Nurokind Gold, is it safe? Uses, side-effects, dosage

What is Nurokind Gold?

Nurokind Gold is the brand name for a soft gelatin coated multivitamin and mineral capsule, used in the treatment of malnutrition and folic acid deficiency. This capsule is manufactured and marketed by Mankind Pharma Ltd. This capsule is to administered orally and it is available in the packaging of 10 capsules per strip.

  1. What is the generic name(s)?
  2. How does it work ?
  3. What are it’s uses ?
  4. How effective is this medicine ?
  5. What are the Side Effects ?
  6. Is this medicine addictive?
  7. What if I miss the dose of this medicine ?
  8. Can I drive after taking this medicine ?
  9. Can this medicine be taken on an empty stomach ?
  10. Can I take this medicine with alcohol ?
  11. What is the Dosage ?
  12. What are the precautions I need to take ?
  13. Is it safe to take if I am pregnant ?
  14. Is it safe to take if I am breast feeding ?
  15. Can this medicine be given to children and infants ?
  16. Is Nurokind Gold available as an over the counter (OTC) product?
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Nurokind Gold - uses, side-effects, dosage

Nurokind Gold – uses, side-effects, dosage

What is the generic name (s)?

This medicine contains a mix of minerals and supplements composed in following quantities per capsule:

  • Elemental Calcium  (75 mg)
  • Elemental Zinc  (10 mg)
  • Ferrous Fumarate  (30 mg)
  • Folic Acid  (0.15 mg)
  • Niacinamide  (25 mg)
  • Mecobalamin  (500 mcg)
  • Potassium  (2 mg)
  • Vitamin B6  (1 mg)
  • Vitamin D3  (200 IU)

How does it work ?

Elemental Calcium is a very important mineral required in our body. It is required in functioning of cells, muscles, nerves and bones. If the level of calcium is some how reduced in the body, the body will acquire calcium from bones and continue normal functions. This acquisition of calcium can weaken the bones and increase risk of bone disorders and Fractures.

Zinc also play a vital role in synthesis of the nucleic acids and nucleoproteins. Zinc also affects the growth of tissues and damage repair in tissues.

Ferrous Fumarate is a compound of Iron and is an essential nutrient in the body. It is used in prevention and treatment of diseases caused by iron deficiency.

Folic Acid is a type of Vitamin B which helps in the formation of DNA and in the production of red blood cells. It also lowers the risk of heart problems. It plays a major role in avoiding birth abnormalities and helps in proper development and functioning of the brain.

Niacinamide is a co-enzyme which helps in reduction-oxidation (Redox) reactions in the tissues respiration system.

Mecobalamin is an active type of vitamin B 12. It helps the nerve cells to function properly and even helps the damaged nerve cells to recover. It helps in the conversion of proteins and fats into energy. It is involved in the production of hemoglobin.

Potassium is an essential mineral in the body. It is an ionic salt, prescribed for treatment of hypokalemia. This chemical is also required for many vital functions in the body.

Vitamin B6 helps our body to metabolize protein, fats, and carbohydrates and plays a vital role in the development of brain, nervous system, skin and other parts of the body.

Vitamin D3 works by facilitating and increasing the absorption of Calcium and Phosphorus. Phosphorus is required to build and maintain the strength of Bones.

What are it’s uses ?

This capsule is used in the prevention, control and treatment of following disease and conditions:

  • Stomach and intestine problems
  • Permanent nerve damage
  • Iron deficiency anemia
  • Severe muscle tightness in Adjunct therapy
  • Liver disorders
  • Folate deficiency
  • Anemia due to folic acid deficiency
  • Poor absorption of food
  • Loss of sensation
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Diabetic Neuropathy
  • Poor Diet
  • Low number of red blood cells
  • Cancer and HIV

How effective is this medicine ?

Nurokind Gold is a very effective capsule for all the conditions mentioned above. For best results it should be taken under medical supervision in terms of dosage and duration of intake after due consultation with a doctor.

What are the Side Effects ?

