Everybody loves to have healthy skin and hair. Women spend a lot of time and resources every year on taking care of their hair and skin. They look for and try all the products they can get their hands on. After years of using and experimenting with synthetic or chemical based products, the trend is swinging back to the use of natural ingredients. Hence, people are always on the lookout for new and undiscovered natural ingredients to enhance their health and beauty. This post will make you aware of this miracle ingredient called rosehip oil. Rosehip oil is one of the best oil for hair and skincare benefits. Most people do not know much about this ingredient yet but they are coming around to its wonders.

What is Rosehip Oil?
The Benefits of Rosehip Oil for Hair and Skin
Rosehip Oil for hair
Rosehip Oil for skin
Make Your Own Rosehip oil

Benefits Of Rosehip Oil For Hair & Skin
Rosehip Oil for Hair and Skin

What is Rosehip Oil?

Rosehip oil is the best natural oil which has become very popular nowadays. It has a plethora of benefits for both hair and skin. Rosehip oil is great for moisturizing the hair and keeping the moisture sealed in. This oil is fantastic and lightweight. It is absorbed very quickly by your body. This awesome oil is ideal for both hair and skin. It has anti-inflammatory properties and is rich in multiple vitamins and essential fatty acids[1].

Rosehip oil is high in essential fatty acids, for example, omega-6 and omega-3 and super anti-oxidants beta-carotene, lycopene, and phytosterol. All these are good for moisturizing and hydrating dry skin[2]. Moreover, these fatty acids protect your hair and skin from damage by the environment. It also has omega 9 fatty acids that help protect you against tissue damage.

Rosehip oil also contains large amounts of vitamin C in it. It has more vitamin C than it is in orange. Vitamin C helps with your hair growth and makes it longer and stronger. Vitamin C strengthens your hair and consequently reduces the chances of your getting split ends. It also enhances the ability of hair to absorb iron. This is also instrumental in strengthening your hair.

Rosehip oil is rich in vitamin A. Vitamin A acts as a rich anti-oxidant and helps your hair to achieve a youthful look. It also curbs hair fall by fighting against the free radicals which cause damage to your hair.

This oil also contains vitamin E. Like vitamin A, E is also rich in anti-oxidants. Hence, it makes your hair stronger[3] and enhances its growth rate. Vitamin E is especially useful in this oil as it is instrumental in preserving all other vitamins in the oil.

The Benefits of Rosehip Oil for Hair and Skin

Rosehip oil generally falls towards the steeper side when the cost is concerned. But it fully makes up for it because of all the miracle benefits it provides to your hair and skin.

Benefits For Hair

  1. Rosehip oil is fantastic for the health of your hair and scalp both. It hydrates and moisturizes your scalp. Consequently, it helps in increasing and enhancing your hair growth.
  2. Moreover, this oil fights off any flaking in your scalp and as it nourishes and moisturizes the scalp. Consequently, it will help you fight off dandruff[4] which can be quite unsightly and embarrassing.
  3. The moisturizing effect of this oil helps keep your hair soft and supple in the winters. This is due to the presence of omega fatty acids in it. They repair the damaged hair by remedying the brittleness of the hair and making the hair follicles stronger.
  4. Rosehip oil is also great for fighting hair loss. It helps against hair loss because of its anti-oxidant properties. It eliminates any radicals and oxidants which cause damage to your hair to incur hair loss[5]. This oil is great for fighting free radicals which promote the buildup of oxidants in your skin and hair. Pollution, second-hand smoke, stress as well as other environmental factors result in oxidants which are highly damaging.
  5. Rosehip oil acts as a terrific conditioner for your hair. This is because it is rich in a variety of nutrients and vitamins like essential fatty acids, omega-3 and 6, Vitamins A, C, and E etc. You can use it in complement with your conditioner to enhance its effects.
  6. It can be used to maintain and care for your hair. Rosehip oil is wonderful for taming your hair. It calms frizz in your hair and helps to reduce your split ends.
  7. Rosehip oil beautifies your hair and makes them look top-notch, lustrous and all around gorgeous. It acts as a potent moisturizer to make your hair smoother and shinier and stronger. It is also a rich source of anti-oxidants which make your hair stronger and prevents it from turning brittle. This oil is a fantastic moisturizer. It moisturizes your hair without making them oily or adding any extra weight to it.
  8. This fantastic oil can also heal your hair from any damage to it. Nowadays, women use a variety of products and tools on their hair to make them look better. This causes damage to your hair in the process. Rosehip oil and its brilliant restorative properties are a big boon if you want to heal your hair. All the nutrients in the rosehip oil nourish and repair your hair. It even helps treat your hair from sun damage and protects it further.

