Have you ever come across the word “Purcellin oil” before? I hope for most of the people this would be the first time to hear such a term. But, I am pretty sure that you all would be familiar with the ducks. Now you all might have a question that “Is the Purcellin oil obtained from ducks?” And yes, Purcellin oil is the one that is being secreted by the uropygial glands of ducks which are located near the tail feathers. Not only ducks but most of the birds that float in water would have this. The preening oil that is taken from the feathers of such birds is widely known as Purcellin oil.

This oil is being used widely in the manufacture of soaps and body lotions for many years. But the synthetic form of this oil was manufactured only a few years back. And this is widely termed to be bio-oil in the global market. The key ingredient used in this oil is Purcellin oil. As soon as we know a new thing, we will obviously be eager to know how this can be used in our daily life. But you will be really amazed by looking at the wide variety of benefits it could offer us. So with no further delay, let us jump into the article for knowing more about this oil.

Purcellin Oil

Essential Ingredients Present in Bio-Oil
Benefits Of Purcellin Oil
Side Effects Of Bio Oil
Purcellin Oil For Eyes
Bio Oil For Face
Bio Oil On Lips
Bio Oil Benefits For Body
Purcellin Oil For Hair
Purcellin Oil For Hands And Legs
Purcellin Oil For Nails

Essential Ingredients Present in Bio-Oil

The key ingredients that are present in bio-oil are as follows.

  • Purcellin Oil – Key Ingredient
  • Calendula Essential Oil
  • Chamomile Essential Oil
  • Lavender Essential Oil
  • Rosemary Essential oil
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin E

Benefits Of Purcellin Oil

  • Makeup Primer

Bio-oil can be an excellent primer to your skin. It comes along with two fabulous benefits when used as a primer. One is that it makes your skin to shine with a glow. And the other one is it hydrates your skin. So, you can apply a few drops of bio-oil before you start with the make-up. You can also mix a few drops with your foundation and apply it while doing the make-up.

  • Makeup Remover

You don’t have to spend a lot of time and money in choosing an appropriate make-up remover that would suit your skin. Bio-oil[1] can be used as a make-up remover on your skin. It has the cleansing properties that would clean your face completely and offer clear skin to you. Take a few drops of bio-oil on your fingertips and apply it all over your face. Then take a cotton ball and wipe your face. This will make all the make-up on your face to get removed along with the bio-oil. This will also make your skin to be healthy and bright.

  • Nose And Ears Piercing

After we pierce our nose and ears, we might get some wounds on that particular area. It will eventually lead to the inflammations, redness and pain in that region. Further, it may also lead to some infections because of any germs or toxic agents. Bio-oil can be a great remedy for you to heal such skin conditions. Apply a small amount of bio-oil on the area of nose and ears where you have got pierced. This will let the wounds to get healed faster without causing much pain.

  • Relief From Stress

Most of the times, we get stressed due to a lot of problems in both professional and personal life. This can disturb us both physically and mentally. Other than this, stress could play a major role in serving to be the factor for many of the health problems. Bio-oil can save you from all these ill effects. Essential oils present in the bio-oil can offer great relief for you from the stress and pressure. You can either prefer for a massage with the bio-oil or an oil bath.

  • Enhances Cheek Bones

Getting perfect cheekbones will offer a definite and enhanced look to your face. It makes your face look full and bright. Though there are many exercises to enhance cheekbones, we would obviously say yes when there is an even easier way for that. Applying bio-oil regularly o your cheekbones can help you with this. It makes those bones look more polished with a radiant glow. So, the cheekbones will get enhanced in your face.

Side Effects Of Bio Oil

According to many of the studies, this oil does not cause any of the side effects when used. But still, some of the few side effects it might cause on certain skin types are listed below.

  • Applying it continuously all over your face when you don’t have any of the issues might lead to the occurrence of clogged pores.
  • The bio-oil consists of liquid paraffin in it. This might lead to the occurrence of breakages for some people.
  • All the essential oils used in this bio-oil are made of plant extracts. So, this might cause some irritations and redness for those who have extremely sensitive skin types.


  • The bio-oil should not be applied directly to those areas where you have open wounds on the skin.
  • Do not use the oil if your skin is broken in a particular region. This might aggravate the effects of such wounds on your skin.
  • It is better if you test the oil on your skin before using it completely on any portions of your body.

Purcellin Oil For Eyes

#1. For Dark Circles

Dark circles[2] have become a common issue in this fast-paced lifestyle. Every woman would always look at the mirror after waking up in the morning just to verify whether she has a dark circle. Straining your eyes while doing a particular work for a longer duration could make the tissues under your eyes to appear dark. Insufficient sleep and rest to your eyes could be another major reason why dark circles appear under your eye.

Bio-oil could be an excellent remedy in treating the dark circles under your eyes. It helps in making the tissue under your eye to get lightened when used regularly. As a result, the dark circles under your eye will start to diminish after a few days. It also even out your skin tone by making the skin to appear in the same color in all parts of your body.

