They say the best thing a woman can wear is her smile. Pink lips give confidence and satisfaction with own self and both of them are very important to bring out the best from within. It won’t be the glamorous dress that you will wear or the makeup, it is, after all, a genuine and natural smile that will turn all eyes and fetch you all the attention. But, how do you deal with a situation where you do have all the attention but for all the wrong reasons.

Dark lips are becoming a major problem nowadays. It could be the excess exposure to the sun that is making it darker or it could be due to improper lip care routine. Having dark or chapped lips can be a problem not just because of the appearance being unattractive but also how unhealthy it is! Imagine talking to someone up close and all they do is look at that skin that is getting peeled off from your lips. Before figuring out the way to deal with it, finding out the reasons for dark lips is important. This way, you can use a remedy that best suits you.

Causes Of Dark-Chapped Lips
Home Remedies To Treat Dark Lips
DIY Lip Scrubs
Lip Peel Off Masks
Overnight Lip Care
DIY Lip Balm
Top 6 Indian Lip Care Products For Lips

Causes Of Dark-Chapped Lips

There are various reasons your lips can become a few shades darker than normal, which might badly affect the overall appearance of your lips.


  • A cause due to less consumption of water and fresh fruits.
  • Climatic changes are also a factor for dryness.
    – Can be treated by consuming a minimum of 8 glasses of water.
    – Avoid alcohol or excess coffee, as it adds onto the dehydration.


  • Smoking can cause dark pigmented spots on lips.
  • Not following an exfoliating process can lead to dead skin and in turn dark lips.
  • Avoiding sunblock also contributes to it.
    – You can quit smoking to permanently eliminate the problem.
    – Following a proper cleanse-exfoliate-moisturise process followed by a sunblock can help as well.

Lip Products

  • Certain formulas in the lip product work against the skin causing reactions and dark patches.
  • Chemicals in some lip care products can cause dark spots too.
    – Avoid cheap products at any cost.
    – Tone and moisturise before using any product to avoid pigmentation.

Sun Exposure

  • Sun exposure is responsible for melanin formation on the lips which leads to pigmentation.
    – Avoid the sun between 10:30 Am to 4:30 Pm.
    – Use products with an SPF 30 and above.
    – Apply a sunblock 30 minutes before stepping out.

Some Medications

  • There are a lot of medicines like Isotretinoin, antidepressants, antibiotics and chemotherapy capsules that can cause dry and dark skin.
    – While avoiding this isn’t possible, one can always try natural remedies and scrubbing to fade it as much as possible.


  • Nicotine present in cigarettes is the reason for dark spots on the lips.
    – Quitting smoking is the only way to eliminate this permanently.
Lip care

Home Remedies To Treat Dark Lips

Well, due to any of those reasons you might have got dark lips. But, what next? Don’t consider and accept it as a part of your life yet. They aren’t permanent until you don’t treat them and leave it just like that. An instant fix can help to take the pigmentation away and leave it with pink lips that will grab everyone’s attention.

Refer to any of these lip care home remedies given below and you will not be too far from getting hydrated baby soft lips.

Coconut Oil Care
Almond Oil Cure
Lemon Honey Lip Serum
Glycerine Cure
Aloe Vera treatment
Apple Cider Vinegar as a cure
Baking Soda to get of darkness
Beetroot Slice
Cucumber Juice
Rosewater for dark lips
The Lip Balm Treatment
Pomegranate Seed mask
Crushed Rose Petals treatment
Cocoa and Chocolate Therapy
Sugar And Olive Oil treatment
Milk and Turmeric treatment
Strawberry Lip Treatment
Coriander Lip Treatment

Coconut Oil Care

Ingredients Quantities
Coconut oil A few drops
Bowl 1


  1. Take a bowl and add a few drops of coconut oil into it.
  2. Take the oil on your fingertips, and apply this onto your lips.
  3. Spread evenly.
  4. Apply coconut oil every day before going to bed as well.

You can use this remedy every time your lips go dry.

Coconut oil is known to have fatty acid[6] that helps in nourishing the skin and keeping it hydrated.

Almond Oil Cure

Ingredients Quantities
Almond oil A few drops
Bowl 1


  1. Take a bowl and add a few drops of almond oil into it.
  2. Using your fingertips, apply this onto your lips.
  3. Massage it for 1-2 minutes.
  4. Leave it on for overnight.

