“If you do have period pain then one of the first things that you should know is that it is extremely abnormal to have period pain, you know, you only have period pain if you are not really leading a very fit lifestyle…. it has to be a smooth, effortless period only then do you know that you are a cool, fit girl”, says nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar. Contrary to popular belief, periods are not supposed to be painful at all. Despite that, we refrain from stepping out of our comfort zone while menstruating. Most women undergo a similar experience while chumming and throw random temper tantrums.  If you are someone who is battling this problem then read this article till the end to find out what nutritionist Rutuja Diwekar suggests to ease the pain in no time.

Want pain-free periods? Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar shares what to do
Want pain-free periods? Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar shares what to do

 Things that we should eat a week before the due date to get relief from the period cramps:

  • We should consume soaked raisins and saffron early morning, according to the “12-week fitness project”; this is one of the most effective tips to get rid of painful period cramps.
  • You should consider having a banana, it will help to reduce the pain.
  • Try to consume legumes, pulses, and sprouts like kidney beans, garbanzo beans, pigeon peas, black-eyed peas, etc every day, or at least every alternate day in a week to ensure that your body does not miss out on any vital nutrient.
  • Include vegetables like green arbi leaves, broccoli, raw banana, asparagus, sweet potato and beetroots that are rich in dietary fiber as a part of your regular diet. Make it a point to consume these vegetables at least twice a week.
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Things that we should eat while chumming to subside the pain and avoid sudden mood swings:

  • A heavy meal including boiled or steamed rice is of great help.
  • We can have a homemade sweet like sheera or halwa.
  • We must make sure that we drink enough water to keep our body hydrated, though it can also be replaced by some refreshing kokum sherbet, lime juice or amla juice.
  • It is mandatory to drink a glass of homemade buttermilk either after dinner or lunch throughout the month including those days, as it will help to keep menstrual cramps at bay.

  Supplements that can be taken regularly along with a proper diet for easy breezy periods.

  • Have your gynaec prescribe you a calcium citrate supplement; generally, the gynaec will advise you to have it every night after dinner.

Exercising is a must

  • Yes, we should exercise daily, it keeps the muscles healthy.
  • We should either do rigorous exercises or play our favorite outdoor sport for at least 60-90 minutes every day. This will ensure that our body is in a hormonally balanced state so that we do not go through a sudden hormonal imbalance or unpredictable sudden mood swings.

These are a few tips and tricks suggested by Rujuta Diwekar that must be followed by teenagers and women of all ages to get instant relief from excruciating pain at that time of the month.

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