How To Use Bio-Oil

  1. Take a small amount of bio-oil in your palm.
  2. Apply the oil over the regions under your eye where you have dark circles.
  3. Start massaging the eye area gently in circular motions with the applied bio-oil for a few minutes.
  4. Then leave it to get dry. It is better if you prefer doing this before going to bed. It is because the remedy can be very effective as the oil has quite a lot of time to get absorbed by the skin.

Bio Oil For Face


  • Make sure that you apply the oil only when you are affected by any of the following skin conditions.
  • Also, apply it only on the targeted areas where your skin should be treated from damage.
  • Do not apply it continuously all over your face when you don’t have any of the issues.
  • Doing this repeatedly on normal skin might lead to clogged pores.
  • So avoid applying it once you get recovered from the problem.

#1. For Acne And Acne Scars

Acne could be the worst nightmare ever because of the awful effects it causes on your skin. Clogged pores, dead skin cells could be the major factor that would cause acne on your face. Whenever acne comes, it steals away the entire happiness even after it has got treated. This is because of the obvious marks it leaves on your face.

Bio-oil can solve all these issues and offer a clear skin to you. The vitamin A content present in the bio-oil has the ability to exfoliate your skin. So, all the dead skin cells can be removed completely from your face. It eliminates the free radical damage that will cause damage to your skin. Also, all the bacterias that cause the clogged pores[3] are killed by the bio-oil. It offers a soothing and calming effect on your skin and prevents irritations and redness. The rosemary essential oil present in the bio-oil will promote your skin from any repair.

How To Use Bio-Oil


  1. Take one cotton ball and dip it entirely in a bowl containing bio-oil.
  2. Now dab the bio-oil using the cotton ball on the areas where you have acne and acne scars.
  3. You can also apply the oil directly to the acne and acne scars using your fingertips.

#2. For Skin Lightening

Skin pigmentation[4] is an issue caused due to any changes in the melanocytes that are known to produce the melanin pigment in our body. The increased exposure to sunlight (UV rays), pollution and other impurities can be the external factors for this issue. This will eventually lead to the uneven skin tone in your face. Your facial skin will start to appear darker than the usual days.

If this is the case, then bio-oil is a must ingredient that should be available on your shelves. Using bio-oil regularly can nullify all the changes caused in the skin tone. It has the ability to suppress all the functions of melanocytes in our body. It contains a lot of antioxidants packed with it. So, when applied the antioxidants in bio-oil will inhibit the melanin in your skin. This will help in reducing the unevenly toned skin problems.

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How To Use Bio-Oil

  1. Choose a bio-oil and pour a few drops of it in your hands.
  2. Then apply the oil on your face where you have even skin tone.
  3. Gently massage your face with the applied oil in a circular motion. This will help the skin to absorb the oil.
  4. Repeat this for a minimum of about 3 months to reduce and prevent uneven toned skin.

#3. For Stretch Marks And Scars

Stretch marks are one of the most common things that get developed as you grow up and reach the puberty level. Often this comes along with the pregnancy as your skin gets expanded while holding the baby. Though these stretch marks appear irrespective of gender, women seem to get more affected because of this. The reasons for such stretch marks are far-flung that could be difficult to find. Usage of oral-steroids and low-efficiency tropical steroid creams could cause such stretch marks. Your dermis will be inhibited from developing elastin fibers and collagen.

No other creams or lotions could reverse this damage and it can only protect from further damages. But bio-oil has the capability to penetrate deep into your skin. This will eventually treat the elastic damage that occurred underneath your skin region. A particular study on bio-oil has shown that almost 100% of the people who used bio-oil for about 8 weeks have got impressive results on stretch marks in their skin.

How To Use Bio-Oil

  1. Pour a little amount of bio-oil in our hands.
  2. Now start massaging the area where you have stretch marks and scars.
  3. Then gently massage the area in circular motions for a few seconds. You should repeat this process twice in a day for obtaining speed recovery.
  4. Also, mostly prefer for doing this remedy before going to sleep. After applying it, leave the oil to be there for overnight. This will make your skin to absorb the oil and also offer effective benefits to your skin.

#4. For Wrinkles And Facial Lines

As days get added up, the wrinkles[5] and facial lines start to appear as a result of aging. The increase in the elasticity of your skin could be the major driving factor for this old-aged look.  This will eventually make your skin to look shrank and dull. Sometimes, even young individuals have premature aging effects on their skin due to various internal and external factors.

To all these aging effects, bio-oil could be a counter product by providing relief from such problems. When your skin gets moisturized, the visibility of the wrinkles gets reduced. The vitamin E content present in the bio-oil can degrade all the aging effects in your skin. It helps in improving the overall appearance of your face. The collagen[6] production is also increased which improves the elasticity of your skin.

