There is a host of physical and emotional symptoms which start before a week or a few days before one’s period begins and continue throughout the menstrual cycle. While cramps and weak digestion are common symptoms, mood changes and irritability too are commonly reported emotional symptoms. Other symptoms include increased aggressiveness, sadness, crying too easily, or feeling anxious. Here are some ways to manage these emotional symptoms:

Tips to Reduce Mood Swings during Periods
Tips to Reduce Mood Swings during Periods

Quit Smoking

Studies have shown that women who are habitual smokers are at a higher risk of developing moderate or severe mood swings. Hence quitting smoking can automatically reduce the mood swings that happen during this time of the month. Giving up on this unhealthy habit not only reduces the PMS symptoms but also helps the health from deteriorating. Mood-wise, smoking can make one irritable and hence it’s not recommended.

Eat small and frequent meals

This is recommended by several nutritionists for the reason that eating a large meal, especially one rich in carbohydrates can give a sugar rush and could actually worsen the PMS symptoms, bringing about fluctuations in the mood. Instead of eating 2-3 big meals in a day, it is recommended to eat multiple small-sized healthy meals throughout the day to keep the blood glucose level balanced. On the other hand, not eating properly and on time can cause blood sugar levels to drop and also bring about mood changes such as irritability and crying spells, as noted in many women.

Taking Rest

This one may seem obvious but is frequently ignored by many women. While one is on their periods, they may feel more fatigued and want to take rest. It is recommended that if you are feeling tired, and then you can take a day off and devote that time to giving your body some rest. This will also help in easing the cramps and back pain, women frequently experience during periods. Pain can worsen the mood and hence taking measures to reduce it by resting and using heat compression can be helpful in managing mood swings. Though, Using heating pads on the stomach and back can help in preventing pain. As a last resort, one may take pain killer medication as well to get rid of the cramps.

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Brisk Exercise

This one is recommending for women who also experience symptoms of anxiety while on their periods. After getting sufficient rest and sleep, a small session of brisk exercising can be very helpful in reducing the mood swings. This is because, upon doing mild physical activity, the brain releases certain neurotransmitters which improve the mood immediately and make one feel better. Hence it is best to engage in mild exercise, yoga or even Zumba to improve the mood and keep yourself active.

Reduce Alcohol and Caffeine intake

Coffee and alcohol are dehydrating liquids which will not only bring about dehydration but mood changes as well. While they may stimulate the nervous system temporarily, their effect will eventually wear off, leaving you feel a worse mood than ever. Instead of these, opt for natural juices which are healthy.

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