MCBM 69 tablets during pregnancy, uses, side-effects

What is MCBM 69 ?

MCBM 69 is a brand name of oral vitamin tablets also containing folic acid. It is given to pregnant women and women who are planning to get pregnant. It is a product of Indoco Remedies Ltd and is available in the packaging of 10 tablets per strip.

  1. What is the generic name(s)?
  2. How does it work ?
  3. What are it’s uses ?
  4. How effective is this ?
  5. What are the Side Effects ?
  6. What is the Dosage ?
  7. What are the precautions I need to take ?
  8. Is it safe to take If I am pregnant ?
  9. Is it safe to take if I am breast feeding ?
  10. Can this be given to Children and Infants ?
  11. Is MCBM 69 available as over the counter (OTC) product?
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MCBM 69, is it safe? uses, side effects, dosage

MCBM 69, is it safe? uses, side effects, dosage

What is the generic name (s)?

MCBM 69 has the following three generics components, also given is their individual strength per tablet:

Folic Acid (5 mg) + Methylcobalamin or Mecobalamin (500 mcg) + Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (10 mg)

How does it work ?

MCBM 69 are multi-vitamin tablets. The working of each of its three generics is being briefly described below:

Folic Acid: It is a type of Vitamin B which helps in the formation of DNA and in the production of red blood cells. It also lowers the level of homocysteine, thereby lowering the risk of heart problems.It plays a major role in avoiding birth abnormalities and helps in proper development and functioning of the brain.

Methylcobalamin or Mecobalamin: It is an active type of vitamin B 12. It helps the nerve cells to function properly and even helps the damaged nerve cells to recover.It helps in the conversion of proteins and fats into energy. It is involved in the production of haemoglobin. It helps in the reduction of the level of homocysteine. It also contributes in the development and production of red blood cells.

Pyridoxine Hydrochloride: It helps in the decomposition of food into carbohydrates, fats and proteins and helps the red blood cells to mature. It is a kind of Vitamin B 6.

What are it’s uses ?

MCBM 69 tablets find their use in the below listed medical conditions:

  • during pregnancy, primarily in the production of red blood cells to prevent anemia
  • in the planning of pregnancy
  • in the proper development in the infant during pregnancy
  • helpful in the cases of both pre-natal and post-natal weakness, along with in neurological malfunctions.

How effective is this ?

MCBM 69 is  very effective for all the conditions mentioned above. For best results it should be taken under medical supervision in terms of dosage and duration of intake after due consultation with a doctor.

What are the Side Effects ?

The side effects of MCBM 69 can be understood as of those of each of the constituent generic as described below:

Folic Acid

  • Appetite loss
  • Stomach bloating
  • Increased farting
  • A feeling or need to vomit
  • Uneasiness in breathing
  • Skin rashes
  • Redness of skin
  • Itching

Methylcobalamin or Mecobalamin

  • Gastrointestinal troubles like diarrhea
  • Allergic Reactions (like skin rashes, itching etc.)
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Loss Of Appetite

Pyridoxine Hydrochloride

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Sleepiness
  • Skin rash
  • Acute toxicity
  • Burning or hot sensation
  • Sweating
  • Sensation of tightness
  • Prickling
  • Stomach upset
  • Tingling

What is the Dosage ?

Regarding the dosage of MCBM 69 please consult with a doctor, as it will depend on the condition for which it has to be administered.

Tablet - dosage

Tablet – dosage

What are the precautions I need to take ?

Generally these oral multivitamin tablets are quite safe and effective. But still one should consult with the doctor when you are pregnant or are planning for a pregnancy. Share with your doctor if you are allergic to any of the component of the tablet. Also, discuss your current medications, if any, with your doctor to prevent any bad or harmful effects.

Avoid handling mercury related things.

Is it safe to take If I am pregnant ?

Yes, it is quite safe to take during pregnancy. In some cases doctors suggest to start taking this even before conception. Studies have indicated that the benefits associated with it are far more than the risks. Consult with your doctor regarding the correct timing, dosage and duration of its use.

Is it safe to take if I am breast feeding ?

No, it is not safe to take if you are breast feeding. Studies have indicated that the risks associated with it are far more than the benefits. It can be harmful for the infant, hence, it has to be avoided by all means if you are breast feeding. Consult with your doctor to better understand about it.

Can this be given to Children and Infants ?

No, this medicine is not meant to be given to children and infants, under any circumstances. Consult with your doctor for better understanding about this medicine.

Is MCBM 69 available as over the counter (OTC) product?

Yes, MCBM 69 is available as an over the counter or OTC product.But it is advised to please consult with the doctor for the particular case.

Frequently asked questions

Can this be taken for iron deficiency?

No, it is not known to be used to manage iron deficiency. Also , iron is not an ingredient of this tablet.

How and why this medicine is considered unique?

Its unique combination of folic acid, methylcobalamin (or mecobalamin) & pyridoxine hydrochloride is very well suited for pregnancy, pregnancy related weakness ( both pre-natal & post-natal), lactation, neurological problems etc.

Is this helpful in increasing the chances of conception?

No, there is no sufficient information of this tablet being helpful in increasing the chances of conception. In most cases it is taken after conception and during pregnancy.

How to store this tablet?

This tablet has to be stored in a dry place(moisture less) protected from light.Keep it away from the reach of children and pets.Discard it post expiry date.

What are its interactions with other medicines?

Following are its some reported interactions with the below listed medicines:

  • Oral contraceptives – decreased concentrations of serum
  • Aminosalicylic acid – reduced gastrointestinal tract absorption
  • Neomycin - reduced gastrointestinal tract absorption
  • H2-blockers – reduced gastrointestinal tract absorption
  • Colchicine – reduced gastrointestinal tract absorption

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