How To Use Bio-Oil

  1. Take a small amount of bio-oil in our hands.
  2. Start massaging the area where you have wrinkles and stretch marks on your face.
  3. Gently massage your face in circular motions for a few seconds. Repeat this process twice in a day to get better results.
  4. Also, prefer doing this during the night times and leave the oil on your face for overnight. This will allow your skin to absorb the oil and offer more benefits to your skin.

#5. For Facial

A facial can be the preeminent way to take care of your skin. It helps you to get rid of many of the skin problems. They also provide an extra radiant glow to your skin naturally. When you massage your face, the blood circulation tends to get increased in that particular region. Increase in blood circulation is an optimum way of maintaining good skin health[7]. More than the skin benefits, it is a great way to offer relief from stress and work pressure.

Bio-oil can be an excellent one that could be used for doing facials and massages on your facial skin. They provide a refreshing look to your face and also rejuvenates the skin. It makes your skin to gleam with extra brightness.

How To Use Bio-Oil

Mini Facial Using Facecloth

  1. Take a small bowl and fill it with one cup of warm water.
  2. Now add about 5 drops of bio-oil into the water kept in the bowl.
  3. Mix the solution well to make them get mixed well.
  4. Then take a face cloth and soak it completely inside the bio-oil solution.
  5. Now place the soaked cloth on your face and spread it covering your face.
  6.  Let the cloth be on your face for about 5 minutes.
  7. Now take the cloth from your face and pat with a clean towel.
  8. You can repeat doing this whenever you want it.

Facial Using Fingertips

  1. Pour a few drops of bio-oil in our palm.
  2. Start rubbing the oil all over your face. Gently start massaging your face using the fingertips. Start massaging in circular motions starting from forehead till the mouth region.
  3. Forehead: Start from the forehead region and move towards the temples.
  4. Cheeks: Start to massage from your nose in the outward direction.
  5. Mouth: For this, you should first tighten your mouth to “O” shape. This will help in preventing the vertical lines at the side of your mouth. Now massage upwards from the corners of your mouth towards the nose.
  6. Nose Area: Then gradually massage upwards from the nostrils. Massage until you reach both the sides of your nose.


  • Follow the same procedure in the given order to get effective results.
  • Do not forget to massage each part of your face in circular motions.

#6. With Bronzer

Bronzer is a skin care product that would offer a matte finish to your face. It is widely used when you apply make-up to face. They are known to offer that sun-kissed radiant sheen to your face. It provides a proper definition to your face by enhancing the structure of the facial bones. This can be the best product to be used for enhancing the glow in your skin especially on those days when you have dull skin. It offers a natural glow to your skin with warm radiance.

So, how about mixing bio-oil with the bronzer you use on the facial skin? This can offer a choke of benefits when applied on your face. All the benefits of a bronzer and bio-oil will get constituted together in offering a gleaming appearance to your face. You will literally be amazed by the results you obtain at the end of using it with the bronzer.

How To Use Bio-Oil

  1. Choose a bronzer of your choice that suits your skin tone and type.
  2. Then pour a few drops of bio-oil into your bronzer.
  3. Mix both the ingredients well.
  4. Start using it on your face like how you use the bronzer. This can offer an added glow to your facial skin.

Bio Oil On Lips

#1. For Chapped Lips

Most of us misunderstand that chapped lips[8] occur only during the winter season due to the changes in the climate. But the fact is that it also occurs when your body does not possess appropriate levels of moisture content in it. Your lips will start getting more dry and dull. The outer skin layer of your lips will start getting peeled due to the excessive dryness. This might cause pain, irritations, redness and inflammations in your lips.

A few drops of bio-oil are more than enough to save your lips from all of these issues. By locking the moisture content within your lips, the bio-oil will prevent your lips[9] from getting dehydrated. You can use this regularly during the winter season as this will be the time where you get chapped lips often.

How To Use Bio-Oil

  1. Pour a few drops of bio-oil and start applying it directly on your lips.
  2. Spread the oil all over your lips where you have dry and damaged portions.
  3. Follow this remedy on a regular basis to get rid of the chapped lips very soon.

#2. For Soft Lips

None of the lipstick shades could make your lips to appear bright with proper shape if you don’t take care of it properly. Every woman would always crave for getting those soft pinkish lips that would optimize her beauty. But with the increased usage of products containing chemicals and reduced skincare routine, lips get damaged more often. The skin in your lips starts getting darker and hard. Sometimes, you might even end up with the cracked lips.

Now you don’t have to worry about having such unhealthy lips. We have bio-oil that could solve all of the above conditions on your lips. Including this in your routine life can make your lips to be softer and pinkish. You can start to use lip balms that are made or contain bio-oil in it. This will improve the texture and appearance of your lips to a greater extent.

