Today in this video, we are going to share a few amazing tips from Mr. Jawed Habib himself that will help you set new standards and also help you maintain your hair.

Tip 1 – Keep your scalp clean

The only secret to wonderful hair is to keep it clean.

t’s a must to wash hair everyday with a shampoo that suits that hair type.

Most people believe that shampoo causes hair-loss which is not correct.

Shampoos contain chemicals, but so does soap. Your scalp needs to be cleaned just the way your face does.

A clean scalp prevents dandruff and greying. In case you need to use an anti-dandruff shampoo, use it just once a week.

Tip 2 – Preconditioning with mustard oil

Spray water on your hair first

Now divide your hair in small section and apply some mustard oil on your hair ends. Just apply on your hair ends, do not apply oil on your hair roots because hair roots are weaker when they are wet.

Leave your hair like this for 5-10 minutes

Tip 3 – Always dilute shampoo with water

If your hair become dry after shampoo, it might be the reason. Always dilute your shampoo with same amount of water

Also use shampoo only on scalp, never apply shampoo on your hair ends

Massage shampoo gently on your scalp and once your get enough leather, wash it off with tap water

Tip 4 – Use room temperature water to wash your hair

Dandruff is one of the most common hair problem and it gets worse in winters season

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Hot water is the main culprit behind this. Washing your hair with hot water can cause or worsen dandruff.

This happens because the heat of the water dries out the scalp by removing oils and moisture, which results in dandruff.

Always wash your hair with room temperature water

Tip 5 – No need to apply conditioner, if you use pre-conditioner

Tip 6 – Shampoo your hair when needed

A clean scalp is must to get healthy hair growth. Keep them clean always. If necessary wash your hair with correct type of shampoo

Tip 7 – Healthy Diet & Drink More Water

All one needs to do is follow a healthy, balanced diet, have meals on time, drink milk, consume lots of water, spend some time with oneself (maybe a morning walk alone) and most importantly- smile!

Happy hair comes from a happy person.

Tip 8 – Use brushes and combs with wide spikes to avoid breakage of hair.

Tip 9 – Trim your hair regularly

You need a hair-cut every 6-8 weeks to remove dead and damaged hair and enable it to grow more.

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