You can use this every night before going to bed.

Almond oil[7] is known to have emollients that help in nourishing the skin and rejuvinating it. It also contain properties that are known to cure discolouration and lightening the shade of your lips.

Lemon Honey Lip Serum

Ingredients Quantities
Lemon juice As per requirement
Honey As per requirement
Soft cloth 1
Water As required.


  1. Take a bowl and add 1 part lemon juice and 1 part honey into it.
  2. Mix really well.
  3. Coat a thick layer of this mix onto your lips
  4. Leave it for an hour.
  5. Using a soft wet cloth, wipe it off your lips.

You can use this a few times in a day.

This is the easiest way to get rid of dark lips at the very convenince of your home. The tan can be easily removed using this technique as the citrus extract from lemon is perfect for detanning.

The honey works as a nourishing agent which also hydrate the skin of the lips. You can always make it in bulk and store it in your fridge. It wont go bad for a week.

Glycerine Cure

Ingredients Quantities
Glycerine A few drops
Cotton swab 1


  1. Take a bowl and add a few drops of glycerine in it.
  2. Dip your cotton swab in it.
  3. Apply it thoroughly onto your lips using the glycerine-dipped swab.
  4. Let it stay overnight.

You can use this every night before going to sleep.

One of the beauty benefits of Glycerin is curing dark lips. While dryness can lead to dark skin the quickest, glycerine help in keeping the moisture locked in the lips preventing them from drying out.

Aloe Vera Treatment

Ingredients Quantities
Aloe Vera Gel 1/2 Tsp
Bowl 1


  1. Take a bowl and add half a tsp of aloe vera gel into it.
  2. Using your fingers, apply a thin layer of aloe vera gel onto your lips.
  3. Leave it to dry.
  4. Once dried, wash using lukewarm water.

You can use this every day to get faster results.

Aloe vera [8]is known to have aloesin which is a flavonoid. Its compounds inhibit a certain pigmentation process that helps curing dark lips by making the shade lighter. Aloe vera also helps in rejuvinating the skin by providing abundance of nutrients.

Apple Cider Vinegar As a Cure

Ingredients Quantities
Apple cider vinegar 1 Tsp
Water 1 Tsp
Cotton 1 ball


  1. Take a bowl and add 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar and 1 tsp of water in it. Mix well.
  2. Dip a cotton ball into this concoction.
  3. Apply the diluted apple cider vinegar on your lips using the cotton ball.
  4. Leave it to dry.
  5. Rinse it after 10-12 minutes using lukewarm water.
  6. Pat dry.

You can use this concoction every day.

ACV acts as natural lightening and bleaching agent due to the alpha hydroxy acid present in it. Its acidic nature contributes towards lightening the lips and reducing pigmentation.

However, do not leave this concoction overnight as the acidic nature of apple cider vinegar can damage the skin and also strip off the hydration from it.

Baking Soda To Get Rid Of Darkness

Ingredients Quantities
Baking Soda 1 Tsp
Water As required
Lip balm or olive oil A pinch/a few drops
Toothbrush Optional


  1. In a bowl, mix1 tsp baking soda and a little water till it reaches a paste-like consistency.
  2. Apply a thick layer of this paste onto your lips and scrub it either using your fingers or a toothbrush.
  3. Keep scrubbing for about 2-3 minutes.
  4. Then, rinse thoroughly and pat dry.
  5. Apply a lip balm or a few drops of olive oil to seal the scrubbing effect.

You can use this baking soda paste every alternate day.

Scrubbing[9] baking soda on your lips can help you get rid of dead cells which can also be a reason for dark pigmentation on the lips. Olive oil or lip balm will provide the moisture that it has lost.

Beetroot Slice

Ingredients Quantities
Red beetroot A slice
Knife 1


  1. Take a chopping board and using a knife to cut a slice of beetroot.
  2. Store it in the refrigerator for cooling.
  3. In your leisure time, massage your lips using this beetroot slice.
  4. Wash the beetroot juice off your lips after 15-20 minutes.

You can use this technique once everyday.

Beetroots juice is known to remove the tan off lips and it naturally adds a pinkish shade to it. It also helps in cleaning the lips and moistiurising it leaving them soft and supple. The antioxidants present in beetroot juice help keep the skin nourished and young.