Benefits For Skin

  1. Rosehip oil helps you fight against premature aging. Rosehip oil is most revered because of its properties of reversing the signs of premature aging. All the nutrients in it nourish your skin and make it healthier and fuller. It will reduce wrinkles[6] and get rid of fine lines on your skin.
  2. This oil is a great and potent moisturizer. Hence, it hydrates and nourishes your skin very well to make it silky smooth and soft.
  3. Moreover, it has great healing and regenerative properties for your skin. It will heal any skin damage. It will also help you fight any dryness, allergies and other skin issues.
  4. This oil can help you in clearing up your skin and making it spotless and blemish free. It is useful in removing any spots and marks. Moreover, it can also treat stretch marks by tightening up and nourishing your skin. It will help clear any scars, age spots, burns and more.
  5. Rosehip oil helps boost your skin’s health by making it more regenerative. It imparts an element of beauty and naturally radiant glow to your skin.
  6. This oil also has potent soothing properties. It will help soothe any skin damage or conditions. It can help soothe sunburns and other sun-based damage. Moreover, it will also soothe any rashes, redness or irritation. It can also help in treating skin conditions like rosacea and acne[7] breakouts.
  7. Rosehip oil keeps your skin soft and supple and eliminates any signs of dryness. It is great for cleansing as well. It will clear your pores from any impurities and dead skin cells.
  8. This oil can also help to lighten your skin tone. It maintains and evens out skin pigmentation to improve your complexion. Hence, it is also beneficial in remedying dark spots and blemishes on your skin.
  9. Other than all these benefits for your skin, rosehip oil also holds some extra effects for your health. This amazing oil can also treat joint pain. Its anti-inflammatory properties can help you relieve the pain in your joints naturally and without any side effects.
  10. This brilliant oil is also great for treatment of your lips. It will improve your lips color and make them more supple and soft. It will help protect your lip form damage and sunburns. This fantastic oil will also treat any dryness of your lips. Hence, it can treat dry, cracked or flaky lips.
  11. Lastly, rosehip oil can be beneficial for your nails also. The fatty acids present in it make your nails stronger.

Rosehip Oil for hair

Rosehip oil is brilliant. It is a mild carrier oil hence it can be used for great effects.

  1. Firstly, take some rosehip oil in your palms.
  2. Then, apply it all over your hair and scalp. Make sure to cover all of your hair from their roots to tips. Massage it in and spread it gently using your fingertips.
  3. After that, leave the oil in your hair for about 30 minutes.
  4. Then, wash it off and use your regular shampoo to rinse your hair and you are done.

You should use this remedy once every week to achieve fantastic and enviable results. You can easily add rosehip oil to your other hair care products or other oils. The benefits will be compounded and you will achieve great and significant benefits for your hair health[8].

Below I have shared some home remedies, where you can use this amazing ingredient to fight with specific hair related problems
For Hair Thinning
Rosehip Oil For Dandruff
For Dry Hair
Rosehip oil For Dull and Brittle Hair

For Hair Thinning

Which ingredients are needed for this one?:

Rosehip oil 1/2 teaspoon
Jojoba oil 2 teaspoon
Lavender essential oil 4 drops
Ylang ylang essential oil 4 drops
Rosemary essential oil 3 drops

What is the procedure to follow?:

  1. Firstly, take a bowl and mix all the oils together in it well.
  2. After that, part your hair to reveal your scalp and apply the oil blend onto your scalp.
  3. Then, continue applying the blend onto your scalp. Keep doing it until you have covered the whole of your scalp.
  4. Use gentle massaging motions with your fingertips while applying the oils onto your scalp.
  5. Then, apply some oil onto your hair too.
  6. After that, leave your hair and scalp be for at least an hour. You can also leave the blend in your head overnight for the best results.
  7. Lastly, rinse your hair using a mild natural shampoo. You are done!
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How does this work?:

Rosehip oil is a rich source of essential fatty acids. These acids assist in the repair and renewal of damaged hair follicles and scalp tissue to support healthy hair growth[9]. Jojoba oil’s composition is very similar to that of the sebum from our skin cells. Hence, it permeates easily and effectively into your hair to nourish the scalp and hair follicles. The lavender essential oil is also known to promote and stimulate hair growth. It makes hair to grow thicker and faster than usual. Ylang ylang essential oil also lends a hand in this purpose. It is an effective natural treatment to curb hair fall. It gets into the hair follicles to enhance hair growth. Moreover, it is great for nourishing and treating thinning hair.

Rosemary oil also promotes and stimulates hair growth. Furthermore, it can treat many other hair and scalp issues[10] like hair graying and dry or itchy scalp. Overall, this essential oil blend will enhance your hair growth and make them grow thicker and stronger.

Rosehip Oil For Dandruff

Which ingredients are needed for this one?:

Apple cider vinegar 2 tbsp
Rosehip essential oil 30 drops

What is the procedure to follow?:

  1. Firstly, take a 500 ml spray bottle and clean it and disinfect thoroughly.
  2. After that, pour tablespoons of apple cider vinegar into the dropper bottle using a small funnel.
  3. Then, add about 30 drops of rosehip essential oil to the bottle.
  4. After that, fill the remaining part of the dropper bottle with distilled water.
  5. Then, close the bottle by screwing on its cap and then shake the bottle for about a minute to mix all the ingredients together thoroughly.
  6. Lastly, just use this solution onto your scalp and hair to get rid of annoying dandruff quickly. Spray a bit of the solution on your head after every time you wash your hair and scalp.

How does this work?:

Rosehip is one of the best oils around for use on dry skin, especially the scalp. It will moisturize your scalp effectively and get rid of dry and flaky skin. Hence, it will be useful in getting rid of dandruff from the scalp. This amazing oil gets absorbed deep into the skin and scalp. Hence, it will nourish and moisturize your scalp from withing to cure dandruff. Moreover, its anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties will eradicate any harmful microbes which could be leading to dandruff along with soothing your scalp from any irritation and inflammation.

