, I was fretting about my hair. They are silky straight and curling them is almost next to impossible. But just when I was all ready to give up, I saw this article and I gave it a fair shot. It worked. I had natural looking curly hair. With a satin dress and hair like that, I couldn’t take my eyes of my own self. Thank you so much.

  13. Should the heat protecting product just be applied before using the product or also after it?

  14. My hair has started to break since the time I have started curling them. I use the best product to protect from heat and also use good quality mousse to maintain the texture but I don’t know what is going wrong. Please reply.

  15. I am confused. Some say you shouldn’t use a comb on the curled hair while some say it doesn’t matter and doing it gently wouldn’t hair them. What do you suggest?

  16. What is better? A texturising mouse or a texturising spray? I have hair that is slightly on the oily side.

  17. I have extremely straight hair and I have to use a lot of hair products to keep them looking curly. Is there a natural way to achieve this which would not damage my hair so much? I love curly hair but I don’t want them at the cost of me losing my hair and its quality.

  18. I have been curling my hair by they become too short in the length when I tight curl them. And if I lose curl them they go back to being straight? What is the middle ground between the both?

  19. Loved the article. I like how it talks in so much details and explains everything possible.

  20. Is getting permanent perms a good idea? Will the maintenance cost of a permanently curly hair be too much? Please let me know as I am seriously considering it.

  21. I have been trying the curly hair routine but my curls open up within a couple of hours and becomes frizzy and entangled. What should I do? They are also breaking. Are there specific products for such problem?

  22. There are a lot of products in the market that promise to help in enhancing the curls and making them stay in their place. It is very overwhelming. Can you please list down the best products so I can directly pick them up instead?

  23. There is a thumb rule that if your hair feels dry after curling it, the trick is to wash it less. The trick here is to shampoo the hair less and wash and condition it more.

  24. I have severely damaged my hair from curling it every now and then. I have used the right mousse and also the right heat protectants but it is just not happening right.. What should I do?

  25. I have colored my hair recently will using curling rod fade it? If yes is there a specific protect serum, shampoo and conditioner that you can suggest which will help keep it locked even after using styling tools on it.

  26. I was looking for an article that would help me with my curling needs. I have straight hair and I constantly want change. However, cutting or coloring it always isn’t an option. But then I read this article and I came to know the different ways I can use to achieve curls even without using hot tools on them. I recommend this to everyone. Do try.

  27. @june The only way you can make them stay is by adding texture to it a few minutes before curling them. This way your hair sits and will grasp the curls and hold them for a longer period of time.

  28. A lot of people have suggested me to reduce the usage of shampoo and increase using conditioner if I have curly hair. Is it a myth or the actual truth? Also can it damage my hair further?

  29. @rubyellis Yes, using any form of it extensively will damage your hair in spite of using heat protectant products. However, you can always use the damp and twist method to achieve the look. This way, you keep your hair protected from the damage of both, the product as well as the heat.

  30. I had Brazilian blowout done to my hair a month back and now I want to curl my hair. I don’t mind using curling rods but will it damage my hair? My hair went through a lot of products during the blowout too. I don’t want to damage my hair. Please reply and let me know. Also will it need something extra to curl it considering the excess smoothening.

  31. The ideal day to curl your hair is when it is third or fourth day from your hair wash. It can be second and third day for people with oily hair. Hair grasps a lot of texture by then and it becomes easy for it to retain the curls. You might not even need products to hold them in place. Keep smiling

  32. @HarperYoung The first thing would be washing your hair or slightly dampening it. There are specific oils that come which can be used right before curling the hair. They maintain moisture in the hair and does not make them dry. You can then go ahead with a mousse that will add texture. Try to pick one that is the least greasy. Always wear heat protecting gloves and curl your hair.

  33. @olivia If you have very short hair then firstly I would suggest you invest in a good heat protecting hand glove that will protect your fingers from burning. Secondly make sure to avoid the scalp as much as possible. The best way to curl short hair is through natural method as this way the scalp nor the skin gets damaged in any which way.

  34. The biggest mistake people make is blow drying their hair before curling it. Don’t do that as it takes away all the natural texture away from the hair. Let it normally dry. The trick is to dry it rough. Use a lot of your fingers. Flip them or even mess them a little. All of this will add texture and make the curling process easy.

  35. If you want to maintain them for a longer period of time then I suggest you use them. However, if you can manage to skip it, then do. You will protect your hair from chemicals this way,

  36. Using less shampoo is always a good option as most of them comes packed with sulphate. However just conditioning also sounds a little off. Maybe you can lightly oil the hair to maintain the moisture and then wash and condition it. You can also opt for shampoos that are sulphate free and very mild.

  37. I would suggest let your hair breathe for a little while before using heating tools on them. Because you can use as many protecting serums you want but it will not be able to save you from damaged hair. If in any which way you have to curl them, then yes you will need a lot of gel and spray to hold them because they were chemically smoothened.

  38. Thank you so much. I will use this technique the next time I plan to curl my hair at home. Thank you!

  39. Stay away from any more irritation to hair till your blowout starts to fade off. Doing anything to it now can cause a damage to it which might not be reversible. Hair is gods gift, treat it well. .

  40. If you are looking to hold it for a few days then I would suggest either gets perms done or go to an expert who will use serums and mousse which will keep them in place for days. Doing it at home will get you back to your original hair within few hours.

  41. This feels like a treasure opened right in front of me. I was not aware about this till a few minutes back. Thank you so much. I will definitely give it a try and see if it works in a positive way for me or not. Thank you so much.

  42. Here is a list of products that you can order for yourself if you are looking to enhance your curls.

    1. Tigi’s Curls Rock Amplifier
    2. Re:coil
    3. Kinky-Curly Curling Custard
    4. Miss Jessie’s Curly Meringue

    These are some of the trusted products if you want to add a sense of definition to your curls. You can buy them from a store and if it is not available, then you order it online.

  43. Not sure about the split ends but using hot tools on your tools can surely harm the quality of the hair. Using it again and again can cause a loss of proteins from the hair which in turn will make them very brittle and lead to it breaking. This can also cause split ends. There is a chance.

  44. So glad to read these positive replies. I am looking forward to using these methods to curl my hair at home. Please give me any more tips which you might have used while curling your hair. Thank you in advance.

  45. I have personally used the Kinky-Curly Curling Custard and it works wonders. It gives a red carpet look. Everyone will ask you where you got it. At least it happened with me. 😀

  46. Curly hair suits which face cut the most? I have a round shaped face. Considering there are a lot of people with curly hair on this platform, please let me know if my face will look nice with curls. I was thinking of a tight curl look with a black short skirt and and off shoulder top. Please help.

  47. I am not sure if you are dampening your hair enough but that should work. Also if you are trying to curl your hair on the very first day of washing it, it won’t give you the look that you are dreaming. Always wash your hair 3-4 days before you want to curl them. This way it naturally adds a texture.

  48. I constant user of Miss Jessie. It works wonder for me. I have to order it online because I don’t get it in my country but it is worth all the customs and delivery charge. You curls will look amazingly awesome after using it.

  49. I think the problem is in the products that you are using. You cab either try and use some other products for a good amount of time to see if that was the issue or completely skip curling your hair using iron rods. Instead use the natural way. This way your protect the scalp as well as the hair from excess heat which kills the proteins and serums that damage the hairs quality.

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