Cucumber Juice

Ingredients Quantities
Cucumber juice A few drops
Cotton ball 1


  1. Blend half a cucumber to take out its juice.
  2. Transfer it into a bowl.
  3. Leave it in the fridge for a few hours.
  4. Soak the cotton ball into the cold juice and apply it onto your lips.
  5. Leave it on for at least 20-30 minutes.
  6. Finally, remove it by washing it away.

You can use the cucumber juice on your lips everyday and following it regularly for a good 15-20 days will give you hydrated, nourished lips.

Due to the amount of water present in cucumber, it hydrates the skin of the lips, rejuvinating and nourishing it from the deepest layer.

Rosewater For Dark Lips

Ingredients Quantities
Rosewater A few drops
Cotton ball 1
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  1. Take a bowl and put a few drops of rosewater in it.
  2. Refrigerate this for a few hours till it becomes cool to use.
  3. Soak the cotton ball in it and apply the rosewater onto your lips.
  4. Rub the cotton ball a few times on the lips.
  5. Leave the rosewater on for overnight.

You can use this treatment every night before going to bed.

Rosewater is known to increase the blood flow in the lips. It helps in healing the dead skin faster, nourishing it from the deepest layer. Rose water also helps in cell renewal and lightening of the dark lips.

The Lip Balm Treatment

Ingredients Quantities
Lip balm 1
Soft toothbrush/ washcloth 1


  1. Use a lip balm of a thick consistency and apply it onto your lips.
  2. Sleep on it.
  3. Once you wake up in the morning, use a soft damp toot brush or a damp cloth to exfoliate your lips.
  4. Wipe off the excess lip balm that might remain on the lips.
  5. Voila! You are one step closer to reach permanent pink baby soft lips that also look hydrated.

You can use this every night before going to bed as it acts as a night treatment. Exfoliating your lips time to time helps in removing any of the dead cells that form on it due to varied reasons. It also helps in rejuvinating and moisturising the lip.

Pomegranate Seeds Mask

Ingredients Quantities
Crushed Pomegranate seeds Handful
Cold milk cream As required


  1. Take a pomegranate and cut it open. Take the seeds out and crush them.
  2. Mix these crushed seeds with cold milk cream.
  3. Add enough cold milk cream so that it attains a paste-like consistency.
  4. Clean your lips using water and apply this onto it.
  5. Leave it on for 10 minutes.
  6. After 10 minutes, wash it off using warm water.

You can use this mask 2-3 times in a week. It will help you to gradually deal with dark lips.

This procedure works really well because of a compound that is present in pomegranate named ‘punicalagins’. This particular compound restrains the melanin production that is known to add pigment on the lips and prevent it from any sort of discolouration.

Crushed Rose Petals Treatment

Ingredients Quantities
Rose Petal 5-6
Milk 1/2 cup


  1. Take a bowl and pour half a cup of milk in it.
  2. Now, add 5-6 rose petals into it.
  3. Leave it overnight.
  4. In the morning, squeeze out the milk from the petals and using a pestle and mortar to make a paste out of it.
  5. Apply this paste onto your lips and leave it on for 15 whole minutes.
  6. Wash off using cold water.

This treatment can be done everyday as it is very gentle and in no way will harm the lips.

Rose petals are packed with natural oils and sugars and they help in locking the moisture for the dry skin cells. Milk, on the other hand, is a natural moisturizer that makes the lips soft and supple. Rose petals are also anti-inflammatory in nature and can be used if there are any cuts due to dry skin burns.

Cocoa and Chocolate Therapy

Ingredients Quantities
Cocoa butter 1 Tsp
Unsweetened dark chocolate Two squares
Vitamin E capsule 1
Dark spot on lip
Lip Scrub

Homemade Sugar Lip Scrub

  1. Take a bowl and add 4 tbsp of almond (or) jojoba (or) olive oil, 1 tbsp of beeswax and 1 tbsp of honey in it.
  2. Using the double boiler method, melt these ingredients so that they get intermixed properly with each other.
  3. Remove the mix away from the flame and quickly add 7 drops of lavender essential oil, cocoa powder (if required) in the mix. Also, puncture 3 vitamin E capsule and add their content too in the same mixture. Mix them all well.
  4. Pour this mix into a container and allow it to cool.
  5. Let it solidify.
  6. Scoop out some of it every time you are done scrubbing your lips and use it as a regular balm to nourish your lips well.