Apple cider vinegar will lift its weight in the curing of your dandruff. Its acidity helps it to eliminate any dandruff causing fungus on your scalp. Moreover, it has antifungal and antibacterial properties which will keep your scalp free from dandruff causing microbes. ACV balances the oil production in your scalp and cleanses it from any impurities and build up of dead skin cell. Consequently, these properties make it very effective in getting rid of dandruff from your head for good.


For Dry Hair

Which ingredients are needed for this one?:

Your regular conditioner 1 bottle
Rosehip essential oil 20 drops

What is the procedure to follow?:

  1. Firstly, take your regular conditioner bottle and open it.
  2. Then, the bottle of your rosehip essential oil and shake about 20 drops of it into your conditioner’s bottle.
  3. After that, close back your conditioner bottle tightly.
  4. Then, shake the conditioner bottle thoroughly for about 1 minute to mix the oil with the conditioner fully.
  5. Lastly, just use this augmented conditioner as your normal one to get great results for the health of your hair.

How does this work?:

Rosehip oil is amazingly hydrating and moisturizing for the hair and skin too. Hence, it can be extremely effective in the treatment of dry hair as it supplies tons of hydration to your hair follicles [11]and scalp to get rid of its dryness. This amazing oil permeates deep into hair follicles and scalp to nourish and moisturize them from within. This will get rid of any dryness and dullness in your hair. This terrific oil is not greasy too. So, it will nourish your hair and scalp without making them too oily or clogged. Moreover, it is an outstanding source of essential fatty acids that help you to repair and renew damaged hair follicles and scalp tissues. This stimulates and promotes healthy and stronger hair growth.

Rosehip oil For Dull and Brittle Hair

Which ingredients are needed for this one?:

Rosehip oil 15-18 drops
Lemongrass essential oil 5-6 drops
Sandalwood essential oil 5-6 drops
Glycerin 3 tbsp
Water 1/4 cup

What is the procedure to follow?:

  1. Firstly, take a dark glass jar and add all the ingredients into it in the required quantities.
  2. Then, shake the jar thoroughly to mix all the ingredients together well.
  3. After that, it is time to use this serum. Apply a little bit all over your hair and scalp. Use gentle massaging motion while applying it onto the scalp.
  4. Lastly, just wash your head with warm water and you are done!

How does this work?:

We are fully aware by now that rosehip oil is highly nourishing and hydrating towards the hair and scalp. Hence, it will also restore your hair’s strength and impart a shine to it. It is a brilliant carrier oil for other essential oils for the benefit of hair and scalp. Lemongrass essential oil also provides a bunch of benefits to the health of your hair and scalp. It is potently anti-bacterial so it will eradicate any bacteria that may cause harm to your hair or scalp. Moreover, it nourishes and strengthens hair follicles to make them stronger. It can also kill head lice.

Glycerin also aids in the strengthening of your hair. Moreover, it supplies tons of moisture to your scalp and hair and stays around to help seal it in along with attracting even more moisture from the surroundings. Glycerin acts as a fantastic conditioner for the hair. Hence, it improves dry, brittle hair and curbs hair fall by making your hair stronger. Furthermore, it will help with tons of other hair issues including split-ends, dandruff, frizziness, and itchiness of the scalp to name a few. Sandalwood essential oil also aids in this quest to better hair health. It enhances hair growth and encourages long luscious hair. Moreover, it also helps soothe the scalp, eliminates dandruff and adds a pleasing fragrance to your hair.

Rosehip Oil for skin

Anti-Aging Serum
Dark Circles Treatment
For Hyperpigmentation & Acne Scars
As Moisturizer for Dry & Itchy Skin
Eczema Treatment With Rosehip Oil
DIY Serum For Fading Fine Lines and Wrinkles
DIY Facial Moisturizer With Rosehip Oil
Rosehip Oil Base Salve For Skin Healing
Rosehip Oil Facial Cleanser for Acne Treatment

Anti-Aging Serum

Which ingredients are needed for this one?:

Ingredient Quantity
Rosehip oil 60 ml
Frankincense essential oil 2 drops
Lemon essential oil 2 drops
Vitamin E oil 1/2 teaspoon

What is the procedure to follow?:

  1. This is a very simple and straightforward remedy to create. Just take all the oils and mix them together thoroughly.
  2. Then, store the serum in a container.
  3. Apply this serum in the nighttime before going to bed. If you are planning on using this serum in the daytime as well, skip the lemon essential oil as it makes your skin more vulnerable to sunburns.

How does this work?:

Overall, this serum will prevent and slow down the signs of aging heavily. It will help you smooth your wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of aging. You will also notice the results pretty quickly as all ingredients in this serum work in preventing aging[12]. All in all, this is a highly effective method to fight wrinkles and aging.

Dark Circles Treatment

Which ingredients are needed for this one?:

Rosehip oil 15 ml
Aloe vera gel 15 ml
Lavender oil 10 drops
Lemon essential oil 5 drops
Coconut oil 1 tbsp

What is the procedure to follow?:

  1. This is a very simple and easy serum to make. Firstly, take all the above-mentioned oils and ingredients and then mix them all together well by stirring and shaking.
  2. Then, you need to cleanse your face first. Use your regular routine or face wash to clean your face.
  3. After that, take the serum in a spray bottle or use your fingers to apply the serum under your eyes or all over your face. Use gentle massaging motion while applying.
  4. Then, let it dry off for a few hours or leave it overnight on your skin.
  5. Lastly, just rinse it off with normal water and you are done.

