We all love clean, fresh, dry and flowy hair after that shower, don’t we? But you’d probably be surprised to know that even if you wash your hair once a week, it is possible to keep them properly styled and healthy looking. It is also a well-known fact that washing your hair daily has more side effects than advantages, as you clean out the natural oil and this makes them more frizzy and dry over time.

You might be wondering how to wash your hair less to keep it healthy and yet keep it clean and fresh. Here are some tips and tricks you can use to do so.

Use boiled or regenerated water for showers

Using normal tap water for the hair can be harsh and make your hair more hard and brittle. Instead, use boiled or regenerated water. This helps in keeping them clean and shiny for a long time, even between washes.

Wash your hair less to keep it healthy: Here's how to keep it clean longer
Wash your hair less to keep it healthy: Here’s how to keep it clean longer

Massage your hair daily

Using your fingertips, give yourself a root to tip massage. This will help the natural oil from your scalp distribute all over the hair, making them less greasy. However, do this only 1-2 times a day. Touching your hair too much will make it less shiny and the oils from your hand will make it look dull.

And also brush

Comb your hair only up to 2-3 times a day. This will keep them detangled and make you follicles active. Use a large toothed comb for it. Avoid touching the scalp directly with the comb.

Wear natural styles

If you use hairstyling products, they speed up the need to wash your hair more often. Therefore, if you’re in a mood of high pony or buns, try to style your hair more naturally so that you can avoid the use of hair sprays or other serums.

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Use less heat

If you can put off straightening or curling your hair, well and good. The reason is that it will make your hair unclean and unhealthier faster if you don’t wash it regularly. Instead, let your curls be natural for the day.

Change your pillowcase

One basic thing that we often ignore is the pillowcase we’re using. Your hair directly rests on that pillowcase and if that is unclean, forget about your hair. Change it at least once, or twice if your hair is oily and greasy, a week and it will make your hair only better.

Use a hat

Using a hat is more than just about style. Hats can help you protect your hair from the harmful rays of the sun, which stimulates your hair to produce more sebum. As a result, it becomes oily and greasy. Not only in the summers, but there’s a need to protect your hair in freezing cold too. Use a soft woollen hat in winters.

Use a dry shampoo

If you have something coming up and definitely need to wash your hair, try using some dry shampoo instead. It can reduce hair greasiness without the need for water or a shower!

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