How To Use Bio-Oil

  1. Place a small bowl and add about 1 tablespoon of brown sugar into it.
  2. Then add about 1/2 a tablespoon of brown sugar into it.
  3. Mix both the ingredients well until they get combined well.
  4. Now apply the sugar mixture all over your lips.
  5. Let the sugar mixture be on your lips for a few minutes.
  6. You don’t have to worry if you consume it while applying. Because this will not cause any of the harmful reactions even if you intake it.
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Bio Oil Benefits For Body

#1. As Moisturizer

Like how a plant needs a sufficient amount of water for proper growth, our body also needs an essential amount of moisture content. If your body stays dehydrated for a long time, it might lead to many of the health issues. This can make you be unhealthy and inactive most of the times. You might feel the loss of energy while doing any sort of works. Your skin will start getting more dry and damaged. This will eventually affect your overall appearance.

Using bio-oil could be an effective remedy in treating this condition. You can use bio-oil on a regular basis for promoting the appearance of your skin. This also nourishes your body with the essential vitamin and minerals it possesses. This will make your skin to be healthy and fresh all the time.

How To Use Bio-Oil

  1. Take a body lotion or a moisturizer of your choice which you use regularly.
  2. Add a few drops of bio-oil into the cream or lotion.
  3. Mix both the ingredients well to make them combined.
  4. Then start applying the bio-oil mixed lotion all over your body. You can use this on a daily basis for obtaining a shiny skin.

#2. For Body Bath

When the bio-oil offers huge benefits, how about taking a body bath with the oil. This can be beneficial to your skin in many ways. It helps in cleansing the entire skin and provide a glow to it. You can do this whenever you feel like your skin needs a refreshment. This also helps in reducing your stress and provides relief to your body and mind.

How To Use Bio-Oil

  1. Add a few drops of bio-oil into your bathtub filled with warm water.
  2. Leave the oil to get mixed completely in the water kept in the bathtub.
  3. Then soak your body entirely in the water kept in the bathtub.
  4. Let your body to be inside the water for a few minutes.
  5. Follow this before you start to bath or shower. You can follow this regularly as it is beneficial to your skin.

#3. For Sun Burn

The hot summer could be troublesome for those who have extremely sensitive skin types. Increased exposure to the sunlight can cause burns and patches on your skin. These burns will further lead to the damage of tissues present within your skin. It also causes redness, irritations and inflammations[10] on those burned areas. Using bio-oil can treat that sunburns that are there on your skin. It offers a calming and soothing effect on those burned areas of your skin. They also help in healing the sunburns at a faster rate

How To Use Bio-Oil

  1. Add a small amount of bio-oil in your hands.
  2. Start applying the bio oil on the areas where you have sunburns on your skin.
  3. Follow this regularly until the sunburns get healed completely.
  4. This will also provide relief for you from the pain and irritations on your skin.

Purcellin Oil For Hair

#1. For Dry Scalp

Dry scalp[11] is an exasperating one that leads to a lot of hair problems. This mostly occurs due to the inappropriate moisture content present in your scalp. Your scalp starts getting very dry and dull. As a result, white flakes will start to appear on your scalp which is commonly termed as dandruff. This will eventually cause itchiness in your scalp that makes the condition even worse. This will lead to hair loss, dandruff, scalp infections and other fungal infections.

Bio oil can be a great remedy in solving this scalp condition. Only a few drops of bio-oil is more than enough for single use. Bio-oil has the ability to moisturize your scalp with the required water content. So, your scalp will get rid of the dryness and itchiness very soon. It also makes your scalp to stay hydrated all the time.

How To Use Bio-Oil 

  1. Choose any shampoo of your choice that is suitable for your hair type.
  2. Then add a few drops of the bio-oil along with the shampoo.
  3. Start massaging your scalp gently with the bio-oil mixed shampoo. Spread the shampoo all over your scalp and hair.
  4. Let it sit for a few seconds on your hair and scalp.
  5. Then wash your hair and scalp with warm or cold water.
  6. This hair remedy can make your scalp to be moisturized all the time. It also calms down your scalp from the irritations and reduces the dryness effects.

#2. For Split Ends

Almost each and every person would have dealt with the split ends in their day-to-day lives. The split ends usually comes with a whole bunch of other hair problems. When your hair becomes extremely dry, then you can observe your hair shaft getting separated from one another. An escalation in the usage of hair styling products and heat equipment can be one of the utmost reason for split ends. Along with this, the blazing rays from the sun during the hot summer gets added up in the list. The split ends causes breakage in your hair leading to uneven hair.

Bio-oil can be a secret ingredient for your hair in treating and preventing the split ends in your hair. The light-weight consistency of the bio-oil can be a great asset when it comes to hair. This will make the ends of your hair to be moisturized.

split ends

How To Use Bio-Oil 

  1. Firstly, take a few drops of bio-oil in your palm.
  2. Then spread the bio-oil in your fingertips and palm.
  3. Now start applying the bio-oil on the ends of your hair. Focus more on the areas where you have split ends.
  4. You can also apply all over your hair wherever you find damaged portions.
  5. This can help the ends of your hair to stay hydrated. So, the shaft of your hair will not get separated. And thus the bio-oil prevents the occurrence of split ends.