How does this work?:

Rosehip oil penetrates deep into the skin tissues to enhance cell metabolism. That is because it contains vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, and also B-carotene in it. Rosehip oil helps regulate prostaglandins (PGE) and tissue regeneration as it contains essential fatty acids and antioxidants in ample quantities.

The skin around the eyes is so sensitive and delicate so you have to be careful while dealing with it. This serum can supply tons of antioxidants which will protect and shield the skin and help nourish it. This amazing serum will use all of these ingredients to nourish the skin and get rid of those unsightly dark circles under your eyes. Aloe vera is fantastic for this purpose as it contains vitamin E in it which is essential for skin’s health[13] and regeneration. Moreover, it has effective and apparent anti-pigmentation properties which will help get rid of the pesky dark circles. Coconut oil is highly moisturizing and nourishing for the skin too. 

For Hyperpigmentation & Acne Scars

Which ingredients are needed for this one?:

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Natural butter(s) 120 ml
Rosehip seed oil 2 Tsp
Coconut oil 2 tbsp
Olive oil 2 tbsp
Grapeseed oil 2 tbsp
Tamanu oil 2 Tsp
Lavender essential oil 5 drops

What is the procedure to follow?:

  1. Firstly, you need to make a blend of natural butter in a container or a bowl. You can use shea butter, cupuacu butter, cocoa butter or kokum butter to make a mixture. Ensure that you soften them first by warming them slightly.
  2. After that, add 2 tbsp each of coconut, olive, and grapeseed oil to the container and mix all the ingredients thoroughly by whipping it with a fork.
  3. Then, add 2 tsp each of rosehip oil and tamanu oil to the mixture. Mix thoroughly again by whipping.
  4. After that, add 5 drops of lavender essential oil to the blend too.
  5. Then, whip and mix all the ingredients together thoroughly and then take the mixture in a jar.
  6. Then, store the mixture in the fridge and use this body butter regularly.
  7. To use it, apply it onto your skin every morning after your shower.

How does this work?:

This body butter treatment is fantastic for treating the hyperpigmentation of your skin along with healing any acne scars or other blemishes. Rosehip seed oil contains provitamin A which is beta-carotene along with retinoic acid. It is a type of vitamin A which promotes cell regeneration. It clarifies the occurrence of hyperpigmentation and scars. Moreover, it contains the essential fatty acids omega-6 and omega-9, which aid in stimulating the collagen production in your skin cells. It is also a non-comedogenic hence it won’t cause any breakouts or acne either.

The tamanu oil in this remedy is a useful anti-inflammatory oil. It is very beneficial for treating skin conditions like acne, rashes, and other issues such as insect bites, sores, and even eczema[14]. The grapeseed oil is rich in vitamins C, D, and E. All of these vitamins are beneficial in the reduction of wrinkles and scars. Moreover, it contains large quantities of polyphenols and antioxidants as well which help treat acne also. Shea butter is also a rich source of vitamin A, E, and F. Hence, it has a soothing effect on sensitive skin and acne inflammation. Moreover, it aids in skin lightening as it heals dark spots and fades acne scars.

skin pigmentation

As Moisturizer for Dry & Itchy Skin

Which ingredients are needed for this one?:

Beeswax 1 tbsp
Rosehip seed oil 2 tbsp
Mango butter 1 tbsp
Sweet almond oil 1/4 cup
Vitamin E oil 10 drops
Frankincense essential oil 7 drops
Patchouli essential oil 7 drops

What is the procedure to follow?:

  1. Firstly, take a glass bowl which is heat safe. Add 1 tbsp each of beeswax and mango butter to the bowl. Also, add 1/4 cup of sweet almond oil to the bowl.
  2. Then, take this bowl and put it on top of another smaller pot which is half full of water to create a double boiler setup. Ensure that the top bowl is not touching the bottom of the pot. Place this setup over a burner and turn it on to medium-high heat.
  3. After that, stir the mixture while it is heating until everything is melted fully. Then, turn off the heat and remove the bowl carefully from the pot.
  4. Then, let the mixture cool down for a bit and then add 2 tbsp of rosehip oil, 10 drops of vitamin E oil and all other essential oils required.
  5. After that, place the glass bowl in your refrigerator and let it cool down for about 25 to 30 minutes. Make sure that the mixture is not 100% solidified, it should stay soft enough that it is similar to a thick viscous paste.
  6. Then, take out the mixture and whisk it using a mixer or hand whisker to obtain a cream or lotion-like consistency.
  7. Lastly, store the hence-obtained moisturizer in a glass or tin container and use it regularly as your usual moisturizer. You will get rid of your dry skin in no time.

How does this work?:

Beeswax is great for moisturizing the skin. It forms a protective barrier around your skin to shield it from any damage. Moreover, this property also helps it to seal in the moisture to keep your skin hydrated and supple for longer. Hence, it is effective in rejuvenating dry skin. Furthermore, unlike some other petroleum products, beeswax does not clog your pores which could cause some issues. Rosehip oil is rich in essential fatty acids including linoleic and linolenic acid. These compounds and nutrients in the rosehip oil are fantastic for hydrating and treating dry and itchy skin. Rosehip is also extremely permeating hence it delivers its nutrients effectively and deep into your skin.

Mango butter acts as an emollient to moisturize your skin heavily and get rid of any dry or itchy skin. Frankincense essential oil is also known to remedy dry skin. Moreover, it can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, age spots, scars, and stretch marks too. Vitamin E oil and sweet almond oil both are fantastic emollients and lubricates dry skin very effectively and efficiently.

