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What is Susten 200?

Susten 200 is a branded medicine, which is a soft gelatin coated capsule. It is manufactured by Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. (Spectra Division). It is an oral/vaginal/rectal medicine and is available in the packaging of 10 capsules per strip.

  1. What is the generic name(s)?
  2. How does it work ?
  3. What are it’s uses ?
  4. How effective is this medicine ?
  5. What are the Side Effects ?
  6. Is this medicine addictive?
  7. What if I miss the dose of this medicine ?
  8. Can I drive after taking this medicine ?
  9. Can this medicine be taken on an empty stomach ?
  10. Can I take this medicine with alcohol ?
  11. What is the Dosage ?
  12. What are the precautions I need to take ?
  13. Is it safe to take if I am pregnant ?
  14. Is it safe to take if I am breast feeding ?
  15. Can this medicine be given to children and infants ?
  16. Is Susten 200 available as an over the counter (OTC) product?
  17. Frequently asked questions
  18. Reference


Susten 200 - uses , side-effects , dosage

Susten 200 – uses , side-effects , dosage

What is the generic name (s)?

The generic name for Susten 200 is Progesterone[1], actually it is same as the natural female sex hormone[2] that is secreted by human ovary[3]. It is present in the strength of 200 mg per capsule.

How does it work ?

Susten 200 has generic which is similar to progesterone. By getting diffused into the cells and binding with DNA[4] of nuclei it forms some particular proteins by interacting with receptors of progesterone. These proteins[5] behave as the natural hormone progesterone and perform their progestational functions, such as to stimulate changes in vagina, uterus[6] and also the luteal actions, as noticed in early pregnancy[7].It reduces risk of developing uterus cancer[8] by preventing the thickening of the uterus lining..

What are it’s uses ?

Susten 200 is used to maintain pregnancy in women who face problem in normal conception[9]. It is also helpful in the cases where there has been history of miscarriages[10]. It finds use in ARTs or assisted reproductive techniques , like IVF . It is also used to treat abnormal uterine bleeding and amenorrhoea(absence of menstruation) in women of suitable age who are capable of bearing a child.

Under hormone replacement therapy it is used in the cases of depression in women following child birth, post-menopausal women and in the management of premenstrual syndrome: bloating that occurs 7-10 days before menstruation, headache, irritability,feelings of tension,  depression, weight gain, tendering of breast etc. ).

How effective is this medicine ?

Susten 200 is a very effective medicine for all the conditions mentioned above. It is very well suited for pregnancy.For best results it should be taken under medical supervision in terms of dosage and duration of intake after due consultation with a doctor.

What are the Side Effects ?

Some commonly reported side-effects of Susten 200 are being listed below:

  • Vomiting
  • Difficulties in urination
  • Constipation
  • Runny nose
  • Mood swings
  • Diarrhea
  • Upset stomach
  • Headache
  • Tiredness
  • Breast tenderness
  • Vaginal discharge
  • Sneezing
  • Cough
  • Muscle or joint pain

Is Susten 200 capsules addictive?

Habit forming tendencies for this medicine has not been reported. Most medicines don’t come with a potential for addiction. The government also categorizes medicines that can be addictive as controlled substances. Finally,  do not self-medicate and increase your body’s dependence on medicines without taking the advice of a doctor.

What if I miss the dose of Susten 200 capsules?

Use the missed dose as soon as you notice. If the time is already close to the next dose,  skip the missed dose and continue your dosing schedule. Do not use overdose to make up the missed dose as it may cause serious side effects.  If you are routinely missing the doses, try to use an alarm or asking a family member or friend to remind you. Please consult your doctor to discuss modifications in your dosing schedule or a new schedule to make up for missed doses.

Can I drive after taking Susten 200 capsules?

It is not safe to drive after taking this medicine if you experience dizziness or a headache as side effects. One should not drive a vehicle if using the medicine makes drowsy, dizzy or reduces your blood-pressure. Please check for these conditions on your body while using this medicine.

Can susten 200 capsule be taken on an empty stomach ?

This medicine has to be taken after food. Please follow your doctor’s advice on how you to use this medicine.

Can I take susten 200 capsule  with alcohol ?

Intake of this medicine with alcohol is not recommended. Alcohol intake with medicine may intensify drowsiness. It is better to consult your doctor before consumption of this medicine. Pharmacists also suggest not to take alcohol while using this medicine.

What is the Dosage ?

The dosage and the mode of administration of Susten 200 capsule varies from one patient to another , based on the condition being treated.Please consult with your doctor to understand the mode, dosage,schedule and duration of administration of this medicine.

Please do not self-medicate with this medicine.


Capsule dosage

Capsule dosage

What are the precautions I need to take ?

Following precautions should be exercised while administering this medicine:

  1. If the patient has any unexplained vaginal bleeding at any point of time
  2. If the patient is pregnant
  3. If the patient is breast feeding
  4. If the patient has yellowness in skin and/or eyes
  5. If the patient has to do tasks seeking proper attention like driving or operating a machine

It should be preferably taken before going to sleep at night.

Is it safe to take if I am pregnant ?

It should not be taken without consulting with your doctor if you are pregnant or are planning to be pregnant. Please share the actual status of your pregnancy with your doctor for the correct prescription of this medicine.Otherwise it can be dangerous for the to be born baby.Especially, taking it in early first trimester of pregnancy can cause many birth defects in the to be born baby including serious one like as the defects of heart. Hence, this medicine should not be taken during pregnancy without proper medical super-vision.

Is it safe to take if I am breast feeding ?

No, it is not safe to take this medicine if you are breast feeding or are planning for breast feeding. Please  consult with your doctor thoroughly if being prescribed for this medicine, as while breast feeding this can get mixed with the blood and get transferred to the baby/child. This can result into bad or harmful effects.

Can this medicine be given to children and infants ?

No, this medicine is not meant to be given to children and infants, under any circumstances. It can have harmful effects and can be dangerous too. Please consult with your doctor for better understanding about this medicine.



Is Susten 200 available as an over the counter (OTC) product?

No, Susten 200 is not available as an over the counter or an otc product. It is a prescription medicine, which is to be prescribed by a qualified doctor only.Please consult with the doctor regarding correct dosage, timing and duration of use of this medicine.Please do not self-medicate yourself with this medicine.

Frequently asked questions

How long should I take this medicine?

For duration of taking this medicine it is better to get it prescribed from your doctor , as it varies from case to case.

Can alcohol be consumed when prescribed with this medicine?

No, alcohol should be avoided by all means when prescribed with this medicine.

What if i happen to miss a dose?

You can take it if the time is not close for the next dose. Don’t take double dose in any case. Its always better to consult your doctor in such cases in order to avoid any bad or harmful effects.

 How to store this medicine?

This medicine has to be stored in a cool and dry place, protected from light, away from the reach of children and pets. It is advised to use an air-tight container for the storage of this medicine. Also, discard the medicine post its expiry date.

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