#3. For Dry And Damaged Hair

Styling your hair becomes a major mire when you have dry and damaged hair[12]. Though you might use a lot of hair care products or hair spray, your hair will not get adjusted to the way how you want it. Further, the frizziness in your hair will lead to the weakening of the hair follicles. So, your hair will be prone to any sort of damages very easily. Each strand of your hair will appear dull and damaged. You will also feel the stickiness in your hair when it is left untreated.

So, using bio-oil you can make your hair to be healthy and bight. The bio-oil consist of Vitamin A and E in it. So, this will provide all the nourishment to your hair and hair follicles[13]. It will also help in maintaining the health of your hair properly. This can make your hair get adjusted to whatever style you prefer to have.

How To Use Bio-Oil 

  1. Firstly, pour a few drops of bio-oil in your palm.
  2. Then start rubbing the oil on each strand of your hair. Apply it starting from the roots till you reach the ends of your hair.
  3. In the end, make sure that each strand of your hair is coated with the bio-oil.
  4. This method of applying bio-oil to your hair will help in taming the frizziness in your hair. It also offers makes your hair to be very shiny and even from top to the bottom of your hair.

#4. For Preventing Hair From Chlorine And Salt

Adding a seamless blend of colors has become a way to breathe new life into your hair. Blonde, balayage and highlights have become the most prevailing words in the salon. But there comes a great hurdle in maintaining the colored hair. You tend to follow a lot of rules and regulations for making the color to stay on your hair. Chlorine and salt become the first rebel to your colored hair. They have the ability to rip off the color completely from your hair. This will lead to hair damage and your hair will retain its normal color.

Bio-oil can be an excellent ingredient to make the chlorine and salt to stay away from your colored hair. It forms a protective barrier around your hair when applied. So, this will not allow the chlorine and salt to rip off the color from your hair.

How To Use Bio-Oil 

  1. Take a bio-oi and add a few drops in your hands.
  2. Rub the oil on both the hands and start applying it on your hair.
  3. Apply it more on the areas where your hair is colored.
  4. You can follow this remedy before you get into a swimming pool or beach. This will protect your hair when you swim in chlorinated or salt water.

#5. As Hair Treatment Mask

Choked with benefits, bio-oil can be a great panacea for most of the hair problems. Using it in our daily life can literally promote the health of your hair to a greater extent. It makes your hair to be extremely soft, smooth and shiny. If you have damaged hair after undergoing any hair treatments like coloring and straightening, then this is the key ingredient to solve such conditions.

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Using bio-oil on your air can be an extra spotlight to your hair even if you don’t have any issue. It nourishes your hair follicles and roots of your hair. This will also help in promoting your hair growth[14] to a greater extent.

How To Use Bio-Oil

Day Time Mask

  1. Take 1 tbsp of bio-oil in your palm and start applying it on your hair.
  2. Apply it all over your hair and scalp including the ends and roots.
  3. Then leave the bio-oil to be on your hair for about 15 minutes.
  4. Now start washing your hair with warm or cold water.
  5. You can also use mild sulfate-free shampoo while washing your hair.

If you have very less time, then you can opt for this hair mask. Though its a short duration, the oil can make your hair to get moisturized and appear bright.

Overnight Hair Mask

  1. Pour 1 tbsp of bio-oil in your hands.
  2. Start applying the oil all over your hair and scalp.
  3. Gently massage your scalp for a few seconds.
  4. Then place a towel or a shower cap on your hair and cover it. This will allow the oil to stay on your hair for a longer duration.
  5. Leave the oil to be on your hair for an overnight.
  6. Then start to wash your hair by morning. Use mild sulfate-free shampoo for washing your hair. Also, prefer using either warm or cold water for washing your hair.

This has more benefits when compared to the day-time mask. It is because the oil will have more time to get penetrated deep into your scalp and hair shafts.


Purcellin Oil For Hands And Legs

#1. For Shiny Legs

The irregular weather patterns can be the worst one that could make more damages to your legs. A picture of a woman with the gleaming legs could steal away almost all of our hearts. But obtaining such legs is no more a difficult task when bio-oil could offer you that. This will give an extra polished look to your legs and also nourishes the skin. Bio-oil will obviously help you attain the celebrity look and feel when you wear the dresses that would show off your legs.

How To Use Bio-Oil

  1. Add a little amount of the bio-oil in your palms.
  2. Apply it all over your legs wherever you feel that it is too dry and damaged.
  3. Allow it to get dry for a few minutes. You can also leave it for overnight to be there on your legs.

#2. For Dark Elbows And Knees

The knee-length dresses and short remains to be latent in your wardrobe when you have dark knees and elbows. You might feel embarrassed about wearing your favorite swimwear as your knees will get exposed. The factors that would cause dark regions on your knees and elbows can be wide. They might be caused due to the increased accumulation of dead skin cells in that particular region. Other factors like hormonal imbalance and increased exposure to the sun could also play a vital role in this.