Eczema Treatment With Rosehip Oil

Which ingredients are needed for this one?:

Shea butter 2 tbsp
Rosehip oil 2 Tsp
Lavender essential oil 12 drops

What is the procedure to follow?:

  1. Firstly, you need to take a bowl and add all the ingredients in it in the required quantities.
  2. After that, mix all the above-mentioned ingredients together thoroughly.
  3. Then, you have to cleanse your face. Use your usual method and then pat your face dry using a soft and clean towel.
  4. After that, it is time to apply the cream onto your skin and eczema problem areas. Leave it on your skin overnight.
  5. Lastly, wash the cream off in the morning after you wake up and you are done.

How does this work?:

 This remedy is very gentle and extremely hydrating for the skin. Hence, it is perfectly fine for application on sensitive or easily irritated skin. Shea butter is an outstanding natural moisturizer which is a great help in fighting off eczema. That is because of its high oil content and fatty acids. These nutrients seep deep into the skin and help promote and stimulate skin cell regeneration. This awesome butter also locks the moisture in your skin so that your skin stays healthy and hydrated for longer. Moreover, shea butter is also helpful for treating skin rashes, scars, stretch marks, frost bites, burns, insect bites, and acne. That is because shea butter is full of vitamin A and furthermore it has potent anti-inflammatory properties.

Lavender essential also lends its hand in the fight against eczema. It soothing and anti-inflammatory properties help soothe and heal the red, irritated, and dry skin obtained due to eczema.

DIY Serum For Fading Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Which ingredients are needed for this one?:

Jojoba oil 1 Tsp
Rosehip seed oil 1 Tsp
Pomegranate seed oil 1 Tsp
Evening primrose oil 1 Tsp
Vitamin E capsules 3 of them
Frankincense essential oil 20 drops
Carrot seed oil 10 drops

What is the procedure to follow?:

  1. Firstly, take a small dark-colored glass bottle which comes with a dropper cap.
  2. Then, put all the ingredients in it in the required quantities.
  3. After that, shake the bottle gently but well to mix all the ingredients together to form a blend.
  4. Lastly, just apply this serum onto your face and neck. Use your fingertips to take 2-4 drops of the serum and then massage it onto your skin gently every night.

How does this work?:

Jojoba oil provides many anti-aging benefits to the skin and it is superbly hydrating for the skin also. Hence, it is effective in diminishing age spots, wrinkles, fine lines, and other common signs of skin aging. Moreover, jojoba oil is rich in anti-oxidants. This means that the shielding and protecting properties of jojoba oil will aid in slowing down the signs of aging. Jojoba oil is highly moisturizing and helps keep the skin moist. Since it is a brilliant moisturizer, jojoba can help fade away the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Pomegranate seed oil also helps in this purpose. It was proven in a 2014 study that pomegranate oil curbs oxidative stress, which helps prevent the development of new wrinkles on your skin.

Evening primrose oil is an exotic oil which also provides many benefits to skin health. It contains a compound called Gamma-linolenic acid. This beneficial acid adds a myriad of advantages to your skin health including smoothing and fading of wrinkles and fine lines. Carrot seed oil is also incredibly rich with anti-oxidants. These antioxidants protect your skin from oxidative damage which may cause wrinkles to form. These anti-oxidants also tone and firm up your skin to help fight against skin aging and wrinkles. Moreover, this amazing oil is great for oily and dry skin[15].

DIY Facial Moisturizer With Rosehip Oil

Which ingredients are needed for this one?:

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Rosehip oil 1 tbsp
Shea butter 1/2 cup
Jojoba oil 2 tbsp
Vanilla bean powder 1/8 Tsp
Raw honey 1 Tsp

What is the procedure to follow?:

  1. Firstly, mix 1/2 cup of shea butter with 2 tbsp of jojoba oil using a double boiler method. Keep stirring the shea butter until it melts then remove the mixture from the heat.
  2. After that, add 1 tbsp of rosehip oil, 1 Tsp of raw honey, and 1/8 Tsp of vanilla bean powder to the mixture.
  3. Then, take the hence-obtained mixture in a large bowl and mix all the ingredients together thoroughly by stirring it.
  4. After that, keep the mixture in your refrigerator for about 10 minutes or until it solidifies.
  5. Then, take the mixture out from the fridge and then whip it until it becomes light and fluffy.
  6. Lastly, transfer the obtained moisturizer into an airtight glass container for storage. You should store this natural moisturizer in your fridge. You will be able to use this for up to 3 months.

How does this work?:

Rosehip oil contains many essential fatty acids in it including linoleic and linolenic acid. These acids are fantastic for hydrating and treating dry and mature skin. Rosehip is also extremely permeating hence it delivers its nutrients and antioxidants deeply into your skin. Shea butter is also concentrated with natural vitamins and fatty acids. These nutrients make it incredibly nourishing and moisturizing to the skin. Hence, it is very useful id remedying dry skin. Moreover, it protects an shields your skin’s natural oils. Jojoba oil is also terrificly moisturizing and will keep your skin hydrated all day. Hence, it is very effective in getting rid of dry skin.