Vanilla Orange Lip Balm

Ingredients Quantities
Coconut oil 1 tbsp
Olive oil 1 tbsp
Grated beeswax 2 Tsp
Shea butter 2 Tsp
Orange essential oil 6-8 drops
Vanilla extract 1/8 Tsp


  1. Take a glass bowl and using the double boiler method, melt down 1 tbsp of coconut oil, 1 tbsp of olive oil 2 Tsp of shea butter and 2 Tsp of grated beeswax.
  2. After melting, add 6-8 drops of orange essential oil and 1/8th Tsp of vanilla extract to it.
  3. Mix them well.
  4. Once cooled, transfer it into a lip balm jar.
  5. Apply it whenever needed.

Grapefruit Lip Balm

Ingredients Quantities
Castor oil 1 tbsp
Shea butter 1 tbsp
Coconut oil 2 tssp
Grapefruit essential oil 1/4 Tsp
Powdered beetroot Optional
Beeswax 1 tbsp


  1. Take a glass bowl and add 1 tbsp of shea butter, 2 Tsp of coconut oil, 1 tbsp beeswax and 1 tbsp of castor oil in it.
  2. Using the double boiler method, melt all these ingredients.
  3. To this, add 1/4 Tsp of grapefruit essential oil and powdered beetroot for colour.
  4. Mix all the ingredients well and transfer it into a small container.
  5. Store it in the refrigerator.
  6. Apply it whenever required.

Burt Bee Lip Balm

Ingredients Quantities
Beeswax 20 gm
Cocoa butter 20 gms
Sunflower oil 45 gms
Rosemary essential oil 2 drop
Peppermint essential oil Optional
Lanolin Pea-sized


  1. Take a bowl and add 20gm of beeswax, 20 gms of cocoa butter, 45 gms sunflower oil, and pea size lanolin in it.
  2. Using the double boiler method melt all these ingredients.
  3. Once melted, add 2 drops of rosemary essential oil and 2 drops of peppermint essential oil (optional).
  4. Mix them well.
  5. Transfer in a glass container.
  6. Voila! your homemade imitation of Burt bee lip balm is ready.

Following the technique of cleaning, scrubbing and moisturising have never gone wrong for the lips. You can now make your own scrub and your own homemade lip balm to use every time you feel your lips need that extra care. And the best part? Both the scrub and the balm can be made in abundance and stored in the refrigerator for later use as well. Another benefit of making a scrub and a balm at home is that you can always customise it with the kind of essential oils that suit you.

pretty lips

However, if you still wish to buy a market product instead of making one at home we are sure shot going to help you with that as well. Listing below, the top 5 products that will do wonder if you welcome them in your lip care regime:

Top 6 Indian Lip Care Products For Lips

Listing down the top 6 Indian lip care products that will help in reducing pigmentation from your lips and helping them become rosy pink. Using these is super easy, all you have to do is apply them properly and let it sit to do its wonder. They are easily available both online and at local shops, for you to pick up include in your lip care regime.

Biotique Bio Almond Overnight Therapy Lip Balm

12 g – Rs 200/-

  • Positive results from the very first usage.
  • Cures dry, chapped and dark lips.
  • Overnight balm helps in rejuvenating from within.
  • Apply it right before going to sleep it will give the best results.
  • Contains oil like sunflower, almond, castor and Kusuma for moisture.
  • Be patient with this product.

Biotique Bio Almond Overnight Therapy Lip Balm

Himalaya Herbals Natural Moisturizing Lip Butter

10 g- Rs 140/-

  • Affordable.
  • Cures dark lips.
  • Last 3-4 months.
  • Butter help in hydrating the skin making it soft.
  • It is an all natural hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested product.
  • Not greasy
  • Travel-friendly
Himalaya Herbals Natural Moisturizing Lip Butter

Biotique Bio White Whitening Lip Balm

12 g- Rs 175/-

  • A 100% natural product.
  • Visible difference from the second usage itself.
  • Also cures smoker’ dark lips.
  • Aloe vera helps in nourishment.
  • Comes with SPF 30.
  • Use this as a night treatment for best results.