You can now wear all your dresses that would show off your knees without any discomfort as you have bio-oil to solve this issue. A few drops of bio-oil could help in lightening the dark shades of your skin that is present in your elbows and knees. It evens out the overall tone of your skin. So, your skin will get easily rid off all those dark patches and skin that is present in different parts of your body.

How To Use Bio-Oil

  1. Pour a little amount of bio-oil in your palm.
  2. Start rubbing the oil on your knees and elbows.
  3. Massaging the regions where you have dark skin complexion on the elbows and knees with the applied bio-oil. Do this in circular motions so that the oil gets evenly spread.
  4. Then leave it to get dry completely for a few minutes. Follow this remedy until you get rid of the dark elbows and knees.


#3. For Cracked Heel

One of the most awful thing that our feet would get is the cracked heel[15]. More than making your feet ugly, it causes a lot of pain when walking with it. The excessive dryness in your body could be the major reason for this problem. You will be not able to wear your favorite sandals while going to a party. It will cause a lot of discomforts even you don’t place your feet on the floor. It also happens when the elasticity of your skin gets decreased. You might also face this quite a lot of times mainly during the winter seasons.

But now as we have bio-oil you don’t have to search for the creams or lotions that could cure your cracked heel. The bio-oil can make your skin to get moisturized and get rid of the dryness issues. So, the cracked portions in your heel will start getting to heal when your skin stays hydrated. It also improves the elasticity of your skin thereby preventing the cracks. This can also make your heel to become extremely soft and smooth without any cracks or other damages.

How To Use Bio-Oil

  1. Rub a few drops of bio-oil on the areas where you have cracked heel.
  2. Make sure that you cover the entire region of your heel with the oil.
  3. Follow this until your heel becomes soft and smooth.

Purcellin Oil For Nails

#1. For Shiny Nails

Nails are known to be one of the most important parts that should be given with the utmost care in our body. This is because one can easily identify whether you are healthy or not by looking at your nails. Nails reflect how healthy we are with the help of its growth. Often your nails might lose the sheen when you scrub the vessels for a longer duration of time. It starts to appear more dull and unhealthy. If the same condition continues, then it might also lead to the breakage and improper growth of nails.

Normally it is stated that applying vitamin E oil to our nails can be a beneficial factor. Bio-oil consists of vitamin E content in it. In addition to this, it also contains a lot of essential oils and vitamin that could benefit your nails. It can help in reducing the breakages happening in your nails by maintaining proper health. You can observe some visible changes in the growth of your nails once you start using it regularly.

How To Use Bio-Oil

  1. Pour a small amount of the bio-oil on your fingertips.
  2. Start applying the oil over your nails covering the nail beds.
  3. Make sure that all your nails are coated with the bio-oil.
  4. Prefer applying it during the night times. So that you can leave the oil to be on your nails for overnight.


#2. For Peeling Cuticles

The peeled cuticle layers could be the one that could offer a lot of pain to you when it occurs. It leads to irritations and redness in your skin. This will automatically affect the health of your nails. You might wonder how will this condition affect your nails. Cuticles are the regions that protect your nails from the harmful bacteria and other damages. So, when this gets peeled off, automatically it paves a way for the nails to become prone to infections and damages. This can be caused due to various factors like nail polish, removers, scrubbing the vessels and unhealthy food habits.

Bio-oil seems to have the ability to treat the peeled cuticle regions of your nails. It nourishes your nails with all the essential nutrient supply. So, this will eventually strengthen the cuticle region of your nails. Your nails will also become healthy and free from any sort of damages or infections. The oil also helps in healing the peeled region very soon when applied regularly. It prevents the peeled region from getting worse by forming a protective layer. They also provide relief from the pain that you have in the peeled cuticle regions.

How To Use Bio-Oil

  1. Take a few drops of bio-oil in your fingers.
  2. Then start to massage the cuticle and your nail bed region with the bio-oil.
  3. Apply on those cuticles where you have the peeled region.
  4. Follow this continuously for a few months until you get the desired results.

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This article has been medically reviewed by Dr.Nagakeerthana S, MD (Dermatology) on 14/4/2019

Tharaa Nagendran

Health & Wellness Content Writer at Glowpink
A passionate writer and a creative artist who loves artworks. Writing and Doodling are the two things that give me serenity. Being as a Health and Fitness content writer, I find myself more responsible. I enjoy delivering contents that helps in enhancing the lifestyles of people.
Tharaa Nagendran
A passionate writer and a creative artist who loves artworks. Writing and Doodling are the two things that give me serenity. Being as a Health and Fitness content writer, I find myself more responsible. I enjoy delivering contents that helps in enhancing the lifestyles of people.


  1. Nice post team glowpink. So many useful remedies to treat a whole host of problems with skin, hair, nails, you name it. Greatly appreciated, keep making brilliant and useful posts like this. Cheers and keep it up!

  2. Great article on purcellin oil. It is great for reducing the stretch marks. I have been using it for a few years now to help fade my acne scars and it has lightened the appearance of my scars a lot. i would recommend it to anyone.