Vanilla isn’t just fantastic for delectable flavoring, it can be used to help your skin too. Vanilla has potent anti-inflammatory properties. hence, it is effective in soothing and calming irritated skin. Moreover, Vanilla is anti-bacterial and can be used to prevent skin infections and promote wound healing. Vanilla bean extract contains a compound called Vanillin in it. It is a polyphenol with strong and effective anti-oxidant properties. Honey is a natural humectant. Hence, it is terrific for dry skin as it provides tons of hydration to the skin. Moreover, it helps attract and seal in the moisture in your skin to help with its dryness. Furthermore, it is highly nourishing and aids in skin’s anti-aging efforts.

Rosehip Oil Base Salve For Skin Healing

Which ingredients are needed for this one?:

Rose oil 1/4 cup + 1 tbsp
Rosehip oil 1 tbsp
Beeswax pellets 2 tbsp

What is the procedure to follow?:

  1. Firstly, take a microwaveable container and put all the ingredients in it in the required quantities.
  2. Then, place the container in the microwave and turn it on high for about 30 seconds.
  3. After that, take the container out and stir the ingredients. Then, put it back in and microwave again for another 30 seconds.
  4. Then, take it out and stir it again for a few minutes. All the beeswax pellets should be melted by now.
  5. After that, pour the mixture in a tin or any other container and let it cool down for a bit.
  6. Lastly, just store this salve and use it when needed to treat many skin issues like burns, psoriasis, eczema, scars, stretch marks etc.

How does this work?:

This fantastic salve will help heal and treat a variety of skin problems, conditions, and issues. This amazing salve will fully moisturize even highly dry skin. Rosehip essential oil is very high in essential fatty acids, hence it is terrific for topical usage. Moreover, it has vitamins A and C, which are also fantastic for your skin. Using this salve on your skin will help you treat a myriad of skin issues like eczema, psoriasis, burns, scars, and stretch marks. Moreover, it is also excellent for remedying dry and cracked heels and dry cuticles too.

Beeswax is also quite popular among skin care products. That is because it provides protection against skin irritation while still allowing the skin to breathe. It also offers anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral benefits making it very useful in treating skin irritation and other conditions.

Rosehip Oil Facial Cleanser for Acne Treatment

Which ingredients are needed for this one?:

Rosehip oil 30 ml
Grapeseed oil 30 ml
Tea tree essential oil 4 drops
Lavender essential oil 4 drops
Geranium essential oil 3 drops

What is the procedure to follow?:

  1. Firstly, take a small dark glass bottle and add about 30 ml each of rosehip and grapeseed oil to it.
  2. After that, add 4 drops each of tea tree and lavender essential oil along with 3 drops of geranium essential oil to the glass bottle.
  3. Then, mix all the oils together thoroughly by shaking the bottle well for about a minute.
  4. After that, it is time to apply the blend of oils to your face and acne. To use it, take a little bit onto your palm and then gently apply it onto your acne or whole face using your fingertips. Use gentle circular massaging motions while doing this.
  5. Then, take a small microfiber towel or washcloth and soak it in hot water.
  6. After that, wring the excess water from the microfiber towel until it is just damp and then dab your face and acne with it.
  7. Lastly, repeat the dabbing a couple more times and you are done. Use this recipe to cleanse your face once every night to get rid of your pesky acne.

How does this work?:

Rosehip oil contains vitamin A and linoleic acid in it in large quantities. These compounds help regulate the production of sebum in your pores. Hence, it will help cure your acne and reduce the risk of any further breakouts. Moreover, it has potent anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties which will kill off any harmful bacteria or other microbes in your skin which could be leading to your acne. Furthermore, it has strong anti-inflammatory properties to soothe your skin and irritation from acne on it. Grapeseed oil also lends its hand as it is also rich with linoleic acid which is beneficial for acne-prone skin.

Tea tree oil is one of the best essential oils around for its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Hence, there is no doubt that it eradicates any harmful microbes and bacteria which may be causing you inconvenience and discomfort through the troublesome acne and breakouts. Geranium essential oil also synergizes with the other oils for this purpose as it too can treat acne and curb any inflammation or irritation on the skin from the acne.

Make Your Own Rosehip oil

You are abroad the rosehip oil hype train surely by now. You must be aware by now that rosehip oil is packed to the brim with all kinds of benefits for your skin, hair, and health. This oil generally runs to the relatively pricier side which may put some seeds of doubt and indecision on your mind. But you should know that you can easily make this brilliant oil by yourself in your home.

This process is very simple and straightforward. Although it will take some time to prepare, it won’t take too much effort on your side. To prepare rosehip oil by yourself you will need to have a bunch of rosehips, a carrier oil of your choice and a slow cooker. Additionally, you will need a cheesecloth or jelly strainer, a bowl, knife, and a jar or container to store the oil. For the carrier oil, you can use sweet almond, apricot kernel or evening primrose oil. Now let us look at the steps which you need to follow to extract rosehip oil.

  1. Firstly, take a bunch of rosehips and clean them from any dirt or debris.
  2. Then,  cut off the hairy heads and tails of the rosehips. Also, chop up the rosehips into pieces.
  3. Then, put the rosehips into your slow cooker and set it on low. Gently and carefully add in your choice of carrier oil to the cooker.
  4. Then, let the mixture cook and simmer for about 4 to 8 hours.
  5. After that, strain the mixture to obtain the oil. Use a cheesecloth or jelly strainer and put it over a bowl. Then, pour the mixture into it to separate the solid from the liquid. Fold your cheesecloth a couple of times first to achieve the best results.
  6. Lastly, take the oil thus strained and put it in a jar or container. Store this container in the refrigerator for further use.
  7. You can use this oil daily as a moisturizer. You can apply it to your skin after your shower or use it in the night before going to bed.