Biotique Bio White Whitening Lip Balm

Khadi Natural Wine Grapefruit Lip Balm

5 g- Rs 100/-

  • Cures chapped and pigmentation
  • Lightweight.
  • Smells amazing.
  • Gets absorbed rather quickly.
  • 100% natural product.
  • Paraben-free, no preservatives.
  • Gives best results when used as an overnight treatment.
  • Make the lips look plump and fuller.
Khadi Natural Wine Grapefruit Lip Balm

Lotus Herbals Velvety Rose Lip Therapy 

4gm- 165/-

  • Rehydrates the lips.
  • Repair dark and chapped lips.
  • Nourishes and moisturise the lips.
  • Comes with SPF 15.
  • Shea butter comes with excellent softening properties
  • Is not sticky at all.
  • Gives a mattifying effect instead of a shine.
  • Last long on the lips.

Shahnaz Husain’s Vedic Solution Shashine Lip Balm

10gm- 325/-

    • Protect lips from damage.
    • Nourishes it and make it soft and supple.
    • Work to repair dark lips.
    • Work against dry chapped lips/
    • Comes packed with vitamins and emollients.
  • Has a glossy finish.
  • It is suitable for all skin types.
  • Shahnaz Husain’s Vedic Shahine lip balm is 100% natural.
Shahnaz Husain’s Vedic Solution Shashine Lip Balm
Just a little time out before going to sleep to ensure that your lips are well scrubbed and hydrated is all that is required to achieve something that now might seem impossible. Using certain homemade products will bring all the difference that is required. Lips might be just a part of your face which is really tiny, but it is the one that grasps the most attention. And well, why not take care of something that is responsible for defining your smile!

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This article has been medically reviewed by Dr.Nagakeerthana S, MD (Dermatology) on 8/3/2019

Vani Kambali

Health and Wellness Content Writer at Glowpink
Health and wellness content writer at Glowpink, I find my solace in the words that I cook and serve to people for them to benefit from it. With my growing interest in health, wellness and travel sectors, I concentrate on capturing the things that I read and see from my eye and deliver it to people in the crispest manner for them to experience and take back something from it.
The story of my life- I hate writing, I love having written- Dorothy Parker
Vani Kambali

Vani Kambali

Health and Wellness Content Writer
Health and wellness content writer at Glowpink, I find my solace in the words that I cook and serve to people for them to benefit from it. With my growing interest in health, wellness and travel sectors, I concentrate on capturing the things that I read and see from my eye and deliver it to people in the crispest manner for them to experience and take back something from it. The story of my life- I hate writing, I love having written- Dorothy Parker


  1. I have been using the coconut oil remedy on my lips and while it is making it soft, it is doing nothing for my dark lips? IS there an ingredient that I can mix with it which will give me pink lips?

  2. While it is very easy to apply sunscreen and cover the whole body by wearing longer clothes, what can be done for lips apart from applying sunscreen to it? They are still very much exposed to the sun and its UV rays.

  3. You can always wear big hats to make sure that your face below your forehead is well under a shed. The beach sun hat kinds are the best to protect your lips.

  4. I agree. Protecting lips of other parts of the face us very difficult especially when you stay in a city where it is very hot. You can always cover your face with cloth and tie it around your hair as well. This way your are helping yourself in three ways.

    1. You are protecting you hair from getting ruined.
    2. You are protecting your lips as well as other parts of your face from the sun damage.
    3. You also protect your face from pollution.

    There is no better way than the cloth to walk freely without worrying about pollution.

  5. I absolutely agree with it. It is after all not just the sun that is being a source of external damage. Pollution is too and a cloth can act as a layer of protection between the impurities and your face. But this does not mean that you can just tie a fabric up and leave. You must apply a good layer of sunscreen in this case too?

  6. Not at all. In fact it is the other way round. Using honey will help in lightening the lips down. not make them darker. It also helps in softening the skin and dealing with chapped lips. Apply it on your lips and leave it over night You will see visible changes within no time.

  7. What are the ways of lightening the lips. I have totally dark lips and I am looking for ways through which I can lighten them. Can you please mention the ways through which I can easily achieve that.