  3. Hey guys, purcellin oil is the oil which is claimed to be extracted from the ducks. Even in this post. But that is not true at all. It is actually a made up name for a synthetic human made product which was supposed to mimic the oil which ducks have near there tail feathers. It is not natural, breakthrough, or even good by any standards. The name bio-oil stirs up the irony like no other. It contains many synthetic products which are used everywhere in cosmetic industry. What I want to make people understand is that this is not a great oil and certainly not what they say it is. So, definitely stay away from bio-oil. It is just hype and bandwagoning which has catapulted this oil into the top but it definitely shouldn’t be there. It’s our duty who know the truth to make people aware about it and break its monopoly which it seems to have.

  4. I would have to agree with Traci here. This ‘bio oil’ is practically a scam. They claim so many things without any solid base or foundation. Many time they outright lie about what the oil does. It is hard to understand for me how this got so popular but it is a trend in the modern world I have noticing. You would think that with the rise of Internet more people will be able to harness correct information about anything but it seems like quite the opposite is more prevalent. There is tons and tons of wrong, misleading and straight up incorrect information and lying in the world that it is extremely hard to figure out what the truth is. and also the word of mouth, the rumor mill, has shown the gullibility of people that it does not really matter what the truth is, what matters is what you present to the world, how you market it, how is it perceived that is enough to make or break anything. Just look at this impostor Bio oil. Without anything, any merit, it has risen to the top and does not look like people are ready to open their eyes and see the truth about it. Although, there are some people and resources who are speaking up and trying to spread the truth but I think the damage has already been done. But still we should keep on going always and try to champion the truth the best we can. It is sad that this is place the world and its population is in but… what can you do?

  5. Hey team glowpink , great post on bio oil. I want to start using it but it is quite expensive . i was wondering how long would I have to use the bio oil before my scars start fading in appearance?? Please reply soon, it will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  6. @ Parminder – Obviously the results will differ from person to person. But the official text and info suggest that you should apply the bio oil two times daily and keep doing that for 3 months in order to see nice results. It is also supposed to work better on newer scars as they are easier to get rid of and fade their appearance. Hope this helped you. Cheers. xoxo

  7. Hey guys, I am here to throw out some facts and information which the Bio oil guys themselves have provided but think that it can fool us. It is regarding their clinical trials. They are bogus is the short version. now let me elaborate a little bit. Bio oil claims that the usage of bio oil showed improvement in the appearance of scars for 92% subjects it was tested on for an 8 week study. That by itself sounds good, but when you look deeper, it quickly devolves into practically worthless and purposefully misleading info which made me realize that the company is malicious really and like all companies really, their goal is plenty clear (and it’s not your well being, its money in case you were wondering, more and more and more money, they want it all). The study was on just 36 subject. 36! That would not be even considered a clinical trial. And moreover, the sample space was not only tiny but also without any diversity. And how much was the improvement in the appearance of scarring? who knows? you can guess it by yourself can’t you. for all we know it could be 1%. And what was the comparison, we also don’t know that. Bio oil claims to made from natural based ingredients but that is also blatant misleading too. It has 29 ingredients, yeah 29, and the natural ingredients you have heard of are all the natural thing in there. and those are pretty much in every cosmetic body product ever. So yeah, 4 out of 29 are natural and those two are also pretty much in every other product already. Guys, there are plenty of natural oils you can use, just steer away from this as far and as quickly as possible. Also, please spread the awareness about this as much as you can as more people need to know about it.

  8. There are a lot of doubts going around regarding bio oil. Although it is still selling like hot cakes and still tons of people are using it. But there has been information circulating that it is not as good as it says. And also there is not really much natural about it. So of course, I just did not believe what I heard outright. Instead I decided to do some research and reading up on this bio oil. After all the things I read about it, i just did not feel comfortable using it whether they be true or not. And by my judgment there is a lot of shady things with this oil and I would not recommend it to anyone considering there are tons of natural ingredients out their which you can use instead of being scammed. I was considering using it for a burn scar I got on my arm but after realizing the truth about bio oil I went for Aloe vera to treat my scars and it worked brilliantly. My scar had faded a lot within 3 months. So I would suggest to everyone, that do not fall for the hollow promises of bio oil and try other natural remedies for your scar treatments. Wish you all good health.

  9. I massaged bio oil on one of my scars for over a year and it disappeared. So I would recommend it for scar treatment. Also, it makes my skin quite moisturized so that is good too.

  10. I would not recommend putting any kind of oil on you face because oils can clog up your pores and that can result in breakouts.

  11. I had really bad dark and brownish patches on my face. So, I was always really self-conscious and also had pretty much no confidence or self esteem. I tried a lot of things, anything I could get my hands on which promised to help me with those brown patches. Nothing helped or had any significant really. I became more and more hopeless over time. Even using a lot of makeup did not seem to make any difference, it just made me feel more insecure. Now, years have passed since then, and my issue was never really solved, I just had to move past it. Then, a few months ago I got to know about bio oil from my neighbor and I decided to give it a shot. I could not believe the effects it had and the difference t actually made. My skin seemed to have improved and it is glowing. The patches and marks on my face are much less noticeable now and I am grateful to bio oil for that.