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This article has been medically reviewed by Dr.Nagakeerthana S, MD (Dermatology) on 27/3/2019

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Prakhar Parihar
Has a passion for writing and helping people with their health and wellness. A bonafide fiend for all things fictional, be it books, movies or shows. Loves living in Bengaluru.


  1. Hi, I am 29 years old and I am pregnant. It is my 6th month and I want to know if I can use rose hip oil on my skin? I am not sure if it will be safe considering it is one of the essential oil.

  2. Is there a specific time when rose hip oil help the most? By time I mean morning or evening or before going to sleep.

  3. Is there a necessity to mix rose hip oil with other ingredients? Can I directly use it on my skin or will there be adverse effect because of it.

  4. How effective is rose hip oil to lighten the skin? Can someone who has used it leave a review.

  5. Is it alright if I use rose hip oil ever day on my skin and scalp or will it cause problems?

  6. If I have to compare argan oil and rose hip oil, which is better for the skin as well as the scalp?

  7. I have heard a lot of reviews where people say that rose hip oil can darken the skin. Is it really true? Or just plain bland myth?

  8. Can I use rose hip oil to moisturize my skin instead of using a moisturizer? Will it work?

  9. Do I have to store the rose hip oil in the refrigerator specifically or a dark cool place will work?

  10. I am a college student and due to my assignment that goes on till late at nights, I have dark circles. While I want my assignment to be ace class, I don’t want to look like a dork with deep dark circles. Long back a friend of mine gifted me a box of essential oil. There is rose oil in it too. Will using it help me with my dark circles. If not then can you suggest which essential oil will as I have almost all of them unused with me.

  11. Just like any other essential oil, even rose hip oil can cause irritation to the skin. The formula used in them is highly intense and when you use it directly on your scalp, hair or for that matter even your skin, it will cause redness, irritation and for few people it can also cause an allergic rash like reaction. Always dilute it before using.

  12. Most definitely yes. Rose hip oil is very strong and if you use it directly, it will cause a sense of itch on the skin as well as the scalp. The intense formula can also dry your hair out making it very brittle and easy to break. You surely don’t want that. We all love rose hip oil and the ideal way to use it is either by mixing it with another ingredient or mixing it with a carrier oil.

  13. It is very safe and your can easily use it twice in a week. Make sure to mix a suitable ingredient with it to avoid any sort of reaction.

  14. Rose hip oil has been used since ages as a therapeutic remedy and beauty product and hence can be trusted. It contains vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids that nourish the skin. It is an affordable way to reach a skin that looks salon ready always.

  15. While there is no statement stating otherwise but because it is an essential oil, it is always best to avoid it during pregnancy. It can cause hormonal changes which can entirely disturb a womans system and pregnancy is surely not the best time to trigger it.

  16. It is always best to stay safe and especially when the situation is very intricate. Pregnancy is a critical time and it is always better to keep away from anything that would trigger your hormones. Rose hip being an essential oil can, so stay clear of it.

  17. The ideal time to use rose hip oil or any oil for that matter is right before sleeping. It is when you sleep that your body goes in the repairing phase and treat all the problems that your body must be facing including your skin and scalp. Apply it in the night. Gently massage it in and let your skin soak its benefits the entire night.

  18. I have heard that morning and nights are the most ideal times to use rose hip oil on the skin. In night because of the repairing process and in the morning because it protects your skin and scalp from impurities all day long.

  19. Essential oils are very very strong and one must not use them directly onto the scalp or the skin. It is essential that you mix it with other ingredients or carrier oils. This is also great for your skin cause this way, you can add ingredients as per your problems. If you face an issue of dryness, you can mix rose hip oil with avocados or carrier oils. If the problem is of excess oil, then rose hip oil can be mixed with apple cider vinegar or baking soda. Hope this helped.

  20. Hi Miya, I have been a constant user of rose hip oil all my life and it is an amazing ingredient trust me. I am not sure how it will work for extreme dark patches but it sure worked for my soft patches and even tan. All I do is mix some rose hip oil with a little coconut oil and apply it directly on the tanned and/or spots. I have to use it for more than 1 month to see visible changes but it truly works. Do use it. Let me know if it worked for you. 😀

  21. OMG Thank you so much for the prompt reply. I will definitely give it a try and I will let you know how it worked for me. Thank you so much yet again.

  22. Such a well written article. I love how detailed it is. I always look at this tiny little bottle of rose hip oil whenever I am out shopping and it is the most adorable thing ever. After reading this and the reviews I think I will give it a try. Thank you team Glowpink

  23. Rose hip oil can easily go bad and start smelling very unpleasant. In short, it can go rancid very quickly. So to avoid that storing it in a dark cool place is more than enough. You don’t have to refrigerate. But it totally depends on your area as well. Your areas cool might still be very warm for the oil. So understand the weather and decide the storage. Plus it is advisable to buy little quantity of it rather than big bottles.

  24. The most important task of a moisturizer is to lock the moisture in while nourishing the skin. Rose hip practically does the exact same and thus you can use it directly on your skin to moisturize. It is non sticky to and gets absorbed by the skin real quick. It will act as a protective layer but minus all the draw backs like stickiness, thick and heavy of a moisturizer.