  8. I love the lemon ingredient for skin lightening. I have been using it for my tans and then when I saw this article, I tried it even for my lips and it works like wonders. I used it for a month and I saw visible changed to my lips. It used be really brown and now it is gone.

  9. I know right? Isn’t lemon the best ingredient when it comes to rubbing the pigment off. I was a heavy smoker and I had a lot of patches that were too dark. The lemon mixed with honey worked out like a gem for me. Do give it a try and you will be surprised.

  10. I am a heavy smoker too. How much time does it take to completely rub off the dark patches off? Also do you add anything else apart from honey and lemon?

  11. How much times does it take to completely rub off the pigments caused due to UV rays off.

  12. I have chapped lips and whenever I try to use lemon juice on it, it burns the skin very much. Is there a way I can reduce the stings feel?

  13. You can always try to dilute it with coconut oil and rose water to milder the effect. Mix equal parts so that the recipe is effective while being a little mild on the skin.

  14. I have used the aloe Vera gel on my lips and it did work like wonder. You have to use it for a prolonged period of time though as it is very natural and mild and will need a little time to show results. Be very consistent with it and don’t leave it mid way if you don’t see visible results. It will take time but it will be worth it.

  15. Do I have to use fresh aloe Vera or a market bought product will also work? Can I instead use a juice as it is much easier to apply on the lips.

  16. Using fresh aloe Vera is the best way to deal with any of your problems. The market based products can have a lot of preservative and added fragrance that can further add pigments to the lips. The chemicals in it can worsen the situation and also lead to a drier skin.

  17. So there is a myth that revolves around the whole dark lips thing which says that once your lips go darker, there is no turning back. Is it really true. And moreover is their a way it can actually be treated naturally.

  18. It is obviously possible to cure the things that have gotten damaged. Especially pigmentation. All you have to do is scrub the dirt out and use natural ingredients on it. Your lips will be back to normal within no time.

  19. Yes it is very much possible to cure dark lips. They are the easiest to cure in fact All you have to do is follow the cleansing, toning, scrubbing and moisturizing to bring them back to their original position.

  20. I had extremely chapped lips which started going dark too. While I was trying on a lot of lip balms they didn’t feel like they were doing much for the lips. Just felt like a protective layer. I used the glycerin and it worked wonders for the lips. It immediately lightened and went back to normal within no time. I suggest people to give it a try. It will be a gem.

  21. I used glycerin but it did not work very well for me. Did you do anything specific or different while using the glycerin recipe. I really want something to work for my dark lips. I am really scared of trying out chemical products on my lips. They don’t do much and in fact end up destroying the skin even more. Please le tme know.

  22. I was facing a lot of problem with my dark lips. I travel a lot of cities and due to the pollution and climate change from various cities my lips suffered the most. I used to protect my body by wearing full length outfits but it was mostly my lips that suffered. I tried applying sunscreen to them as well but it was all in vain. And then my mother showed me this article. She has been trying a lot of homemade recipes from Glowpink and she asked me to try the lemon and honey one. I altered it a little bit and added sugar to exfoliate as well. Within no time I was back to my original lip colour and it was much more softer. I used it thrice every week. The best part about it is that you can make it in bulk and carry it with you wherever you go. Use it as an when you want and store the rest. Love it. Thank you Glowpink. You have added another permanent reader to your hat.

  23. I have been a huge fan of lemon myself. Due to its natural bleaching agent it is one of the most trusted resource for pigmentation and darkness. I have been using it for my underarm darkness but then lately I have also grown darker lips. I honestly don’t know the reason for it but it adds a negative to my appearance. Now that there is positive review about the lemon an honey recipe, I think I will give it a chance. Thank you @Victoria

  24. I have lips that are chapped. Will lemon burn and sting them or will it be normal. I also have peeling skin on my lips. Can use sugar to scrub or should I avoid that and only use lemon and honey. Please help. My concerns are the dead skin on the lip that prevails almost the whole year and the pigmented skin.

  25. I love how very well written this article is. Glad to have scrolled and clicked upon it.

  26. I used the almond method but it didn’t do much for me. Is there a specific almond oil that should be used to cure it or anything would work. My lips have gotten softer but the peeling problem is still there and also, the dark spots on my lips are also as it is. What should I do? Is there someone who used this method who can help with it. Also please mention which almond oil you used and if you added anything extra than the ingredients mentioned here.

