Premature greying can be embarrassing and getting rid of it is not as easy as getting a haircut. I know you can easily rush to a nearby store and buy a packet of chemical-packed hair dye but is that really want to wish to do for the rest of your life? The saga of never-ending hair dye application? I guess not! So we have got you something that can help you get rid of grey hair permanently. Coconut oil and lemon mixture is your escape. Use this mind-blowing natural combination that will turn your grey hair back to its natural hair colour. Let’s take a look –

Lemon And Coconut Oil Mixture – It Turns Gray Hair Back To Its Natural Color
Lemon And Coconut Oil Mixture – It Turns Gray Hair Back To Its Natural Color

Reasons for premature greying –

Premature greying could be due to various reasons. Swinging hormones, stress, pollution, smoking, sinusitis, rhinitis, malnourishment, thyroid, chemotherapy, excessive sun exposure, low melanin, etc. are a few reasons for premature ageing. Changing diet and lifestyle can possibly help you to prevent premature greying of hair but cannot stop it completely. Controlling external factors can be difficult and more often unavoidable but in any case, if you are witnessing a rapid growth of grey hair and you want to get rid of it fast and easily then coconut oil and lemon mixture can help you do so.

1. Coconut Oil and Lemon Juice Hair Mask:

Coconut oil and lemon mixture are said to be a known remedy to prevent greying of hair. They can reinforce your original hair colour and also boost natural hair growth.

What Would You Need?

  • 50 ml of organic coconut oil (sufficient amount to coat your hair completely)
  • 3 teaspoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice
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How To Do It?

  1. Take 50 ml of coconut oil and 3 teaspoons of lemon juice in a bowl.
  2. Mix the ingredients well with a blender.
  3. Take some portion of this mixture and apply it on your hair and scalp.
  4. Make sure you cover your hair completely.
  5. Gently massage your scalp for some time.
  6. Leave the mixture on your hair for around an hour before washing.
  7. Thoroughly rinse your hair with a cleaner at last.

How Often Should You Do This?

You can apply this coconut oil and lemon mixture twice a week for a better and early result.

Benefits of Using Lemon and Coconut Oil Mixture –

Coconut oil can improve your hair and scalp to a great extent. It is one of the age-old remedies to restore your hair growth as it can strengthen your hair strands and hair follicles from within and can also repair your damaged hair cells. This can help you restore your hair colour and prevent premature greying of hair. It can also help you fight dandruff. On the other hand, lemon juice can support hair growth and treat the root cause of premature grey hair. It is rich in vitamin C, vitamin B and phosphorus which are really good for hair growth. These two ingredients when combined are possibly the best remedy to get rid of grey hair naturally. Also, it can reduce protein loss to a great extent and can also reverse your grey hair in long term application since it is full of anti-oxidants a.k.a cell regenerators.

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