  25. Here is a list of some of the best rose hip oil which you will get either in a store close by or you might have to order them online. You can get the best quality ones in places like the arab, India or Pakistan. If you have someone living there then the best bet would be getting it from them or either by ordering it online from websites that belong to these countries.

    Here is the ultimate list:

    1. Trilogy Certified Organic Rose hip Oil.
    2. Radha Rose hip Oil
    3. Kosmea Rosehip Oil
    4. The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil
    5. Pai Skincare Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil

  26. Isabella is absolutely right. The best ones are from Arab, India And Pakistan. I have been a constant user of the Trilogy Certified Organic Rose hip Oil and there is nothing better than this. It totally rocks and I don’t think I will be able to trust any oil as much as I trust this rose hip oil.

  27. I am true believer of the Trilogy Certified Organic Rose hip Oil and it is absolutely amazing. A friend of mine suggested me it and since then I didn’t look back. The trilogy is perfect for someone who is looking to work on their aging signs like fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. It will also plump up the skin and make it look very healthy. I suggest this to everyone. My skin is very sensitive and I use it thrice in a week and my skin has never gotten any rash or irritation.

  28. I have been growing pre mature aging signs like fine lines, wrinkles around my lips and also a very dull skin. I have used a lot of products on my skin but nothing seems to work. Can rose hip oil help with it.

  29. 100% yes. Rose hip oils biggest advantage is its work on aging signs and especially the ones that you mentioned above. However, it will take time and i suggest you use it efficiently and consistently. Consistency is the key with pretty much all the essential oil. I have noticed it. All the best with it. If you are using it on the skin I suggest opting for a carrier oil or any other ingredient that is rich in collagen.

  30. I have abnormally intense dandruff issues. Will rose hip oil work on something this intense? I comb and the dandruff falls on my shoulder. How effective will it be for something like this?

  31. Is there a chance for the rose hip oil to go bad? What is the actual shelf life?

  32. Is there any drawback or side effect of using rose hip oil on hair, scalp or even the face? I was thinking of investing in it and I wanted to know if there is one. I am highly sensitive and allergic to a lot of things which stops me . Can someone please help me with it.

  33. Can rose hip oil give a shine to my hair? I have been using a lot of bleach on my hair and that had made it to grow very dull and lifeless.

  34. Can I use rose hip oil for hair that is color treated? I have recently colored my hair to pink and I want to know if it will not bleed or not?

  35. Can I use rose hip oil as a leave-in thing? Will it help my hair in any way?

  36. I have heard a lot of people say that rose hip oil darkened their complexion even more. Is that the case?

  37. Can I use rose hip oil be used in day or is it only meant to be used in the night or morning? Will it cause any reaction if I apply it and then go out in the sun.

  38. How to add rose hip oil into my skin care routine? Which is the best way to do it?

  39. I had a lot of hair fall problem and I even showed it to a doctor. He gave me a lot of supplements but nothing seemed to have worked for my hair. I tried a lot of shampoos before that but nothing worked. I tried ayurvedic treatment too but nothing worked then as well. My mother introduced me to rose hip oil which was introduced to her by one of her friend. I started using it to see if it was any good and I was shocked from the results. The first seen change was the reduction in hair fall. Because of the anti bacterial properties the scalp also went very clean. I love how it feels now. It is super healthy. And it feels silky smooth. I request every one to give it a try. Even if your skin and hair or scalp is in perfect condition, use it and you will only end up improving its quality.

  40. I used the thinning recipe of jojoba oil, rose hip oil and lavender oil on my hair and it went very dense. Thank god I tried it. If you are someone who is facing problem with thin hair or hair that falls a lot, this is the best recipe to treat it. Use it thrice every week and you will see visible changes within no time.

  41. Rose hip oil just like any other essential oil have anti bacterial and anti fungal properties which can kill all the bacteria that can cause acne, blemish and scars as well Blemishes are also caused when the pores clog up and rose hip oil when applied on the skin can help clean pores from the deepest of roots to help maintain a healthy skin.

  42. Rose hip oil is meant for cleansing the face of impurities and when that is done the pores become clean which in turn avoid problems like acne and blemishes. Use it every week as per your convenience and see visible changes within no time.

  43. Rose hip oil absorbs quickly and hence can be used whenever wanted. However, it is not going to protect you from the sun. It will not cause any reaction as such but it will not even act as a sun screen. So you can apply it and go out

  44. My hair had terribly gone dry due to using heavy chemical products like mask and serums and also using hot tools like straightener and curler and I was devastated. The damage started right from the roots and there was no option to cut the hair to avoid it. I was just scrolling through articles to check if there is a natural ingredient to treat this and I found one here. The best part about it was that is very simple. All it needs is a regular conditioner and your very own star of the article, rose hip oil. I used it almost every alternate day and my hair was back to looking fabulous. Any one who is facing the problem of dry hair should absolutely try it out. Let me know if it helped anyone of you.

  45. Yes, rose hip oil can most definitely help with hair growth as it contains ingredients such as Vitamins C and A which is known to revitalize and induce hair growth. It also amazing for skin as it stimulate collagen production. it also contains fatty acids that aids hair loss aid and also moisturize the scalp making the hair smooth and shiny.

  46. I love how wonderfully this article is written giving importance to all the key benefits of this oil and how it helps with skin as well as hair. I love this space and I keep trying out recipes which are suggested here and I have never been disappointed even once. Glowpink is like a go to platform for me whenever I need help with skin care or hair care.

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