  27. Thank you so much for this article. I was facing a lot of issues with my dark lips. I used all these remedies every alternate day and now I have baby soft lips which are back to its original light brown-pinkish shade. Thank you so much guys.

  28. My most favorite recipe out of this is the strawberry one. It naturally adds a flush of pink color on the lip whilst repairing it. You can also replace the strawberry with beetroot they are much more strong when it comes to a natural tint. The strawberries antioxidant properties ensure that all the aging signs like dark spots does not exist after a couple of its application. The honey and olive oil will soften the lips and if you face any problem in regards to chapped or peeling lips, they will cure it. And if not, both these ingredients will make your lips baby soft. Use it for your benefits. You can also add in lemon to it like I do sometimes to make the concoction even more powerful of pigmentation. All the best.

  29. Is there a specific kind of sugar to be used when following the sugar and olive oil remedy? Please help.

  30. I am a college student and with my assignments and classes, I don’t really get time to make any mask for skin or hair at home. Can I use ready made rosewater on the lips directly? Will it bring any change?

  31. I am a college student too and I can totally understand what you are saying. I face the same issues. Now to answer your question, yes, you can use rose water to lighten your dark lips. When you apply it on your lips and massage it in gentle circular motions it stimulates blood flow in the entire lips causing the cell to regenerate faster which in turn cures problems like a dehydrated dry chapped lip or a dark lip.

  32. I have been using sugar to scrub my lips but I just cannot manage to. The granules are very big for an area as small as lip. Is there a specific type of sugar that I should use. Or should I semi grind them or something. Please help. I always try the honey lemon and sugar recipe but them end up using only the honey and lemon.

  33. I love how beautifully this article is written. I have tried pretty much all the mentioned recipes. They are so gentle on the skin that it never looks or feels like the skin is being tortured. It very gently cures the problem and gives back smooth and fresh pink lips that look super healthy. Must try. The recipes are very simple. You can alternate between them every week.

  34. Such an amazing article. My most favorite have to be the cucumber one. Due to peeling skin my lips always feels like it is on fire. The cucumber calms my lips while working on dark skin. It feel exceptionally hydrating and also gives a natural plum. Must try.

  35. Do all these mild recipes actually work for something as severe as dark lips? I have like a layer of skin that has gone dark. Whenever that skin peels I can actually see a gradation of my original lip color. I will love to find out if they actually work because if I can treat naturally, I don’t think there is anything better than that. Please someone help!

  36. Of course! All these recipes work. I love experimenting with natural ingredients and I have almost tried all of them. I also suggested it to a few friends of mine who are sticking to only one single recipe and even they have seen visible changes in their lip colour. You can absolutely trust it 100 %.

  37. Natural ingredients are mild sure but they work very similar to how your market products work minus the side effects. All you have to with natural ingredients is to give them enough time. They will show results and it will not be temporary. The recipes listed above are from one among the best and you can blindly trust them. Consistency and patience is the key. You have to let the ingredients sit and do its job. Only then you will be able to see the changes.

  38. How much time does the cucumber recipe takes o cure dry lips. And does the hydration actually reach the layers of lips or is just a feel good thing, just temporary?

  39. It totally depend Phoebe. For me, I could see visible results only after a month of regular application. You will have to be very consistent with it. You can’t just let it be. It might work quicker on your skin or can work slowly as well. Give it time and be patient with it.

  40. I was curious about the apple cider vinegar and baking soda one cause they seem very promising. Considering you have used them all, how was your experience?.

  41. Well, if you are someone with chapped lips and cuts on the lips, I would suggest opt for baking soda than apple cider vinegar. It will burn a lot. You will have to dilute it and if you dilute it, it will take a lot of time to show effects and make your dark lips light. Keep it on the lips for the mentioned time. Follow the recipe as mentioned and you will be supremely close to getting pink lips or your original lip colour back. You can also alter but make sure the mixing does not create something that would further damage your lips and cause any sort of burns and it will further darken your lips.

  42. Thank you so much for a prompt reply Maya. I will definitely opt for baking soda over apple cider vinegar now. And I will also try and use other recipes on my lips. Also thank you so much for the additional tips that you gave, it is truly helpful. Thank you so much 🙂

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