  12. I have oily skin. Can I use Bio oil on my skin and face?? Please reply soon. Thanks. xoxo

  13. @ Gretchen Cole – Even though bio oil, as the name suggests, is an oil it is fine for usage on skin and face because it is what is known as a dry oil. Meaning it does make your skin greasy or anything as it gets absorbed by your skin quickly. Hence, it is highly unlikely that it will result in breakouts. Just make sure to use small quantities as tiny quantities of this oil is often more than enough and won’t make your skin more oily or greasy. Good luck.

  14. Hey guys, Nice post on bio oil. Have been using it for years now and my skin has never been better. I have a question regarding its usage, is it safe to use bio oil if you are a new mother and are still nursing or breastfeeding?? I ask this because of my sister who recently gave birth for the first time and she wanted something for her scars and stretch marks due to pregnancy. I am considering suggesting her bio oil if it is safe for her. So please reply soon. Thank you in advance.

  15. @ Josefina Todd – Bio oil site claims to be 100% safe to be used on the skin on breastfeeding or nursing or pregnant women. However, take care that your baby does not ingest the oil . Even though bio oil is totally non toxic babies are really sensitive and vulnerable so it is recommended that they do not ingest it in even in trace quantities. So, use bio oil on your skin but just keep it away from your nipples so that your baby does not ingest it. Definitely consult your doctor as soon as possible if you have any doubts or issues.

  16. @ Elena Flowers – Bio oil, which is the commercialized product which contains purcellin oil in it, does claim to be effective in treating stretch marks. It is actually recommended by many medical professionals and there have been countless testimonials and anecdotal evidence from its users on the internet that it has worked on them and helped them treat skin issues like stretch marks and scars. Also, bio oil has won numerous cosmetics awards all over the world which recognize its skin healing abilities. However, on the other side of the coin, there have been opposition too which claims that Bio oil does not contain any new or unique beneficial ingredient and it is not really a medical grade oil but really a glorified scented baby oil. Make of all this what you will, there are plenty of resources and debates about it online but it seems to be chugging along and growing just fine so there is that too. Yeah, I know it is confusing but it is the world we created and live in.

  17. I have heard somewhere that bio oil does not work on people with darker skin tones. Also, I think someone said that all its clinical trials have also been on white women. So, as a woman of color, is it worth trying it out? or is it worthless? It is really expensive so I would like to know all the details before going in. Please reply soon and Thanks in advance.

  18. @ Viola – Yeah, bio oil will work on any and all skin tones and types. That thing you said about the tests being on white women only is incorrect. In 2010, clinical trials were conducted on people which had all sorts of origins, including black, latino and caucasian. So, do not worry about your ethnicity, skin type or tone, Bio oil is effective across any type or color of skin. There has been plenty of evidence for that. Both from the clinical tests and trial and from numerous people on the web, social influencers and reviewers, who have praised the effects of bio oil without any solicitation. So, do go for it, you would love it I am sure and won’t regret your purchase. All the best with your skin issues.

  19. Great post! I loved that you detailed all the ways we can utilize bio oil to heal various issues and problems all over our body. I am really grateful for all your hard work and this well written and useful post. Keep up the good work, we, your supporters, are behind you all the way.

  20. I love bio oil!! It was recommended to me when I was pregnant by a couple of my friends who also used it after their pregnancies to heal their stretch marks and the sagging of skin and stuff. I did not pay much attention to it then because I had other things ony my mind, like food craving and wild mood swings due to all the hormones. But anyway, afterwards, I was looking for something, some magical remedy to help get rid of my stretch marks, and I was reminded of Bio oil again by my friends. I decided to give it a try, although it seemed a bit on the pricier side, but I was ready to try anything really. Much to my surprise, it worked quite well. I had to use it for a few months but the results did show up. My stretch marks faded a lot and now they are a distant memory, which I do not access. So, i accordance with my personal experience, I would recommend bio oil to any new mothers who might be looking for something to heal their stretch marks. Alright then, goodbye now.

  21. @ Alma Brooks – Thanks for your comment! I was looking for something to get rid of my stretch marks but was not able to land on and decide on something. I think your comment convinced me enough that now I am going to give Bio oil a try despite all my criticism. I would love to come back later and share my experience with it, which hopefully will be positive and I would have gotten rid of my stretch marks. Thanks once again and have a good day. Bye.

  22. Will I be able to use bio oil on my face?? for like moisturizing, and anti aging and stuff. It won’t cause acne or breakouts on the face, will it? Pls reply soon I need the info soon.

  23. @ Sarita Narang – Yes, you can use bio oil on the face, it is great for healing scars and fine line and prevent premature aging of the skin. It is also non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t clog your porse to cause acne or breakouts, so you should be assured of its safety and use it on your face if you wish to do so.

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