Below are the common side effects that can occur from Nurokind Gold medication. Please consult a doctor if you observe any of these side effects:

  • Gastrointestinal problems, Flatulence
  • Nausea, Anxiety
  • Bloating, stomach pain
  • Dark or green stool
  • Depression
  • Loss of appetite
  • Allergic rejection
  • Persistent itchy rashes on skin
  • Insomnia, Sleeping disturbances
  • Bronchospasm, Difficult breathing
  • Bitterness of mouth
  • Hypersensitivity
  • Cold like symptoms, shivering


Nurokind - gold

Nurokind – gold

Is Nurokind Gold addictive?

Habit forming tendencies for this medicine has not been reported. Most medicines don’t come with a potential for addiction. Government  also categorizes medicines that can be addictive as controlled substances. Finally,  do not self-medicate and increase your body’s dependence to medicines without taking the advice of a doctor.

What if I miss the dose of Nurokind Gold?

Use the missed dose as soon as you notice. If the time is already close to the next dose,  skip the missed dose and continue your dosing schedule. Do not use overdose to make up the missed dose as it may cause serious side effects.  If you are routinely missing the  doses, try to use an alarm or asking a family member or friend to remind you. Please consult your doctor to discuss modifications in your dosing schedule or a new schedule to make up for missed doses.

Can I drive after taking Nurokind Gold?


It is not safe to drive after taking this medicine if you experience dizziness or headache as side effects. One should not drive a vehicle if using the medicine makes drowsy, dizzy or reduces your blood-pressure. Please check for these conditions on your body while using this medicine.

Can Nurokind Gold be taken on an empty stomach ?

This medicine has to be taken after food. Please follow your doctor’s advice on how you to use this medicine.

Can I take Nurokind Gold with alcohol ?

This medicine should not be consumed while having alcohol. However alcohol intake with this medicine may intensify drowsiness.It is better to consult your doctor before consumption of this medicine. Pharmacists also suggest not to take alcohol while using this medicine.

What is the Dosage ?

Despite this oral capsule being an over the counter product, regarding the dosage of Nurokind Gold, please consult with a doctor as it will depend on the condition for which it has to be administered. For best results take it for the duration suggested by the doctor.

Capsule - dosage

Capsule – dosage

What are the precautions I need to take ?

While taking Nurokind Gold capsules, following precautions should be taken :

  • Tell your doctor if you are suffering from any Liver disease and Thyroid disorders
  • Ask a doctor about the required dosage and frequency for this medicine
  • Take full course of treatment
  • Do not take this medicine if you are allergic to any of the ingredients of this medicine or any of their excipients
  • Do not take this medicinal product after the expiry date stated on the carton package
  • Tell your doctor if you are taking any medicine
  • Discuss your pregnancy and breastfeeding plan with a doctor before using the capsule
  • Do not consume alcohol during medication

Is it safe to take if I am pregnant ?

Many components of Nurokind Gold capsule are classified by FDA as pregnancy category ‘C’ Risk not ruled out: Animal reproduction studies have shown an adverse effect on the fetus and there are no adequate and well-controlled studies in humans, but potential benefits may warrant use of the drug in pregnant women despite potential risks.

It should not be taken if you are pregnant or are planning to be pregnant. Please share the actual status of your pregnancy with your doctor for the correct prescription of this medicine.

Is it safe to take if I am breast feeding ?

No, this medicine is not safe to take if you are breast feeding or planning to start breast feeding. Always consult a healthcare expert before using Nurokind Gold if you are nursing a baby.

Can this medicine be given to children and infants ?

This medicine should not be given to infants.

This medicine should not be given to children, unless advised by the doctor.

Is Nurokind Gold available as an over the counter (OTC) product?

Yes, Nurokind Gold capsule is available as an over the counter or OTC product. But it is advised to consult with the doctor for the particular case related information and regarding its correct dosage, timing and duration of use.

Frequently asked questions

Can I take this capsule for pain relief ?
No, this capsule is a vitamin B complex capsule. It will not work immediately and will not relieve your from pain. Consult to doctor and take a prescription for analgesic medication.

Can this be taken for iron deficiency?
No, it is not known to be used to manage iron deficiency. Also , iron is not an ingredient of this capsule.

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